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Blue Moon Special


Early Friday morning (7am PST) we will have our second full moon of August, a potent time for inner healing. The Pisces full moon will be conjunct Chiron and Neptune in their home signs, creating a reservoir of healing resources. If you have been growing in awareness of the places inside in need of divine healing, the resources to heal may very well manifest themselves through the nights and the days of this full moon. This is because the planets are working together in this limited frame of time to surface our wounds to heal and become fountains of wisdom and eternal life-force. Those attuned with the moon or with planets at 8 Pisces and points angular could experience deep emotional surges that serve to lift up these emotions to the planets in order to be healed. This is the secret of this transit: in order to release our Chiron wounds they need to surface, and the energy of the full moon with rising Scorpio at its fullest point will not hesitate to dig deep and reveal the roots and branches of our wounds, for the sole purpose of healing them once and for all by moonlight, because once our wounds are brought to light and lifted up to the infinite compassion of the universe, we are no longer helpless and stuck, but rather, our wounds become our power, and we learn the eternal lesson of Chiron, the wounded healer, and we become healed from the very sword that created the wound.

The way back to Eden is guarded by the revolving flaming swords, meant to keep back all but the most ardent of seekers. When one realizes however that the swords and our wounds are not from another source in the universe other than Love, and that by healing through them we alchemize the bitterness into our most personal tools of transformation and ascension, we have found the way back to Eden, where we are still delighting in the perfection of creation, as full moon gives way to the light of the seventh day.

If you would like some insight into how Friday’s moon may be expressed through your natal chart, I will be offering brief full moon transit interpretations on a donation basis all day today, and for at least part of next week as well, since this will be a watershed event in terms of healing for the rest of the year. During the transit, believe and know that you are in a global healing circle utilizing the energy of the moon for healing on all levels – individual, familial, communal, societal and global. Use this catalyst moment with your consciousness to discover its true power.

Be well!

~ Ayala