Solstice/New Moon Tevet/Uranus Direct on the 6th night of Chanukah

This year the winter solstice occurs within hours of the new moon at 0’05” Capricorn. On the same day Uranus which has been retrograde since July 21st turns direct at 12’34” Aries paving way for the final Uranus-Pluto square in March 2015. Uranus represents the Godspark within, the part of the soul that is anchored in God and that which is limitless. It is the bridge between religion and the occult and all binaries. It has been pulled back like a boomerang and is about to be unleashed. The final pluto uranus square will seal the process. It is time for gods to walk on earth again, it is time for the hidden light of God hidden in the recesses of the human heart to awaken. For such a time as this.


Timeline of celestial events (remember that we co-create)

Times are PDT

7:46pm 12/20 Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries – harmonious, mutual reception (Mars rules Aries, Uranus rules Aquarius). 5th night of Chanukah (5=5th age)

2:20am Venus in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces – harmonious – wounded Healer grace

4:30am Moon at 22’22” Sagittarius trine Jupiter @ 22’22” Leo – fire trine between Jupiter; the moon just before its rendezvous with the sun on the new boon solstice

after this aspect the moon is void of course until the solstice new moon

12/21 12:25pm Moon at Galactic Center

12/21 2:45pm Uranus station – huge pulling of the reins in preparation for forward motion on the major timepiece of the Aquarian era

“game changing pinnacle of long building tensions”

3:02pm >> WiNtEr SoLStiCE << Sun @ 0′ Capricorn

5:34pm New Moon of Tevet / Capricorn. 6th night of Chanukah. (6=Garden of Eden) Chart:…/solsticenew-moon-te…/

12/23 8:33am Saturn enters Sagittarius

Nov. 30-Dec 2: The Festival of Liberation, when darkness begins to give way to light

Huge astrological changes 12/4, 12/14, 12/16-24, 12/31-1/5/15. And it all begins 12/1. There are many different prophecies converging.

December 1st: Sun at fixed star Antares, metamorphosis. Moon conjunct Uranus at 12 Aries, square Pluto at 12 Capricorn. 2 weeks to exact Pluto-Uranus square.


Tonight 11/30-12/2 also begins the “Festival of Liberation” of 9-10 Kislev, annually prior to the Sagittarius full moon:


“We should utilize this most propitious and favorable occasion by increasing our efforts to further advance and speed the coming of the true and complete Redemption.”

After this point in the year darkness gives way to light – towards the eight flames of Chanukah, which contain the light from before creation preserved behind the facade of separation for the righteous, the true Illumined!




New Years Day 2015 Grand Cardinal cross with Sirius and the north node

On New Years Day, January 1, 2015, the sun in Capricorn will be opposite the star Sirius in Cancer, and the north node in Libra will be opposite Uranus, these two oppositions forming a relatively rare grand cardinal cross with deep evolutionary, karmic and esoteric charge since it involves the north node, designating our soul’s evolutionary journey, and the star Sirius, connected to our galactic origins and destiny. It would be a day fitting for ‘disclosure’ between our inner and outer mind.


*Thanks to Maribell Caban for her insight as well

Also on 1/1/15, Saturn will be exactly opposite the moon at the star Alcyone in the Pleadies which is thought to be the origin of manh of the ascended masters who have visited our plane, suggesting that our inner Shaman is prepared to rise to our inner stage and lead valiantly in the inner battle for which we have been selected and for which we have volunteered.


The midpoint of the blood moon eclipse sequence of 2014-2015 (and on a larger scale, 2010-2019) falls just four days later on 1/5/15. One’s and five’s everywhere – 2015 appeared etched in for Unity and Shift primarily originating within where we have etchings of the cosmos engraved in our soul. Five suggests later in the year the shift will be evidenced externally – whether this is positive or negative depends on how we work with the energy in the former part of the year.


Your success is guaranteed!


Astronotebook 10/23 partial eclipse through the end of 2014: Compression periods of the final spiral before 2015

October 23-26: Partial solar eclipse, new lunar month Cheshvan, Venus-Sun Superior conjunction, Mercury direct, Mars in Capricorn

10/23 5am Sun enters Scorpio

2pm Venus enters Scorpio

3pm eclipse, new moon

11pm moon trine neptune

10/24 midnight to the 25th venus sun conjunction 1’47”

moon @ saturn 9am 10/25

10/25 noon mercury direct

10/26 mars in capricorn 3:42 am

Nov 10-22: Trials: Sun/Venus/Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo while Mars and Pluto square Uranus; Neptune turns direct (Insight)

11/10 mars conjunct pluto

11/12 venus conjunct saturn, moon at 0 Leo

11/12 mars square uranus

11/13 sun square jupiter

11/14 moon conjunct Jupiter, square sun, saturn venus in Scorpio; mars and pluto square uranus

Neptune direct 11/15

Venus in Sag 11/16

11/18 midnight (night of 17th) sun conjunct saturn (25 Scorpio)

(2013 Saturn was 15 Scorpio)

11/22 Sun in Sagittarius

December 4th/12th Kislev: Opening: Mars in Aquarius, Venus appears in evening sky, we are ready for the 6th Uranus Pluto square; Jupiter retrograde (recovering lost shards); Uranus retrograde (Insight is gained)

Mars in Aquarius 12/4

Venus appears as evening star

12/4 Kislev 12

12/14 Pluto square Uranus

12/14 Sun trine Jupiter

12/8 Jupiter rx

12/21 Uranus retrograde

Scorpio new moon: the truth from E-Ve-nus’ fall: resurrection


Something is happening, especially in the past 36 hours! The divine feminine is rising and yet some are still shielding with their pain, even though She contains all the balms and cures.

Astrologically it makes me want to dig.. We have VENUS inching towards the sun heading for the annual Superior conjunction on 10/25, in conjunction with the new moon, with the sun, moon and Venus in fresh degrees of the incisive Scorpio. This marks the end of Venus’ reign as morning star giving way to her reappearance as EVEning star (EVEnus). Interestingly this also coincides with Mercury’s return to direct motion. It seems thus that there are some gears switching between the masculine, feminine, passive, active, dominating, submitting, aggressive and conciliatory gears in the cosmos of the psyche and we may see some new configurations allowing for hitherto unknown combinations that have only existed in spirit such as the loving, commanding embrace of Binah, the higher mother, appearing as almost a military figure of inconceivable fortitude and strength coming to the defense of her cubs. The world soes not know the feminine, but that is because it is a secret to be revealed when the worls is ready (ready=in need). This is why this year in Hebrew, 5775, is represented by the letters Ha’TeShuAH, or the Salvation, but in the feminine form, the way that presents all that is but in a new light. The wisdom of the fallen creation, the only true way to get up. Yet the entrenched rigidity will insist on its binaries until it too finds itself in dire need of a higher light that reconciles the opposites at their very core, a white light perculating from the rift over the precipice, that gives all its place, not erases, in the original body of the King, the King who could only be Known through this process. This too was the reason for the 10 Plagues, so that the extent of the Miracle be Known. The Knowledge assuages the pain, and pain in the sea of knowledge dissolves into purpose.

October to December Gateways to manifesting “touching down” the Rising Pheonix after the blood moon intiation


chart for October 13. 2015: moon opposite mars, 6-point star; merkaba of blood moon blueprint arrives

Final gateways before we become resurrected messiahs/pure vessels after the blood moon:

10/23 partial solar eclipse

10/25 sun venus conjunction a gateway on the path of EVEnus rising to become the fallen, humble EVEning star (to be resurrected in August): mercury direct & recharged

10/31-11/1 Veil is thin, messages flood sub and supraconscious, soul gets new life

November is a unity practice run, fears dispelled, magic begins

12/15 6th uranus pluto square, freedom & catharsis again compromised and in turn firmly established structure for stepping forth ensues, like a bolstered earthquake proof building…

December solstice/chanuka wrapping up the first 2 blood moons, teshuva from love, heven on earth realm opens and makes itself known to the soul in its chamber

Chart for Dallas, TX features Yod or “Finger of God” pointing at degree of blood moon eclipse 10/8. Pray!

The astro chart for Dallas has a Yod or highly tense “finger of God” pointing at the degree of the 2nd blood moon eclipse. The full moon eclipse at 15 Libra is conjunct Uranus which yields instability, accidents, and unpredictability. Outbreak? Eek. Luckily Uranus is also the carrier of miraculous prayer and healing potential. Pray the righteous will have strength and the only thing that will spread like wildfire will be Knowledge.


Astrological chart for Dallas, TX, incorporated 2/2/1856

October 8th Eclipse Chart (

October 8th Eclipse Chart (

October 1-8: Prelude to the second Blood Moon Eclipse

October 8th Eclipse Chart (

October 8th Eclipse Chart (

Sept 29 11am PST Moon conjunct Mars @ 10 Sagittarius

Oct 1 5pm Moon conjunct Pluto @ 11 Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries & Sun in Libra. Quarter Moon.

10/4 Sun-Pluto square exact at 1am pst, just after Kol Nidre. Moon in Aquarius. Yom Kippur, 10th day since astronomical new moon. Priest would go into Holy of Holies and atone for Humanity. Shofar blown at dusk.

Also on Oct. 4th, Mercury goes RETROGRADE (morning). At night, Mars-Uranus trine is exact. This is part of the FIRE TRINE mentioned by Maribell the Cosmic Weather Girl. Awakening trine actviation. Mars is power, drive, passion. Uranus is Higher Consciousness. They are now in harmony in the new fire sign of Sagittarius and in a new dynamic with the powerhouse Uranus in Aries.

10/7, the day before the blood moon eclipse, there is a YOD or FINGER OF GOD pointing at CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER, at 14 PISCES, the sign of the HEALING WATERS. Just before the blood moon, the ever so close Venus-Sun pair quincunx Chiron from one end, shining light on painful realities. At the same time, Jupiter in Leo, the urge to become born again with no strings attached into the simplicity of bliss in the Golden Age, also is quincunx Chiron, struggling with the wounds that continue to bleed and hold it back. Yet these two quincunx serve to catapult the Wounded Healer to where it has longed to go all year, and much longer – possibly many lifetimes. This yod at Chiron is the preparation we need for the blood moon to permanently sever our ties to the destructive aspects of our wounds, and permanently alchemize all pain, all suffering, that was/is/will be, into the Balm of Wisdom, Detachment, Love, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Healing, Miracles, Blessing, Prayer, Truth and the type of ascent that needs the energy of dark to shine very, very powerful light. THIS is the gateway of the second eclipse, as was the April gateway used by those with their inner eye OPEN.

Also on October 7th, in the afternoon, Uranus and the Sun are opposed in the middle of the cardinal signs of ARIES and LIBRA. Uranus and its inherent and Aries-powered striving for freedom, authenticity, individuality, the unquenchable yearning to taste the originality of every movement, is at odds, fleetingly but poignantly, with the Sun’s bright rays of balance, harmony, understanding, appreciation, reason, law, friendship, brotherhood, relationship, give-and-take, society, institutional cooperation, building, norms and justice. This is likely to be a poignant world aspect as well. In our souls, it heralds the blood moon. It is likely that much of what we will leave behind is the snake-skin layer of the Libra function and leave in its trace authentic relationship. G-d created the world too the way it is, and all channels of interaction and balance of each soul and where they are, can be authentic, real, and true, when viewed through the eyes of enlightenment that are opening shortly and rapidly with each new solar flare and energy river.

On October 8th at 4am pst, the night before the holiday of Tabernacles, the moon conjunct Uranus and its flashes of higher consciousness now fused with intuition, stand perfectly aligned with the sun in the heart of Libra, and Truth can simply not be ignored any longer. All falsehoods shudder in awe of truth and are usurped too into its Loving Embrace, giving each part of reality its true place and value. Mercury in Scorpio gives words to things truly the way they are, and energy overwhelmes the mental plane, as well as the inner transcendental and supra-conscious channels. Jupiter looks on and prepares to take the mantle.

The moon also works into a delightful water trine with Mars and Jupiter. This eclipse brings vindicated boldness, true-to-the-heart, inspired, awakened, burning with desire, love, truth and willing to stare reality in the face, and lead, with the true laws of the heart in hand, and not the falsehoods that have served their place and are now ready to be shed and redeemed by the Living law, the Living breath of G-d hardwired, and now activated, in the Heart and soul of the believer.

New crescent viewed in USA Thursday night & in Jerusalem Friday night Shabbos Kodesh

Note: of course we are awaiting the council of 70 Sages based in the city of Peace in the Promised Land for there to be a way to follow the sighting of the new moon according to all stringencies of written and oral law <3 this post entails a "practice run" for those who love Hashem's creation and Torah so that we must begin to observe and share now, already

New moon sighted in Jerusalem!

"The new moon was sighted on Sep 26, 2014 from Tel Aviv by Rebekah Bibb and Lavinia Voelker at 6:44pm. They took this photo at 6:45 pm." – via facebook


The new moon was also sighted 12 hours earlier in California and virginia!

Credit: Crescent Watch

According to Muslim tradition the new moon can be sighted anywhere on earth and thus begins the new month.

The brand new waxing crescent of the 7th lunar month was observed Thursday night in California, Virginia and other US locations.

Others relying on tradition before the destruction of the Temple say Rosh Hashana begins at the sighting of the new crescent moon in Jerusalem on Friday night thru Sunday at sunset when the last shofar will be sounded B”H.

As we can see the need for a Sanhedrin, a centrality of Sages and a worldwide communication mechanism (the internet) as well as Unity among Yisrael, may our full redemption hasten speedily in our days, Hashem!

With prayers for a clear sky his weekend, happy new moon and fall equinox 5775 / 2014!


Sky diagram via Sky & Telescope

Friday, September 26

As early as 8 or 9 p.m. now look for Fomalhaut, the lonely 1st-magnitude Autumn Star, twinkling on its way up from the southeast horizon. It will be highest due south around 11 or midnight (depending on your location).

Saturday, September 27

Low in the southwest in twilight, Mars and Antares are passing 3° apart this evening and Sunday evening, as shown below. Meanwhile, off to their right, the waxing crescent Moon floats a couple degrees to the lower right of Saturn (for North America).

– via Sky & Telescope

Rosh Hashana 5775 / Yom Teruah / New Crescent Watch / Ascension Gateway 5775


The year 5775 in Hebrew gematria equals the phrase “his footsteps leave no trace” (the latter part of this verse)

Psalm 77:19 Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footsteps leave no trace

Intention for 5775 and the 10 days of Teshuva 9/26-10/6

When we affirm, acknowledge & nourish our own Virgo, our unblemished God(dess) nature within, we accelerate the process by which evil is separated, shed, and transmuted into base or elemental materials which are conductors for fast-frequency energy. And where there is knowledge, awareness, and oneness, there is Repair & Resurrection.

L’Shana tova tikatevu v’techatemu

May you be inscribed in the book of Life

Upcoming stages/Gateways:

9/24-26 New cycle inscribed

9/25-10/5 Reflection, ascension, alchemy, transmutation

10/5 new cycle sealed, new light assimilated

10/8 2nd blood moon eclipse, harvest

10/15 new cycle blueprint submitted to angels

November – unity practice run

12/21 world given a mikvah in the light of infinity, debts are payed & tabs are closed & reopened, the land prepares to rest, darkest point becomes past tense, ascent to 5775, 2015, according to what has been sown hitherto

September Equinox Energy Gateway Resources:

Judith Kusel

Shekina Speaks


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