Kabbalistic Astrology Profile – Donation-based “Snapshot”

Would you like more insight into your life purpose and soul path in this current incarnation, based on the alignments of the planets as inscribed in ancient esoteric calendars? Leave a message below with your birth date (day/month/year), indicating if you were born BEFORE or AFTER sunset, and I will share what I see with you!

Please consider making a donation after your reading based on the help you feel you have received. I appreciate gratitude given in earnest!

**Note: if you are concerned for reasons of privacy, you may you use the following link and post in a message below the Hebrew date (day and month only) listed for your birthdate.**

If you would like a more extensive reading, please email me your full birth information and what you are willing to offer in payment or services at this time, through the contact section above.

Blessings! Love & Light!



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  1. Love this! Have never encountered Kabbalistic Astrology and must admit, I’m quite curious. Birthdate: 12.9.71 BEFORE sunrise. Excited to read what you ‘see.’ ; ) xo

    • Hi Jackie,

      You were born in the time of year of “light out of darkness”. The light that follows darkness, or that actually emerges from the darkness itself, is of much greater intensity than the light of midday, and like the light of dawn, it has the power to illuminate the entire expanse of darkness, to provide deep insight and transformation. The light that comes from darkness is the wisdom hidden within the subconscious, in dreams, feelings, shadows and those who have been sidelined or repressed.

      The Hebrew month of Kislev, parallel to Sagittarius, is also related to dreams through the parts of the Bible which are read during this month of year. According to kabbalist Yitzchak Ginsburgh, Joseph provided a bridge between the subconscious and conscious, between the human and divine realms, a gift which provided crucial in preventing vast famine in ancient Egypt. The “darkness” characterizing this time of year is thus not only “blackness” but the suppression of our internal wisdom networks, which are innately attuned to listen for these subtle clues. You may have a gift for linking these realms and bridging between heart and mind, intuition and reason, collective unconscious and the unfolding of reality. During this time of the year, the challenge is to remember that concealment, obstacle and difficulty are not necessarily a barrier, but rather a challenge to be in a process of constant revalation.

      A teaching associated with your day of birth, 21 Kislev, concerns an esoteric teaching that identifies the coming of the Messianic era with the spiritual purification of air. By purifying the air around us we prepare physical reality to hold an elevated spiritual revelation. If we imagine reality as an onion whose layers conceal divine presence resting in the world, then we are reaching to unpeel these layers until all is left is a very thin translucent guaze, to see things as they are. Traditionally, purifying spiritual air was linked with the practice of reciting biblical, spiritual or mystical texts by heart throughout the day during one’s activities, much like a mantra. On a deeper level, the light within holy texts awakens the light within the phsyical world, reminding one’s conscoiusness and the living environment that this world is fit to be the vehicle for the most profound spiritual truths. Purified spiritual air is the enviornment within prophecy can take place, when the world whispers to the heart new secets that have never been heard before.

      With love and light,


    • Hey Travis,

      The 24th of Tishrei is the day of passing of the tzaddik R’ Yaa’kov Yosef of Polonnye, a disciple of the Ba’al Shem Tov. R’ Ya’akov Yosef was a very learned and respected individual in his community, who experienced the flame within the spiritual teachings of the Besht, and brought everything he was into following them. He once said, “I find it easier to say ten novel interpretations of Talmudic hairsplitting logic than to pray just one time!” Notwithstanding his immense knowledge of Talmud and the intellectual side of religion, he came to prayer earnest and humble, and grew to become a master. He explained his journey as follows: “Once a smith taught his young apprentice how to use the forge and the skills of working metal, however the young man was unable to begin since he forgot to teach him the basics and he lacked that one essential ingredient; he forgot to demonstrate to the apprentice how to light and kindle the fiery coals! Similarly in regards to serving Hashem, a prayer infused with fiery enthusiasm and life causes the inner fire to combust and burst intro flame.”

      The 24th of Tishrei is also the day after Simchat Torah, the final holiday of the month of Kislev. On the eve of Simchat Torah, the beginning of the 24th, we say the line “And Jacob went on his way,” indicating that the spiritual gifts gained during the avodah of Tishrei are then carried forth into the world thereafter. Sure, it may be ideal to spend the entire month, or the entire year, within the “safe” spiritual environment of the house of prayer or study, but the real challenge and real purpose of this month is what begins on this day, returning into the world and finding the sparks of holiness within it, no longer afraid that what we left behind is void of holiness. We crown Hashem as King, we are purified anew, we dwell in the Sukkah, we dance with the Torah, and then we enter the world empowered and fully knowing that the light extends there as well. The advantage of the first day of this journey, the 24th is that we come with an expanded consciousness into the world. This expanded consciousness can be maintained throughout the year through prayer and study, because each day we go through the entire year cycle in the same way.

      You may have amassed deep esoteric knowledge on your path, and all of this will become very useful in your journey in Judaism. You will reveal secrets never known before. Those who come with what they know and say this, and this, and this, I already know, risk being cut off from the new knowledge coming in to them. But those who come earnest and humble to what their soul sees as the ultimate will be given the gift of seeing the underpinnings of all they already know. The deepest secret of Judaism lies in the “day after” the holiday, also called Issru chag, a sort of liminal zone between holy and mundane. This realm can be lifted up by those who find the philosopher’s stone–the “essential ingredient”–bringing the fire of the human spirit into prayer and study in a way that brings a person’s entire being into divine service.

      Aleh v’hatzlech ~ go and prosper!


  2. hi i would love a Kabbalistic Astrology Reading from you i never had one done before. My Birthday is 3/16/1988 and i was born After the Sunraise. thank you many blessings

    • Hi Charrise,
      You were born in the Hebrew month of Adar, the month of joy. For your chart I will need a birth time to look into the planets more. If you wish to receive more info please email me your birth time and place. Blessings.

  3. I was born on the 21st of April, 1982 before sunset.I have always had an unusual realationship with energy, not sure if this helps.
    I thank you again for offering to help.
    kind regards Hayden

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