October 1-8: Prelude to the second Blood Moon Eclipse

October 8th Eclipse Chart (planetwatcher.com)

October 8th Eclipse Chart (planetwatcher.com)

Sept 29 11am PST Moon conjunct Mars @ 10 Sagittarius

Oct 1 5pm Moon conjunct Pluto @ 11 Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries & Sun in Libra. Quarter Moon.

10/4 Sun-Pluto square exact at 1am pst, just after Kol Nidre. Moon in Aquarius. Yom Kippur, 10th day since astronomical new moon. Priest would go into Holy of Holies and atone for Humanity. Shofar blown at dusk.

Also on Oct. 4th, Mercury goes RETROGRADE (morning). At night, Mars-Uranus trine is exact. This is part of the FIRE TRINE mentioned by Maribell the Cosmic Weather Girl. Awakening trine actviation. Mars is power, drive, passion. Uranus is Higher Consciousness. They are now in harmony in the new fire sign of Sagittarius and in a new dynamic with the powerhouse Uranus in Aries.

10/7, the day before the blood moon eclipse, there is a YOD or FINGER OF GOD pointing at CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER, at 14 PISCES, the sign of the HEALING WATERS. Just before the blood moon, the ever so close Venus-Sun pair quincunx Chiron from one end, shining light on painful realities. At the same time, Jupiter in Leo, the urge to become born again with no strings attached into the simplicity of bliss in the Golden Age, also is quincunx Chiron, struggling with the wounds that continue to bleed and hold it back. Yet these two quincunx serve to catapult the Wounded Healer to where it has longed to go all year, and much longer – possibly many lifetimes. This yod at Chiron is the preparation we need for the blood moon to permanently sever our ties to the destructive aspects of our wounds, and permanently alchemize all pain, all suffering, that was/is/will be, into the Balm of Wisdom, Detachment, Love, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Healing, Miracles, Blessing, Prayer, Truth and the type of ascent that needs the energy of dark to shine very, very powerful light. THIS is the gateway of the second eclipse, as was the April gateway used by those with their inner eye OPEN.

Also on October 7th, in the afternoon, Uranus and the Sun are opposed in the middle of the cardinal signs of ARIES and LIBRA. Uranus and its inherent and Aries-powered striving for freedom, authenticity, individuality, the unquenchable yearning to taste the originality of every movement, is at odds, fleetingly but poignantly, with the Sun’s bright rays of balance, harmony, understanding, appreciation, reason, law, friendship, brotherhood, relationship, give-and-take, society, institutional cooperation, building, norms and justice. This is likely to be a poignant world aspect as well. In our souls, it heralds the blood moon. It is likely that much of what we will leave behind is the snake-skin layer of the Libra function and leave in its trace authentic relationship. G-d created the world too the way it is, and all channels of interaction and balance of each soul and where they are, can be authentic, real, and true, when viewed through the eyes of enlightenment that are opening shortly and rapidly with each new solar flare and energy river.

On October 8th at 4am pst, the night before the holiday of Tabernacles, the moon conjunct Uranus and its flashes of higher consciousness now fused with intuition, stand perfectly aligned with the sun in the heart of Libra, and Truth can simply not be ignored any longer. All falsehoods shudder in awe of truth and are usurped too into its Loving Embrace, giving each part of reality its true place and value. Mercury in Scorpio gives words to things truly the way they are, and energy overwhelmes the mental plane, as well as the inner transcendental and supra-conscious channels. Jupiter looks on and prepares to take the mantle.

The moon also works into a delightful water trine with Mars and Jupiter. This eclipse brings vindicated boldness, true-to-the-heart, inspired, awakened, burning with desire, love, truth and willing to stare reality in the face, and lead, with the true laws of the heart in hand, and not the falsehoods that have served their place and are now ready to be shed and redeemed by the Living law, the Living breath of G-d hardwired, and now activated, in the Heart and soul of the believer.

New crescent viewed in USA Thursday night & in Jerusalem Friday night Shabbos Kodesh

Note: of course we are awaiting the council of 70 Sages based in the city of Peace in the Promised Land for there to be a way to follow the sighting of the new moon according to all stringencies of written and oral law <3 this post entails a "practice run" for those who love Hashem's creation and Torah so that we must begin to observe and share now, already

New moon sighted in Jerusalem!

"The new moon was sighted on Sep 26, 2014 from Tel Aviv by Rebekah Bibb and Lavinia Voelker at 6:44pm. They took this photo at 6:45 pm." – via facebook


The new moon was also sighted 12 hours earlier in California and virginia!

Credit: Crescent Watch

According to Muslim tradition the new moon can be sighted anywhere on earth and thus begins the new month.

The brand new waxing crescent of the 7th lunar month was observed Thursday night in California, Virginia and other US locations.

Others relying on tradition before the destruction of the Temple say Rosh Hashana begins at the sighting of the new crescent moon in Jerusalem on Friday night thru Sunday at sunset when the last shofar will be sounded B”H.

As we can see the need for a Sanhedrin, a centrality of Sages and a worldwide communication mechanism (the internet) as well as Unity among Yisrael, may our full redemption hasten speedily in our days, Hashem!

With prayers for a clear sky his weekend, happy new moon and fall equinox 5775 / 2014!


Sky diagram via Sky & Telescope

Friday, September 26

As early as 8 or 9 p.m. now look for Fomalhaut, the lonely 1st-magnitude Autumn Star, twinkling on its way up from the southeast horizon. It will be highest due south around 11 or midnight (depending on your location).

Saturday, September 27

Low in the southwest in twilight, Mars and Antares are passing 3° apart this evening and Sunday evening, as shown below. Meanwhile, off to their right, the waxing crescent Moon floats a couple degrees to the lower right of Saturn (for North America).

– via Sky & Telescope

Rosh Hashana 5775 / Yom Teruah / New Crescent Watch / Ascension Gateway 5775


The year 5775 in Hebrew gematria equals the phrase “his footsteps leave no trace” (the latter part of this verse)

Psalm 77:19 Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footsteps leave no trace

Intention for 5775 and the 10 days of Teshuva 9/26-10/6

When we affirm, acknowledge & nourish our own Virgo, our unblemished God(dess) nature within, we accelerate the process by which evil is separated, shed, and transmuted into base or elemental materials which are conductors for fast-frequency energy. And where there is knowledge, awareness, and oneness, there is Repair & Resurrection.

L’Shana tova tikatevu v’techatemu

May you be inscribed in the book of Life

Upcoming stages/Gateways:

9/24-26 New cycle inscribed

9/25-10/5 Reflection, ascension, alchemy, transmutation

10/5 new cycle sealed, new light assimilated

10/8 2nd blood moon eclipse, harvest

10/15 new cycle blueprint submitted to angels

November – unity practice run

12/21 world given a mikvah in the light of infinity, debts are payed & tabs are closed & reopened, the land prepares to rest, darkest point becomes past tense, ascent to 5775, 2015, according to what has been sown hitherto

September Equinox Energy Gateway Resources:

Judith Kusel

Shekina Speaks

One week to 5775 / Fast forward to Eden with preknowledge

Tonight, in one week, begins the kabbalistic year 5775. We enter a ladder beginning now to becoming true conduits for the King, the only subject of our alliegance. Through life’s trsts we become a pure channel for the Infinite Light, which has never been manifest so extensively since Eden, and which, due to the trajectory of history, will now be experiences consciously, with an advantage over Eden: it will be unbreakable. This shift is so earth-shattering that every bearer of free wil is being given the maximum allotted time to come to this realization using one’s own soul blueprint. The task is to becme awake to the God spark within, relying on no false idols, only on the all powerful God, One and insivisible, and the voice of the soul within. Soon this is all that will be possible to cling to, but for now it is still a choice for many, except thise of us who by his mercy and inexplicable free and infinite love he has awakened by fire. To be his archangels, his chariot in this world, whenever he sees fit, with much waiting, but no suffering for those who have faith, or awareness, bringing him into their being, into their thoughts, into their every breath and action, the construction of the third temple in the mind’s eye, in the reconstitution of sacred knowledge.

Through the Chai Elul gateway

The energy in the recent days & evenings is this realm having gone through the gateway of CHAI ELUL, the Life of Elul, the original Virgin, the Goddess of Wisdom, the Mother eager to give Life; the birth of a new dimension of the inner wisdom, one that will take us on the last journey Home



9/9 full moon chiron gateway: shattered vessels emit light. Fall equinox/pheonix rising


thursday morning 9/4: moon conjunct pluto: combines the illuminating light of the moon with the power, dark side, pull towards unity within and experience it as a flashlight in yourself, regaining your power

monday morning 9/8: moon nestles between neptune and chiron: chiron is the wounded healer, activating, receiving divine messages through her cracks with greater frequency since chiron has swam in pisces hand in hand with neptune. This full moon is birthed in between the two, and comes with the wounded healer in her bosom. With complete love and desire for wholeness, the Goddess knows and winks with her knowledge of before and after Time. She plays the game even though she circles to and fro vis a vis Saturn monthly, laughing in the face of time. Here today, there tomorrow, always changing and appearing when you thirst but did not know for what. She is coming “back” (she giggles) in all her glory, first, illuminated in white light a last time, befpre she emits her own light, come october.

wednesday afternoon 9/10 moon conjunct uranus: after nine must come ten; moon renews arian/uranian desire/function and subconscious & conscious work together

9/13 mars enters Sagittarius, opposite moon: two months since mars conjunct spica (spica is “birthed”), mars moves into sagittarius, the Archer, less intense and cathartic than scorpio, but also more ambitious and far-reaching.

9/17 moon square uranus, opposite pluto: 22 Elul, 1 week to equinox, new year. Accounting/Ascending to higher levels of God’s plan and compassion, is at hand (the ladder)

Full astro-notebook September (Elul):

thursday morning, moon conjunct pluto
monday morning, moon nestles between neptune and chiron
monday night, full moon conjunct chiron, exact opposition to sun (9/9 gateway)
two yods in the sky
wednesday afternoon 9/10 moon conjunct uranus
9/13 mars enters Sagittarius, opposite moon
9/17 moon square uranus, opposite pluto
9/19 moon conjunct jupiter, as yod points and “births” jupiter
9/21 mars-neptune-moon t-square. chiron-jupiter quincunx exact.
9/22 last day before the equinox/new year.
9/23 equinox
9/22 PLUTO DIRECT (pheonix rising)
9/23 new moon 11pm pst. venus in virgo.
fall equinox is the ticking of the clock; a fresh trajectory is formed that is sculpted and delivered through the winter equinox gateway.

Update See also:

September 3, 2014, Sandra Walter:
A powerful energetic wave arrived early last evening. This new light produces the heart of Source sensation, In this vast stillness, support for multidimensional alignment – beyond multidimensional awareness – is provided for this revelation gateway. Pure light frequencies attune our perception once again, and attempt to upgrade the physical vessel to accommodate alignment up to 12D.


Supermoon, Rosh Hashana, Blood Moon. And: What is Rosh Hashana?

1. new moon Elul 8/25-7 – last month of the lunisolar year. Uranus Yod (Birth of the avatar)
2. full moon Elul 9/9 3rd supermoon – Illumination
2. rosh hashana 9/25 – the year 5775 (“The Rescue”)
3. 10/8 second blood moon, Hajj, Tabernacles, Sun on Spica (Harvest)
Q: what do you expect of the rescue and the harvest?
it has to do with Virgo carrying Spica, the sheave of wheat. something has been lacking in the lowest dimension – the “Reward” for our “toil”, the entire “Godly” 3d reality in every corner of our lives, when that begins appearing, the world “trembles”
On Rosh Hashana (9/25) the new “decree” for the world is brought down. This is based on what has happened this year and how we use the spiritual energy of Elul (now that the Avatar is sensed) to come completely back to center.
rosh hashana is also called “day of rememberance” where everything is renewed in the “memory” of truth and the intent of love which prompted creation
we go to the space “before” the original “sin”, the Tree of Life, the equanimous Buddha nature, the was/is/will be, and everything can be sweetened there, through US
“Greetings beloved ones, I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I am here to support and guide as the human race now move into position in order to start the process called “evolution”. No longer contained by the construct that is referenced as the old 3D earth created reality the human race now stand on the edge of massive expansion. I am here as you now begin the journey that will see you expand into new levels of KNOWING and understanding of ALL that IS in TRUTH.
ALL stand in support of all at this time, uplifting and guiding as the human race now begin to shift and to blossom in TRUTH. This journey is set at the frequency required by your SOUL and you are asked to accept your DIVINE origins in TRUTH. For ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH. I am the energies that are referenced to the human race as GOD and I sent you the LOVE that IS always, at this time may it flow through you, around you and within you as you reclaim your sovereignty and fly high on the wings of FREEDOM in TRUTH.”
there are 3 main components to rosh hashana. the first is crowning G-d as king again over the entire world. if we think of G-d as something that is opening in the internal dimension, like G-d is coming first and foremost through our souls, then this would be crowning ourselves….crowning the part of ourselves that is G-d’s messenger

See what power you have and what speed!
If you do not make yourself equal to God you cannot understand Him.
Like is understood by like.
Grow to immeasurable size.
Be free from every body, transcend all time.
Become eternity and thus you will understand God.
Suppose nothing to be impossible for yourself.
Consider yourself immortal and able to understand everything:
…………all arts, sciences, and the nature of every living creature.
Become higher than all heights and lower than all depths.
Sense as one within yourself the entire creation:
………………………….fire, water, and the dry and the moist.
Conceive yourself to be at all places at the same time:
……………………………………..in earth, in the sea, in heaven;
……..that you are not yet born, that you are in the womb,
……………………………………….that you are young, old, dead;
…………………………………………….that you are beyond death.
Conceive all things at once:
…………times, places, actions, qualities and quantities;
you can understand God.

— Corpus Hermeticum 11.20



Comet Jacques, Sun/Neptune alignment, Mercury in Libra, the Seventh month of September, the 9/9 Full Moon, the Illumination of Precreation Light and Consciousness through the Full Moon and Blood Moon Portals

Comet Jacques, Sun/Neptune alignment, Mercury in Libra, the Seventh month of September, the 9/9 Full Moon, the Illumination of Precreation Light and Consciousness through the Full Moon and Blood Moon Portals


16081_666553006773274_5856789707976232871_nVenus – Mars / Saturn squares behind us now; next milestone is Comet Jacques closest approach to earth this Friday August 29th and a Sun/Neptune opposition (or an alignment in the celestial “sphere”) that morning which creates a dividing point between illusion and clarity of truth. Mercury enters Libra on Sept 1st. While the solar and lunar calendars consider this month the ninth and the eleventh respectively, the etymology suggests we are entering the Seventh about which there have been multiple numerological references this year, suggesting this month could be a watershed month for many things hanging in the scales. Spiritually it is the month of taking account for the purposes of rising to the level of unconditional love and faith and the original intent of creation, the sharing of God’s light. If we merit, by the 25th the light from before creation will be released into the world in 5775 and those with eyes to see will begin to see rays of it at the full moon (9/9). The blood moon (10/8) for those with “nightvision” will likewise bring greater levels of insight and a comprehensive framework in which to connect the signs in our physical reality, our inner landscape, the characters and personalities around us, all expressions of a dialogue between us and God about how to get back to that point before there was any separation, the more we anchor there the more we will be a step ahead of the curve carrying messages from the future and serving as vehicles to move the world forward, grounded in the tree of Life, the answer to all evil, the answer to all conundrums, the space above binaries, the light of the worlds, the capstone.

The shofar reminds us of this spiral call to origin/purpose. The mourning turned into joy & sorrow into laughter – the missing piece at last arrives.. God in our midst


Moon at Aldebaran, Venus/Jupiter conjunction August 18th. 6 weeks to Rosh Hashana


On the morning of the 18th the moon will be conjunct Aldebaran, just after Venus and Jupiter rise in conjunction before the sun. 




The coincidence of these aspects hearkens back to the new moon of early April and we may see an energetic shift akin to the chapter that began then.


This conjunction follows the crop circle from 8/16 featuring 24 diamonds around a circle divided into four within which we find the all-seeing Eye from which all emanates.



This Rosh Hashana we are 24 years from 1991 when the world shifted into a new phase, the Redemption program. There is a half-year left to this phase, culminating at the midpoint of the eclipse sequence in March 2015.


After the Venus Jupiter conjunction we shift into the 777 program, accelerated week by week progress towards the fall equinox and new moon of Trumpets.


Week 1: August 18-25. Tuesday is a high-energy day.

Week 2: August 25-September 1: New moon of Elul. Represents Moses’ ascent to the mountain to receive instruction for the second tablets.We are on borrowed time.

Week 3: September 1-September 8: September 6th is a significant day in some prophetic schema. Gateway.

September 8-15: September 9th is the third and final full moon in the sequence and the last full moon until the 2nd blood moon.

September 15-22: Equinox

September 22-29: Rosh Hashana, Trumpets, New moon. the year 5775 (HaTeshua “the rescue”) begins. Half a year to solar eclipse and eclipse midpoint, end of 24.5 Daniel cycle.


According to tradition, the judgment is delivered on Rosh Hashana. Sealed on Yom Kippur. Submitted to the angels on Hoshana Rabba (7 days after the 2nd blood moon).

Blessings until Yom Kippur: Gmar Tov

Blessing on Hoshana Rabba: Pitka Tava


According to Hasidic tradition, the window is extended until the 8th day of Hannukah, the winter solstice.


Regulus and the Planets 2014-2015


Mercury is the 1st planet out of the 4 to leave Leo for Virgo. And yet due to precession, the fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, the emblematic Leo energy star, is now at 0 degrees Virgo in the tropical system, so we will now see each of the 4 planets at their own pace move into conjunction with this star.

Mercury will do so at 9:43am tomorrow, bringing the Lion’s Heart into the mind.

The sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd. This year in particular, the 20-25th of each month carries the greatest intensity of the energy that has been building since the 1st. The sun at Regulus is a perennial transit marking the birth of the King.

Venus, still the morning star, reaches Virgo and thus Regulus on September 5th. The first week of September may mark a shift in the energy towards what is to be manifest in the next fall equinox cycle.

Jupiter experiences a lengthy retrograde, and will only reach the Heart of the Lion in August 2015. By then Mars will have cycled through the zodiac and will arrive at this most powerful point in the zodiac as well shortly after, on September 25, 2015.

The biblical year 5775 is a Shmittah year, meaning it is traditional to let the land lie fallow, to forgive debts, and on a deeper level, the world is rebuked and prepared for a new cycle.

The final blood moon is several days later, on September 28, 2015. It seems the planets, Regulus and the moon are telling us that the Lion will roar gloriously at the conclusion of this journey, but we are invited to do so each day little by little, to prepare for that time when we can walk in our true glory, when As Above So Below will be actualized and harmony will reign on heaven and earth.

And so it begins: The full moon of August/Tu B’Av & the Influx of Light from 4 Planets in Leo AUG 7-15 / AV 11-19

Look at this chart! Monday night August 11th, the 15th of Av, the holiest day of the Jewish year (on an inner level). Full moon snug between Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, radiating Healing. Venus & Jupiter paired near Mercury & the Sun, all in Leo, the origination and destiny/eventuality of Aquarius in the celestial sphere.

Saturn and Mars still look on with authority & power from Scorpio, and yes more secrets stand to be revealed, but at this point, the light is sufficient to tip the scales and embark on this path, wholeheartedly.




Thursday night August 7th / early morning August 8th: the full moon and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn at 11 degrees. The moon is emboldened and impregnated with the Pheonix energy of Pluto before reaching exact opposition with the sun on Sunday.


Friday morning August 8th: Mercury and the sun are conjunct in Leo at 16 degrees. This is the superior conjunction of Mercury and the sun, when the sun stand directly between earth and Mercury, the three forming an exact line. Afterwards Mercury appears as the evening star. According to Michael R. Mayer, this stage of Mercury’s cycle is akin to the full moon. So in a sense we have a Double Full Moon on a galactic scale.


On Saturday morning August 9th the sun and Saturn form an exact square. This square is important because the signs Leo and Scorpio are activated. Their tensions are brought to the forefront – in order to be released. Leo is all about coming out into the light and boldly stepping onto the path with no original shame. Scorpio is also bold, but its boldness lies in its secrecy and insidiousness. Saturn in Scorpio also carries associations of power and authority and the rule of something constrictive. Ironically however the ego mechanism and its potential downfalls lies in Leo. So we have perhaps a last attempt at holding the light back, but it only serves to purge the remaining strands of ego out of the light that is about to be revealed, clearing the divine pathway of Leo. This pathway may have not been cleared until now and began its clearing process already over the mourning of August 4th-5th.


Full moon exact astronomically at the 11 o’clock hour of Sunday morning. The full moon will thus be visible in its fullness Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday is the Jewish holiday of Tu B’av, the holiest day of the year on an inner level. It represents the full reconciliation and comfort after all the destruction that has taken place in the last month, which represents history for the last 3326 years. The metaphor for this comfort is the maidens dress up in white and choose a partner of their choice, the tribes intermix and all the gateways are open.


Tu b’Av continues until Monday night (I have noticed in recent times holidays are most potent the night after, as if the energy has shifted to highlight the end of events, mirroring our standing at the very edge of history).


On Monday night, early Tuesday morning at 12:23 am, Venus enters Leo. The chart above presents this progression. Venus’ transit into Leo opens a window of 72 hours in which four planets are stationed in these celestial coordinates of unimaginable intergalactic historical significance. Thus the full moon marks the gateway into this doorway, and what lies on the other side is simply not known. There has not been a moment in 2014 like this one, until now. Note that due to the choices made by people in this realm this change may manifest on an inner level, and that is why I am writing this message, so that we take note and are highly attentive to the effect of this Leo ingress on our inner being. It could be a moment where the movers and shakers try to four-wheel-drive the world into the “golden age” of their choosing by force or shock & awe chaos. More likely however these planets are so intimately attuned to our DNA time-bomb ticking down to the moment when the shift must occur, when the influx of light is so great that all of our faculties follow suit and rise to the challenge of making our senses, our mind, our physical surroundings, everything in 3d, be a dwelling place, for the presence that is about to return, and resurrect everything, every lost hope, for the Purpose that was, is, will be, for the Purpose encoded in all sacred texts, for the purpose that now, only the soul knows, that Knowing that only when she is reunited with her Beloved can she at last exhale and give up the hopeless desires she has pursued, and know that all are none but extensions of the ONE. This knowledge is about to become material, too.


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