Kabbalistic prosperity ritual

Introduction: Jewish rituals have been kept secret for millenia, but now is the time for all hidden light to become revealed. Feel free to incorporate these rituals into your life and please be in touch about your experiences in the process. When your heart is true you are connected to source. All blessings, Ayala (Doe of the Dawn).

Kabbalistic Prosperity ritual   הבדלה

On Saturday night after you see 3 stars, light a candle, obtain a fresh herb with an uplifting fragrance, and fill a glass full of wine or grape juice. Thank God for creating light. Smell and taste with each of the above. Be sure to drink the wine, smell the herb, and experience the effect of the candle illuminating light on your hands when you draw them close…especially note the effect of the light on your fingernails–bridging the highest and lowest (as if) levels of reality…

Then put out the candle in the wine and put your pinky in the puddle of wine and wax and put several drops in your POCKETS, then say the Hebrew words

ברכת יהוה היא תעשיר

birkat adonai hee ta’ashir

(a kabbalistic verse for prosperity)

Proceed with complete faith in Self and Source–Self when you are Strong, Source when you are in need.


Ayala   איילה


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  1. 03/18/1957

    • Dear Debbi,
      You were born in a unique month in the Hebrew calendar that “appears” only every several years, a sort of leap month. This month, Adar Bet, or the Second Adar, is comparable to a “Second Pisces”. This month is correlated with the Israelite tribe of Levi, the singers or musicians of the Temple, a special tribe who was lifted above the struggles of everyday existence to enhance the collective well-being and spiritual connection of the people. Individuals born in this unique time of the year often identify with their task on this planet as lightworkers, spiritual guides, empaths or angels-in-disguise. This “thirteenth month” is uniquely connected to all months of the year since it hovers between the realm of time and beyond time. On the particular day you were born a kabbalistic directive was given as follows: “All issues must touch the leader of the community at the innermost core of one’s soul, literally, because one’s very soul is at stake.” While this directive relates to a leader of a community, in a deeper sense, it relates to the aspect of one’s soul that is innately bound with the community, and teaches that there is an aspect of you that deeply empathizes with that which affects others around you. While it is important for you to take time for yourself to care for your own spiritual needs, you may also find that you gain energy and life-force by bonding with others and taking deep interest in their lives, as a true leader does, by fully standing with others in their shoes, and living life beyond the bounds of your own self. Balancing your own needs and your empathic energy link with others and with humanity will be a key theme in your life, and ultimately you will receive the deepest wisdom when you are able to identify with aspects of your soul that encompass larger circles, such as those of your loved ones, humanity and the cosmos. The number 23, the day of your birth on the Hebrew calendar, is a powerful number, and you may find Psalm 23 a source of rejuvination and connection to the divine along your journey. Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Ayala,
    I just read what you wrote for Debbi, and I guess it applies to me too since I was born on Adar beth but my day of birth is different, its yod beth (03/14/1976) what do you know about it ? what can you tell me?
    Thank you Ayala.

  3. Hi Oren, yes, you were born on the 12th of Adar Bet in the year 5736 (http://www.hebcal.com/)

    More on Levi / Second Adar here:


    Also on 12 adar – Adar 12 marks the dedication of Herod’s renovations on the second Holy Temple in Jerusalem in 11 BCE.

    I do full readings in return for a donation – although you will need to be patient, I am working on a lot right now – just email me if you are interested.

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