The Kabbalah of Shabbat

Sedona vortex

Shabbat is the period of time between sunset on Friday and nightfall on Saturday that repeats itself every week.

This is a portal to a dimension beyond time and space.

Jewish law has set down a system of behavioral regulations to prepare us to experience this state which is a delicate spiritual dimension which can be difficult to pick up on in physical form.

However as humanity evolves we become more and more attuned to spiritual states in a state of freedom rather than in a state of regulation.

We become empowered and inspired to look beyond the rules and access the real, experienced conditions that the rules were put in place for in the first place.

The entryway into this space is to create a space in which you feel like you are in a hotel room on vacation. All your food is prepared ahead of time. Everything has been purchased ahead of time. You have no need to plan because you are in a flow. No demands are being made on you. People may believe you are busy or somewhere else and you can focus on your connection to the divine. If you do have family responsibilities or you enjoy being with people then these are experienced in a deeper dimension at the level on which you, others and the Divine are already One. There is no separation.

Each soul has their own pathway into the Temple that is Shabbat. Taste the delicacies that are this palace in time.

Shabbat Shalom!



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