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Kabbalah and Twin Flames


Kabbalah and World Esoteric Wisdom


Past shows include:

Kabbalah, Reincarnation and the Soul (2/12/2012)

Ark of the Covenant, Exile and Redemption, and Kabbalistic Astrology (2/5/2012)

The Divine Feminine, the Mystical Significance of the 613 Commadments, and Alchemy (2/4/2012) I begin speaking 1 hour into the show


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Your Guardian Angel

According to Kabbalah Astrology, your guardian angel is determined by the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart, the energies of the lunar month in which you were born, and your position on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Want to know more about your own personal guardian angel? Post your birth date, time & place as a comment below (you can also message or e-mail me), and receive a vital introduction to the divine forces protecting and guiding you on your life path.

Due to the high volume of requests I am now giving Your Guardian Angel readings on a donation basis. Please contact me as described above or in the comments below, and after receiving your reading, you are invited to donate an amount equivalent to the gift you feel you have received.

Here is a beautiful song to listen to while receiving your angel guidance:

Lyrics [translation]:

On my right, Michael
On my left, Gavriel
In front of me, Uriel
Behind me, Refael,
Above my head, the Feminine Divine Presence