Blue Moon Special


Early Friday morning (7am PST) we will have our second full moon of August, a potent time for inner healing. The Pisces full moon will be conjunct Chiron and Neptune in their home signs, creating a reservoir of healing resources. If you have been growing in awareness of the places inside in need of divine healing, the resources to heal may very well manifest themselves through the nights and the days of this full moon. This is because the planets are working together in this limited frame of time to surface our wounds to heal and become fountains of wisdom and eternal life-force. Those attuned with the moon or with planets at 8 Pisces and points angular could experience deep emotional surges that serve to lift up these emotions to the planets in order to be healed. This is the secret of this transit: in order to release our Chiron wounds they need to surface, and the energy of the full moon with rising Scorpio at its fullest point will not hesitate to dig deep and reveal the roots and branches of our wounds, for the sole purpose of healing them once and for all by moonlight, because once our wounds are brought to light and lifted up to the infinite compassion of the universe, we are no longer helpless and stuck, but rather, our wounds become our power, and we learn the eternal lesson of Chiron, the wounded healer, and we become healed from the very sword that created the wound.

The way back to Eden is guarded by the revolving flaming swords, meant to keep back all but the most ardent of seekers. When one realizes however that the swords and our wounds are not from another source in the universe other than Love, and that by healing through them we alchemize the bitterness into our most personal tools of transformation and ascension, we have found the way back to Eden, where we are still delighting in the perfection of creation, as full moon gives way to the light of the seventh day.

If you would like some insight into how Friday’s moon may be expressed through your natal chart, I will be offering brief full moon transit interpretations on a donation basis all day today, and for at least part of next week as well, since this will be a watershed event in terms of healing for the rest of the year. During the transit, believe and know that you are in a global healing circle utilizing the energy of the moon for healing on all levels – individual, familial, communal, societal and global. Use this catalyst moment with your consciousness to discover its true power.

Be well!

~ Ayala


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  1. i was born on March 3 1967 around 10 am

    • Hi Vikki! I’ll need the city too..please post or email and we’re ready to go! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Vikki, Thanks for getting me all the info I need. This full moon will be awakening your forcefulness, determination and persistence, your ability to set patterns into place in the areas of health, lifestyle, spirituality, wholeness and repair. You may discover new ideas during this time and your creativity could undergo a rebirth led by your individualistic streak. You may have past-life or childhood wounds in the area of community and your social circle and these are going to be significantly cleansed and brought to the forefront during this time. The type of healing that is arriving for you is one that requires your own awareness and participation. This is a time for a new pattern to be set in the area of your bonds with others, and once you establish these, this is the new tape that will be running from now until the next stage of ascension. The healing energy and synchronicity of this new moon is a wonderful opportunity to harness powerful cosmic energies to set new patterns in which you will be planted in a supportive community and circle of equals and in which you in time could become a guide. Many full moon blessings to you!!

  2. janet youngdale

    Hi Kabalista , I was born Aug 22, 1956 at 522 pm in honolulu, hI
    thank you so much for any info

  3. Hi Janet,

    The full moon will be transiting through your 1st house, which represents your sense of self, and therefore healing in the context of your own process of self-discovery is potent in this time. You have Chrion in the first house of your natal chart and thus this is exactly where you need the healing energy! Your Chiron is also in Aquarius and thus you may have identified with the collective to such a degree that your own individuality has been sacrificed. Spiritual wisdom (Neptune trine Neptune) can be incredibly valuable to this process, because you are not looking for your ego in the Freudian sense but rather the root of your own being which is ultimately rooted in God. This is where your identification with the collective can be rectified, where you will realize that nothing is in vain and that your intimate knowledge of the collective will lead you to guide others to find their core as well. It is very important in this time to remain open and receptive to intuitive, feminine and fluid patterns of thought, and to look out for authority figures and either/or systems that may hold you back. There may be a change of faith involved and you may want to explore the women saints of your religious tradition in order to deeply understand that you are connected to the past even in your rebirth.Β Many moon blessings to you! Love, Ayala πŸ™‚

  4. janet youngdale

    Thank you so much! I am going through a process of self discovery and just yesterday uncovered something in my past that, releasing, is allowing me to heal. I am finding God in this process and hope to be stong enough to help others. I love the feminine, and am…kinda fed up w/ masculine authority. I have been changing my faith/belief system and am starting to explore theattributes of different godesses. RIGHT ON!

    • Wow that’s awesome! You are surrounded by love, guidance and angels at every step! Please stay in touch and I’d love to do a fusion reading for you sometime too.

  5. Shelly-Anne Bauer

    Hi Vicki.
    I was born on January 16 1975, in Kitchener Ontario Canada.
    Thank you in advance..

    • Hi Shelly! Thank you for posting. Do you have a birth time available, because with moon transits the time of birth is very helpful! Feel free to e-mail it to me or post it here. Thanks! ~Ayala

      • Shelly-Anne Bauer

        Hi there.
        Sorry I forgot to leave my birth time. It was at 9:15 am. January 16 1975 in Kitchener Ontario Canada.
        Thank you again.

    • Hi Shelly, Thank you for the info. The moon will be in the same place in Pisces as it was when you were born, now accompanied by Chiron and Neptune, the healing duo, and then conjunct with Jupiter, the overseeing guardian angel. All of this is now happening in your 1st house of self, and all in the sign of Pisces! In other words, there could be a lot of change and inner processing and healing going on of which you are not even aware because you may tend to identify with the whole, with greater societal patterns and processes (Aquarius), while under your nose there is a wealth of watery blessings and wholeness forming inside of your own soul. Under the light of the full moon I encourage you to tap these inner wells and awaken to the beauty and innocence of your own soul. You may have powerful dreams and messages throughout the next several months, and your guides may be trying to appear to you, so you may find guided imagery and visual meditations helpful in finding them. This is a playful process and in general a time of new doors opening and your life purpose coming into focus. What you do in the world will be original and unique, and spirituality may very well become a part of it, with Neptune conjunct your midheaven. Whatever you do, appreciating the wealth of your own being is an important step to making a mark, and it is what the collective wants too! Uniqueness is calling you all over your chart, and some may be left behind, only to find you again as you truly are. Many moon blessings to you!

  6. Hi!
    I was born 7/27/1965 at 11:58AM in
    Vienna, Austria
    Thank you

    • Dear Alice,
      You may have some powerful communicative abilities and clarity of mind in terms of understanding a transformation that is present for you at this time. There is an influx of spiritual wisdom to your mental faculties and you may be reaching out to others in this regard as well. There is a forcefulness, perhaps a healthy restlessness about this time and this is accelerating you to your life purpose which is being very closely guided by your guardian angel this year especially. You must keep in mind however that persistence, patience and hard work are the only way you will get there and even though you have some supernatural help there is no way out of getting there yourself. Whatever you do it will be original, brilliant, transformative and creative. There may be an authority figure that is not working for you at this time and in order to heal and absorb the blessings of the moon it is okay for you to find some distance and tune into your own voice. There is much wisdom available to you at this time and if you believe in yourself and in your divine guidance and don’t cut corners you will be well on your way to new horizons and openings. Many moon blessings to you! ~Ayala

  7. HI – I have this feeling that this is the time, life beTruly transform….??? I was born August 4, 1957, Houston Texas, 9:36 AM. Thank you for any information you may have.

    • Hi Stephanie, This year as a whole has been transformative for you as Uranus in Aries is sending blessings to your social world and to your mental and intuitive faculties and opening up some ancient sealed rooms inside of yourself with some new insights and perspectives. Your dream life may be very active throughout your whole life and you may have vivid dreams and may be clairvoyant or clairaudient. This full moon however could pose some challenges to some changes taking place in your life and to authority figures that have traditionally held you back. It is important that you stay close to the guidance you are receiving inside of yourself to understand the changes that are taking place, because there is much guidance being provided on many levels. Your dreams and meditation practice can help you navigate the transition but only if you trust your own wisdom and let the moon release some bonds to authority and dogma that may be holding you back. You will find that your own individuality may lead you to a new appreciation for authority but it will be one of your own choosing. Your guardian angel is close by and will not let this opportunity be missed, it is your belated birthday gift. Seize the moment! ~Ayala

      • Thank you. Been thinking about this as at first glance it didn’t really resonate. I guess because I have had so little external demonstration of anything, it’s a confirmation of what has been going on internally. I will send you a little something in the next week, when I am expecting to receive some money. Again thank you, will be with your insight and will seize the moment! PS I hope this release allows life to be my
        resurrected and wonderful abundant life is the result πŸ™‚

      • Yes this shift is all about affirming in and believing in what is going on internally because we are preceding the change that will happen in the world. Flow with the moon and let it surprise you, what is important is the message that resonates with you! Blessings ~Ayala

  8. Hello,
    I was born on April 28, 1954 in Moline Illinois at 12:13am. Blessings, and many thanks.

    • Hi Linda, the full moon will be conjunct your natal moon in the house of relationships and in the sign of Pisces, so this could be an incredibly rich time of connecting through the dissolution of ego boundaries and the discovery of the universal soul through a partner and through another person. You will go through a transformation of identity at some point if it has not happened yet in your life and you may need new grounding for your identity as an earth sign. There is a grand trine uniquely available to you at this time between the sun in Taurus, Mars in Capricorn and the transiting Sun in Virgo. This even becomes a diamond-shape along with your natal Saturn in Scorpio. What this means is that you have a lot of forcefulness and stamina available to you at this time to create a firm sense of self guided by deep ancestral wisdom and informing your life purpose. Try not to rely too much on β€œwatery” info now such as dreams and intuitions because you are receiving some very clear day-to-day-type messages that will appear and be applicable in real life. Check back for the new moon and future moons when dreams and intuitions will be more grounded. For now this is aprimemoment to build a solid structure so delicate and efficient that deep maturity and responsibility will hurdle you toward some dry important work in the world. You have my blessings! xx ~Ayala

  9. Is it too late for me to play? I was born 6/12/61, 10:08 p.m., Charlotte, NC 28204. Thank you so much.

    • It just occurred to me that I should have written that out because it can be read 2 different ways as is. Correct date June 12, 1961, 10:08 p.m. EDT, Charlotte, NC 28204, USA.

    • Hi Angela, I’m glad you wrote; there is something magical about the synastry between your chart and the full moon chart. You have a nearly complete 6-pointed star formed between magical triangles of your planets and currently transiting planets. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is creating the dynamism in your chart so and so a period of profound spiritual growth has been around and will be around for a while, and the new moon is going to catalyze it even more. There is somewhat of a transformation going on in your subconscious that is manifesting in or being fed by your closest relationships and you are doing an amazing job of grounding these changes and staying connected to the earth. You are drawing things down from the highest realms and planting them, and if you are not then you certainly should be as you have an amazing chart to connect very heavenly energies with the material realm. You can bring disparate energies together and you may want to explore philosophies such as nondualism, alchemy, Kabbalah, and deep oneness at this time! Also you have some old wounds being activated in some sensitive places and the moon and its helpers are there to give you the strength you need to transform all the caverns into vessels for light and awareness. You may want to try speaking about this healing journey, or drawing on spiritual guidance about the dark night of the soul to connect your journey to the journey of the ascended masters through difficulty to new levels of being. I also encourage you to take a look at the geometry of your chart and learn more, and if I have more time I will take another look because it is truly striking! Much love, Ayala πŸ™‚

      • Thank you Ayala.. Interesting information — very interesting. I’ve been feeling that I’m being called for … something … but just haven’t been able to figure it out.

      • You may want to a) let that question sit for now; b) write about it; or c) trust that the transformation is in progress and that the answer will appear on its own when you let go. It may have something to do with performing, or creating. Hope that helps! xoxo

      • Thank you Ayala. Yes, if you have a moment, I’d like to know more. Not a problem if you don’t, because I can tell you’re busy.

      • You can ignore my last reply, It didn’t look like my first reply was posted so i posted again. Sprry, and thank you for the additional advice. Maybe we need to talk about setting up a full chart reading. it may be beneficial.

      • I would love that! The full moon is a potent time, but the transit creating this formation in your chart will be around for a while and could be worth unpacking a bit more. It would be nice to hear from you too how it speaks to you, so perhaps we can arrange a Skype session sometime in the coming weeks. I haven’t done many of those yet so we can play it by ear depending on what you’re looking for and what further info I can provide. Feel free to be in touch by email as well, . Blessings!

  10. D'Shawn Russell

    Hello, Just saw that Paige F. Just posted on her page. My Name is Shawn, November 28th, 1970 in Dothan, Alabama. I dont know what time I was born.

    • Hi Shawn,
      This full moon will be renewing the question of your life purpose as it relates to awakening collective consciousness and growing from the particularistic egoic mindset to identifying not only with our higher self but with the consciousness of a community and of the planet. This is a journey for you and is never done but it has just been brought to the forefront again. You may have authority figures inside yourself or outside who have held you back from fully expressing the different parts of you. This full moon will not so much cancel them out as it will open up new channels of guidance, assurance and encouragement to help you recover and express these somewhat suppressed aspects of yourself. You have a natural faith within the depth of your own soul that you will be asked to draw on even as you cast out old structures. There is also a flow of feminine energy, mystique and insight between the moon and Neptune in Pisces and your very own Venus in Scorpio, and you may feel a certain magnetism around you this weekend as you let this feminine energy guide you, follow the synchronicities, and believe in the mystery. Let me know if you do find your birth time, and in the meanwhile, enjoy the moonlight! xx Ayala

  11. HI! I’m Ashley Milner. I was born on December 19, 1982 in Lagrange, GA at 7:45 a.m. I was curious if you could tell anything about relationships, too. If so, my partner’s name is matthew Doyle, born on August 1, 1986 around 6 a.m. Thanks so much for what you do!

    • matthew was born in orlando, florida. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ashley! Let me see what I have time for, and I will at least have the reading for you ready by the time of the transit. Be back soon!

    • Ashley, You are a beautiful, charming, intelligent woman. You may have been experiencing a transformation of sorts in th last two years. You will soon be undergoing your Saturn return as well and many things may shift around as Saturn enetrs Scorpio. This moon may give you a taste of these changes! You have been undergoing some internal shifts but now the shifts may play outwards as well especially in terms of what you do, or you may become involved with deep and transformative matters in your work. Your life purpose as it plays out in relationships is coming to the forefront as well although you may have better clarity after the full moon when the emotions calm. You have an angel or guide that wants to help with these questions and you may want to ask for help from the higher realms! I would be happy to take a look at your partner’s chart and your synastry some time next week. Best, Ayala πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley, If you are still interested I can take a look at current transits on your partner’s chart for $10 or do a synastry reading for you two for $30. Let me know if you’re interested! Best, Ayala

  13. I was born at 7:39pm in Hutchinson Kansas on October 12, 1953. Thankyou!

  14. Has anybody found transits to the East Point/West Point axis to be significant?

    The Blue Moon conjunct my West Point in 8’01 Pisces in 7th house (whole sign house system).

    Zipporah Dobyns was a regular user of the East Point/West Point axis. Her daughter, Maritha Pottenger is also a regular user of the East Point/West Point axis, and she wrote a book , East Point and Antivertex.

    both the East Point/West Point and Antivertex/Vertex axises are auxilliary Ascendant/Descendant axises

    October 29, 1971
    San Francisco,California
    3:20 AM

    • Hi Raymond! Sorry but I am no longer giving full moon readings. Please stay tuned for future specials and let me know if you would like a current transit snapshot ($10) or a full reading ($30) at any time.

  15. If you are still doing readings? I was born at 7:39PM on October 12, 1953 in Hutchinson, Kansas. Thankyou in advance. If your done w/readings thankyou also, lol

    • Hi Jim,
      The full moon special has ended, but I can do a similar current transits snapshot reading for a $10 donation or a full reading for $30. Please be in touch by email if you are interested,

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