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Healing miracles affirmation

7 Chakras

Health begins with awe and gratitude for our bodies. The physiological miracles within our bodies are only compounded by the mind/body connection that science is only now uncovering. Cultivating love and gratitude for our physical bodies increases our magnetic consciousness health field and opens us up even more to healing energy within natural remedies and simple foods.

The affirmation below provides an opportunity to cultivate this enhanced holy body consciousness throughout the day. As a blessing it was traditionally said every morning, and also following each time a person goes to the bathroom. You may also say it for your own healing and for the healing of those you love (just have them in mind).

Whoever is the subject of your intention, take a moment before using the intention to find something within the body that awakens your sense of the miraculous, so that you can begin the prayer with an outburst of joyful intention. Remember–like attracts like, and healing flows naturally to bodies that radiate with joy.

I stand in awe and gratitude for the divine wisdom embodied in my human body

for all of its crevices and chambers, all of whose secrets are revealed before you

Were any opening to close, or anything shutterred to open, I could not stand before you for even one moment

Blessed be the Source of all Healing

   and the Origin of All Things Miraculous



Rosh Chodesh Shvat & Aqauarius New Moon

This Wednesday marks the beginning of the Jewish lunar month of Shvat (kicking off with an Aquarius new moon). The holiday of the month of Shvat is Tu Bishvat at the full moon. On Tu Bishvat the effect of winter rains begins to be felt, and the sap–lifeforce–begins to ascend from the earth into the trunk and branches of the trees. New fruit begins to appear at the tips of the branches, thus beginning a New Year of Trees. Read more @

On a deeper level, Shvat also represents an opening to the Tree of Life, our primordial destiny of everlasting vitality and wisdom:

Along the river, on either bank, will grow every kind of fruit tree with leaves that never wither and fruit that never fails; they will bear new fruit every month, because this water comes from the sanctuary. And their fruit will be good to eat and the leaves medicinal. (Ezekiel 47:12)
In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life represents the blueprint of creation, replicated in the Godhead, the Human Being, the creative process and all of the natural world. Every phenomenon is rooted in infinite divinity, and branches out to encopmass the Divine qualities of wisdom and understanding, expansiveness and contraction, delight, intuition and beauty, endurance and submission, foundation and revelation.
Zohar, Radiance, of this expanse brilliantly illumines the garden, and the Tree of Life stands in the middle of the garden, its branches covering all those forms, trees, and spices in worthy garments. Beneath it all beasts of the field find shade, and all brids of the sky dwell beneath those brances.

Zohar, radiance! Fruit of the tree provides life to all, existing foreever and ever. The Other Side (Evil) does not abide there–only the side of holiness. Happy is the share of those who taste it, existing forever and ever! 
Source: Zohar Shemot, from The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume Four, p. 4
The New Moon in Aquarius represents a time for new beginnings sychronized with our connection to the Whole. All real change begins with the awareness that our true self is already aligned with the change, that perfection exists on a different plane, and we are merely opening and allowing it to manifest below in our lives. The mystery of rebirth in nature that begins in these next few weeks reawakens us to the eternal seeds within our consciousness and within the earth, that no matter how much our reality has been encumbered by limitation, we remember the way back to the Tree of Life, and are ready to claim it as our destiny.
A good week, and a good month to all!  שבוע טוב וחודש טוב

Friday and the wrapping-up of creation

And the heaven and the earth were finished 

Friday represents the completion of creation. Saturday is a day beyond space and time in which we delight in the perfection which is the universe, but Friday is also related to this realm. The hours of Friday afternoon and pregnant with anticipation of the culmination that is taking place.

Isn’t it fascinating then, that three monumental dates in the indigenous and contemporary spiritual movements’ awareness of the upcoming paradigm shift, fall on Fridays?

Friday, October 28, 2011 – Carl Calleman’s calculation for the end of the Mayan calendar. Many believe this date (which was also Rosh Hashana 5772) marked the opening of a portal to the 5th dimension, an irreversible upgrade in many people’s awakening process. Nothing has been the same ever since.

11/11/11 11:11 (Friday) – The portal of oneness opened and we fully stepped into our light beings. We may still pass through varying 3rd, 5th and 5th dimensional states, but we know forever that our true home is in Oneness.

December 21, 2012, 11:12 UTC – the Winter Solstice – end of the Mayan calendar – Again, Friday is the day on which the world shifts dimensions. As on the sixth day of creation, so on every Friday the world prepares for the galactic exhale, the era in which there is nothing left to do but enjoy all that we haev become.

Note the energy on Fridays throughout this year, as the universal pulse prepares for oneness.



The Kabbalah of Shabbat

Sedona vortex

Shabbat is the period of time between sunset on Friday and nightfall on Saturday that repeats itself every week.

This is a portal to a dimension beyond time and space.

Jewish law has set down a system of behavioral regulations to prepare us to experience this state which is a delicate spiritual dimension which can be difficult to pick up on in physical form.

However as humanity evolves we become more and more attuned to spiritual states in a state of freedom rather than in a state of regulation.

We become empowered and inspired to look beyond the rules and access the real, experienced conditions that the rules were put in place for in the first place.

The entryway into this space is to create a space in which you feel like you are in a hotel room on vacation. All your food is prepared ahead of time. Everything has been purchased ahead of time. You have no need to plan because you are in a flow. No demands are being made on you. People may believe you are busy or somewhere else and you can focus on your connection to the divine. If you do have family responsibilities or you enjoy being with people then these are experienced in a deeper dimension at the level on which you, others and the Divine are already One. There is no separation.

Each soul has their own pathway into the Temple that is Shabbat. Taste the delicacies that are this palace in time.

Shabbat Shalom!


Kabbalistic prosperity ritual

Introduction: Jewish rituals have been kept secret for millenia, but now is the time for all hidden light to become revealed. Feel free to incorporate these rituals into your life and please be in touch about your experiences in the process. When your heart is true you are connected to source. All blessings, Ayala (Doe of the Dawn).

Kabbalistic Prosperity ritual   הבדלה

On Saturday night after you see 3 stars, light a candle, obtain a fresh herb with an uplifting fragrance, and fill a glass full of wine or grape juice. Thank God for creating light. Smell and taste with each of the above. Be sure to drink the wine, smell the herb, and experience the effect of the candle illuminating light on your hands when you draw them close…especially note the effect of the light on your fingernails–bridging the highest and lowest (as if) levels of reality…

Then put out the candle in the wine and put your pinky in the puddle of wine and wax and put several drops in your POCKETS, then say the Hebrew words

ברכת יהוה היא תעשיר

birkat adonai hee ta’ashir

(a kabbalistic verse for prosperity)

Proceed with complete faith in Self and Source–Self when you are Strong, Source when you are in need.


Ayala   איילה

The timing of your birth is perfect in all ways

In the video above, Abraham channels for us that the timing of our birth is perfect in all ways. This clears up a fundamental misunderstanding in astrology by both practitioners and consumers; insofar as God and the Universe are by definition Goodness, the true secret of our soul’s entanglement in the matrix of stars and planets must at its root be a liberating realization. No star or planet has the power to bind the spark of the divine within us; rather the infinite forces alive in the Divine Being animate each of us differentially at every moment, and it is by learning the tides of these waves that we can begin to dance with the ebb and flow, minimizing resistance and incrementally fusing with Source, until we are chariots below for infinite abundance, at the nexus at which many are One and One are many.

For example, if I have a challenging aspect in my chart, such as Moon opposite Sun, if I am able to harmonize these energies within me, then I have brought down to the earthplane the highest level of Oneness at which Moon and Sun are one. The essence of Moon and the essence of Sun are One, just as masculine and feminine can harmonize and couple, and their coupling generates a union no less powerful than the creation of Life. Our charts are maps for the ever-present wedding and coupling and love-making of the forces of the universe, and the more we know the storyline, the more we can enjoy the journey, and even–our birthright–influence the outcome!

Human will is another long-misunderstood notion in astrology. We are in ebery moment absolutely free–even when Saturn is opposing our Jupiter. There is no need to wait until 2013 to start that relationship–infinity can come out of the present moment —


because the present moment is above time

Astrology can help us decipher the exhilerating novel of our past and the epic possible journeys of our future, when every juncture is animated by the infinite life-force of Creation as translated through our will. Our will is extremely powerful and paradoxically it is only by learning the psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, familial, national and cultural matrix in which are placed that we can fully harness our Power. By untangling ourselves from structures that obscure the present moment, and by utilizing the multiplicty of pathways available in different space-time arrangements we can fuse the dimensions of existence with emboldened and inspired action. We are born to be prophets and miracle-workers, and it is this that we will become.

Will you begin your journey?