11.11.11 11:11 is a whole lot of oneness

What exactly is opening on 11.11.11? My take is that a porthole to unity consciousness has been birthing in the past year or so, reaching its final stretch in July/August of 2010 through these past few weeks, when all energies have been off the charts. I want to clarify that this doesn’t mean that if you haven’t been feeling blissed out 24/7 you are not on the wave or that all this is a load of crap. The idea of birthing is that every pang of anguish and terror gives way to ever new dimensions of enlightenment and peace, which are etched into universal consciousness by virtue of your extraction powers. The cycles of descent and ascent in these days and weeks are downloading the highest-ever frequencies known to humanity and all its saints. The very flashes of unity into which We are tapping and relishing know only the motion of perpetual ascension and work to sweeten everything that preceded them with the Souce of all–infinite Love which brought everything into being and to which all pines. We are double agents, but our true alleigance is to that which we are made of, to that which we are no more than an extension of, to that which Authored our life and shard every moment of exasperation, delight, and tumult. To the place in which all equalizes into oneness, which is the leaping pad for everything to sprout into All that it is. We are nearing days in which language will laugh at itself and reveal that it too is in service of Unity. We are coming home, to our true home, where 1 is the only number, and where 1 gives birth to 11, in which Unity is a vessel for greater unity, Unity that is conscious of itself and therefore even more whole than when it began. This is our journey, all experiences are pouring into the rectification and rebirth of every particle of our beings.

SO excited to be with You on this journey; please do not hesitate to be in touch.

With outpouring love for You,



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