Grand Cardinal Cross & the Pyramid of Presence


If we can balance these four energies today, we will have great stores of energy at our fingertips:

1) Drive for self-actualization (Mars)
2) Emotional intensity and sensitivity (Moon)
3) Eagerness for challenge and adventure (Uranus)
4) Deep karmic impulse for rebirth & transformation (Pluto)

A grand cardinal cross is also an opportunity for a four-sided growth pyramid, granted we can climb the slopes and take the view from the top. By bringing awareness to these powerful energies as they play themselves out in thoughts and emotions, we can greet them with a curiosity that will let each contribute the impetus we need to make giant leaps in our psycho-spiritual growth. This process is led by our inner being, an island of stillness, the sweet spot at which we feel complete acceptance of all we are experiencing.

Hang in there, the ride is intense, but exactly what we need at this time, so trust and live deeply!

If you would like to know how the grand cardinal cross is affecting you at this time, please leave a message below or contact me for a donation-based reading. I will need your birth time, date and place.


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