Your Guardian Angel

According to Kabbalah Astrology, your guardian angel is determined by the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart, the energies of the lunar month in which you were born, and your position on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Want to know more about your own personal guardian angel? Post your birth date, time & place as a comment below (you can also message or e-mail me), and receive a vital introduction to the divine forces protecting and guiding you on your life path.

Due to the high volume of requests I am now giving Your Guardian Angel readings on a donation basis. Please contact me as described above or in the comments below, and after receiving your reading, you are invited to donate an amount equivalent to the gift you feel you have received.

Here is a beautiful song to listen to while receiving your angel guidance:

Lyrics [translation]:

On my right, Michael
On my left, Gavriel
In front of me, Uriel
Behind me, Refael,
Above my head, the Feminine Divine Presence


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  1. Hello Ayala Chen, Thank you for your generous offer to cast my chart using the Kabbalah. I read Julie Demboski’s email letter and today she mentioned your offer and site. My birth information is May 27, 1947 Winnipeg, Manitoba 2:39 pm

    • Hi Wendy,

      You were born on a critical day in terms of numerology on the Jewish calendar, the 8th of Sivan. On the 6th of Sivan, the Jewish people received the Torah from Moses on Mount Sinai. In Kabbalah, this event marks the intermixing of the heavenly and earthly realms, and the possibility for Heaven on Earth. This is the deeper meaning behind the Zodiac sign of Gemini – the earth becomes Heaven’s “twin,” On the 7th of Sivan, Moses ascended the mountain for forty days to commune with God. This is the archetypal journey of the Ascended Master. During this period, the people found it necessary to rely on an intermediary in their journey to God. The downfall of this was in the miscalculation of Moses’ intended return and their turning to an inanimate intermediary in desparation. The day on which you were born marked the first day that the people found themselves without their leader. You may feel the need for such an Ascended Master to guide your path because of this archetypal experience etched in the human soul. However, as with any guide, it is important to remember that this Master lead you on the path to the true Master Within. This will be a balance; on the onehand, you may need a guide to transcend elements of the lower self such as doubt, conflicting desires, confusion and limitation. On the other hand, the membrane between your own higher self and your guide should be porous, and you should become comfortable with becoming a channel for this higher being and identifying parts of yourelf with them. This “twin” path between humility and surrender to the highest aspects of yourself is your destined path. I encourage you to connect with Masters who demonstrate for you the quality of humility which Moses embodied. you may also find the Half-Moon during the sun’s journey through Pisces next month to be a powerful day for you, as this is the day on the lunar calendar of Moses’ birth and passing.

      Endless love and light,


  2. Hello,
    Yes, following Julie Demboski’s letter. My birth info: 12:34 am, 22 Feb 1962, Pomona, CA.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      You have seven planets in the third house, giving you a highly active mind. You also have Neptune in the 12th house aspecting all of these, imparting you with rich intuitive insight as well. According to Kabbalah, the human being is a microcosm of God, and this is most evident in the human mind. As you very well know, however, the intellect can go two ways: it can be a petri dish of doubt, fear, obsession about the past and worry about the future; or it can be a still ocean for contemplation of infinite subjects, the peak of which offers a bridge into the Divine Mind itself, where we touch eternity. While some spiritual traditions present the mind as an obstacle, Kabbalistic teachings provide a unique appraoch to a person with highly developed intellectual capacities: the path of contemplation. In fact, for these people, occupying the mind with complex and compelling ideas may serve to still the waters of the mind and open them up to intuitive and divine insight more effectively than attempting to empty the mind. If you do feel a need to meditate, and if this approach appeals to you, begin to observe the activities in your life not when your mind is empty, but rather when your mind is fully engaged. When the mind is fully engaged in the matter being contemplated, the self effortlessly steps into the background, and not only are you brought closer to God; the engaged mind, at one with the subject of study, is the mind of God. Traditional practices for this include the study of mystical texts and contemplation of the divine name. Metatron is the angel tending to the garden of learning, and he can be your guide in this journey, although I suggest focusing on yourself and your own capacity for Unity consciousness, the place at which the Seeker and that which is being sought is One.

      Blessings on your journey 🙂


  3. Thank you very much. This is fascinating and I am now contemplating it. Perhaps this explains why traditional meditation–which I attempt to do–never seems to get any easier.
    In gratitude,

    • Hi Jennifer, I am thrilled that this speaks to you and your experience. I have a similar approach to spirituality myself, although with you it really popped out at me from your chart. If you want to try out a Kabbalistic text that is built on the principle of contemplation, i.e. engaging the mind with complex spiritual concepts, check out this text: It was written by Rabbi Judah Leib Ashlag, a 20th century Kabbalist. Don’t worry about understanding everything. Just practice letting these ideas flow like water over your thoughts and see if any of the concepts are especially intriguing to you. Enjoy, Ayala

      • Thank you very much for this. I’ve been a bit under the weather, but now that I’m starting to feel better, I’ll go investigate.

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Thank you so much for your generous donation! I really appreciate it, it helps validate my work and continue to do what I love, and share wisdom and healing with the world!

        Have a wonderful weekend, and all the best to you,


  4. Greetings! My gratitude for your generous offer to cast my chart using the Kabbalah. My birth information is 12:21 p.m. on 05/Aug/1973, Charleston, West Virginia. 🙂

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for writing. Your Jupiter is in the 4th house of Home, which is also related to the Mother and your origins in general. You may have a knack for hospitality, or you may experience great joy and expansion in your physical home or home life, or you may have had a very present mother figure or strongly feel the need for one. Whether or not you have connected to her already, the Divine Feminine is strongly available to this placement. She is the immanent presence of God within creation, within community, within interpersonal relationships, and in nature. She is highly approachable and welcomes all with non-judgment and love. She may fulfill for you the role of mother, sister, or even Beloved when you sense the need for this type of connection. Your Jupiter also has powerful aspects to Pluto in the 12th house of spiritual insight and fantasy and to Neptune, meaning that you could potentially connect with an array of guides through developing your innate sense of intuition. These may provide you with practical guidance in areas of finances and material resources in addition to spiritual guidance and instruction. Archangel Uriel is the angel who spans both of these dimensions, who is available for guidance that can lead to prophetic experience, as well as guidance in matters of beauty and harmony of our physical surroundings. It is my hope that these angelic powers uplift your physical surroundings and spiritual life such that you always feel truly at home. Blessings, Ayala

  5. I was born at 16:25 pm on 9th March 1976 in India, bangalore

  6. Hi, I need know who is my angel.

    I born in 04/06/1968


    • Hi Mafalda,
      You were born in Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew calendar, indicating a high potentiality for self-control, initiative and direction. On the day you were born a Kabbalistic sage gave the following directive: “From the evil tendencies one detects in his natural traits, a person can become wise and know how to handle the correction of these traits, and how to subordinate his powers, in the service of G-d.” You may have a unique prediliction for the ability of transmutation, the ability to channel base desires into the service of the divine. Rather than take a monistic path, explore the ideas and practices of non-dualism, and bring joy, celebration and balance into your spiritual practice. The Kabbalistic sefirah linked with this spiritual power is Tiferet, the virtue of beauty, balance and harmony. Tiferet is also connected with the Heart Chakra, and through this aspect of God you can learn to bring the power of the human being, who possesses both an animal and a divine soul, into full activation. Learn to balance the virtues of expansion and contraction by expressing love within boundaries, and by seeking proper vessels and measured expressions for your deepest desires. Blessings on your journey.

  7. Hi I was born jan 2 1982 @12:05 am in Johannesburg south Africa

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