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Kabbalistic Astrology Profile – Donation-based “Snapshot”

Would you like more insight into your life purpose and soul path in this current incarnation, based on the alignments of the planets as inscribed in ancient esoteric calendars? Leave a message below with your birth date (day/month/year), indicating if you were born BEFORE or AFTER sunset, and I will share what I see with you!

Please consider making a donation after your reading based on the help you feel you have received. I appreciate gratitude given in earnest!

**Note: if you are concerned for reasons of privacy, you may you use the following link and post in a message below the Hebrew date (day and month only) listed for your birthdate.**

If you would like a more extensive reading, please email me your full birth information and what you are willing to offer in payment or services at this time, through the contact section above.

Blessings! Love & Light!