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What’s the sum of four t-squares? In this case, a grand air trine…


Wow! Are you feeling it? We have FOUR T-Squares in the sky right now between powerful planets!! The rules are just not working…unless you are the one making them. It may be wise to speak your needs briefly & skidaddle! Some are not ready for the innocence of new wisdom emerging from UNexpected places. There is a great synthesis occurring in the global mind and much insight is flowing to individual consciousness to facilitate liberation from what has bound us. TRUST is the name of the game, and the rewards are grand!

T-Square #1: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Sun in Libra
#2: Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#3: Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#4: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Libra
Grand Air Trine: Moon in Aquarius conjunct MC on the West Coast chart, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Libra


Yom Kippur practices for all

On Yom Kippur it is customary to fast from sunset on the 25th through nightfall on the 26th. Unlike other fasts, on Yom Kippur we fast because we are like the angels.

I would also recommend reading the ten psalms:

10 Psalms recited every day which assures that one’s soul will find one’s true destined pathway without being interfered with or side-tracked by other people, the negative influences of klipot.

The essence of Tikkun Klali is that one is looking for one’s true destined pathway, asking for guidance to be in the right place with the right destined soul mate, livelihood and true purpose in life.

Of course what matters is what’s on the inside but these practices help open up the gateway available on this day insofar as we are enmeshed in physicality and distracted.

Astrologically the 26th this year is a powerful chart, there’s a grand air trine between Mercury, Jupiter and the moon, which could facilitate prophecy, messages from guides, and intuitiveness as well as mental powers. In terms of current events there is also a Pluto in Cap – Sun in Libra – Uranus in Aries t-square which feels explosive and unstable to me. Secretive power plays, pretensions of justice, and hasty action for a brief window on this day…

To all fasting have an easy fast and may you all be inscribed in the book of life!

On this day we are cleansed of all iniquity and at the exit of the holiday we begin again pure.


What role did the feminine have in the life and teachings of Jesus? Prepare for more and more secrets to be revealed!

CNN Belief Blog

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) — A newly revealed, centuries-old papyrus fragment suggests that some early Christians might have believed Jesus was married. The fragment, written in Coptic, a language used by Egyptian Christians, says in part, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …”

Harvard Divinity School Professor Karen King announced the findings of the 1 1/2- by 3-inch honey-colored fragment on Tuesday in Rome at the International Association for Coptic Studies.

King has been quick to add this discovered text “does not, however, provide evidence that the historical Jesus was married,” she wrote in a draft of her analysis of the fragment set to appear in the January edition of Harvard Theological Review. The divinity school has posted a draft of King’s article to which AnneMarie Luijendijk, an associate professor of religion at Princeton University, contributed.

“This fragment, this new piece of papyrus evidence, does…

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New crescent moon sighting in Jerusalem


The new crescent moon as seen from Jerusalem on Monday evening heralds the onset of the new Kabbalistic Year 5773, the Year of Great Delight (ע״ג) and a re-entrance to the Garden of Eden (ג״ע).

The new moon chart for Monday night is actually much friendlier than the one for Sunday night. While Sunday night was the astrological dark moon, when no moon is apparent in the night sky, Monday night is the first crescent moon and is the astrological marker for the new month and new year in the Kabbalistic calendar.

The new moon is now in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini, fostering more channels between mind and heart and a certain comfort in living from the heart and letting the heart lead the mind rather than stand at odds with it. The moon is also in harmony with Chiron and deep healing is taking place in those area where we may feel we had no strength or creativity of our own to heal, we are simply being served opportunities and scenarios by the universe that do much of the healing for us. All we need to do is hold on and trust that the divine is right by our side, that we are never alone, and moreover, that we are the ones were been waiting for, that the real site of certainty, wholeness, health and connection is lying patiently within for us to gently turn to and get to know.

The moon is paying a visit to Saturn in Libra before Saturn continues on to Scorpio on October 6th. This will be a shift for many, especially those experiencing their first or second Saturn returns or with planets or rising signs in Scorpio. On a societal level, Saturn in Scorpio will begin to download ancient secrets in an esteemed and respectable manner and the world will begin to turn an ear to that which has been dismissible. It is for this reason that the moon is stopping by and delivering some intuitive magic to the authority of secrets so that the transmission be authentic and honorable at the same time. We truly live in historic times and the stars are conspiring to awaken us on an individual and collective level. Those who identify as lightbearers need only keep in mind that they are never truly alone, and the more obstacles they encounter on their invaluable path, the more stores of light open up in their internal switchboard and the more the sense of wonder will be in days to come.

May all have a sweet new year, and may you witness the glorious light within you!



New moon Virgo and Rosh Hashanah


The new moon in Virgo on Saturday night bathes us in the light of the unblemished divinity within us once more before we enter the chamber of Libra. We are given the gift of understanding that everything emanates from the point of singularity, and then we are asked to create a more perfect world beginning with ourselves.

The new moon will be squaring Jupiter in Gemini and the mind may have to surrender again to the mesmerizing wisdom of the heart. Ultimately the heart will lead the brave journey of constructing the bridge to connect the rational and supra-rational realms, a grand project taking place within us to heal the millennia-old tear between the parts of the divine mind that lie in exile. The chaos we may sense within and outside are ultimately part of the process of reconnecting parts of ourselves and of God that were sawed apart when we were banished from Eden. The reality we feel when we encounter puzzle pieces that do not fit together both in ourselves and in the world is a result of the fact that we are still becoming acquainted with the glue that can mend the pieces together. This magical mechanism that binds together that which seems to our senses as disparate will reveal itself when we come to a situation is a position of humility, the essence of prayer. Nothing in us need be subdued when we stand before God, we must take in only the vastness of that which we are standing before and truly give that which we stand before the benefit of no limits, the benefit of the unknown, of surprise, of complete upheaval for the sake of complete resolution, of complete trust, only because we are turning to the Creator of trust. There are basic truths we can cultivate throughout the process to guide us even when the thread guiding us disappears momentarily:

We are loved
We are being guided
We are sought out by the greatest force in the universe
We are part of something as we are
We are at our essence God
God desires our innermost essence incessantly and desperately
New levels of love is the glue between that which appears disparate

When we believe in the beauty of this universe and all it has yet to reveal us, we stand in awe and thereby create the grid for all there is to be shown. As it says in the Talmud: “If only…a person could pray all day long.” When our basic orientation towards life is one of prayer, of total openness to the miraculous, of humble stepping into the moment and all that it may become, when we find the seat of our soul that knows the wondrous Father and Mother with us in every moment and seeks to build our lives with them, with both love of their deep intimacy with us and awe of how they lie beyond our grasp, if only to allow even more of their gifts to pour down, we step into the new age in which we are co-creators, not from our own egos but from our innate membership to the Creative Force, where our identities aren’t lost but found in the original, unitary and endlessly multifaceted and intricate and Whole being of which we are all part.

The new Kabbalistic year of 5773 begins on Sunday night. The numerology of the year teaches:

תהא שנת גן עדן

May this be a Year when we re-enter the Garden of Eden.

With all the changes occurring in the world, we are deeply in need of a path that can lift us up individually and collectively to a state above the good and evil that pervades. This is the path of the true mystic, of she who sees the true source and spark of divinity in everything, through the divine Mother that speaks within. Once we redeem the non-otherness of that which we witness, all that has become convoluted through our perception and the refracted light of this realm realigns, because the deepest desire of all that has been set in motion is to find its place in the whole through the aid of the conscious shamanic observer who carries the stamp of the divine in her every glance, inclination, utterance and step. The sanctuary of the holy city will be constructed from many such yearlings to rectify and step into the new age in unison in a grand spiral circle dance, each doing their part and coordinated from above.

May it be a year of Great Delight,
תהא שנת עונג גדול

~ Ayala


Nine Nine and Quarter Moon Gemini


As we near the winter solstice, we are discovering how numerology, sacred geometry and astrology are powerful tools for raising our consciousness about the shifts occurring in our inner and outer worlds.

The 9/9 September gateway has a potential to carry us to the crescendo of various explorations we have undergone in the psychic and physical realms since the new year. As with all sagas, the crescendo is likely to be high-pitched and intense as the ending often has a way of carrying the beginning and the process as a whole in its intensity and scope.

The Gemini quarter moon will be trining Saturn and bringing the ageless wisdom of Saturn in Libra into the mix as well. When Saturn trines any planet and especially the moon we get to discover the positive side of Saturn’s maturity, wisdom and detachment. Because the moon is a receptacle for Saturn’s wisdom and much more approachable, this configuration enables the silent elder to channel wisdom to us through our own intuitions and dreams.

The quarter moon in Gemini will also bring to a head a dialectical struggle between the deep-seated subconscious and ageless intuitive wisdom awakening within us and those traditions and ways of operating which have been passed down through home and family in the generational-educational continuum, rather than that which has been received and passed down through the soul. Venus in Leo the Goddess knows that there are really not two dichotomous realms of earth and soul, but the square is insisting on this opposition in order to build up to a more robust resolution of these modes of being. The harmony within will be aided greatly by an uncovering of wounds that hide ourselves from ourselves, and everything about this transit is supporting the exuberant splash of our deepest self into the pool of life, very soon, a natural process that begins every year anew when the Sun enters Virgo and begins to really take off when the sun enters Scorpio. When we deeply attune ourselves to the rule of divine timing, we live fully in the present; we plant rather than push, knowing that the ability to push itself comes from above, and this will largely be the gift of Sun in Libra, after we have put in the Virgo effort, we will receive much help (stay tuned).

Venus in Leo means Goddess energy is oozing and energized by Uranian Aries, and she must follow her own guidance lest she be assuaged by interests not of her own, even if she finds herself pitted against some all too familiar foes. She need not worry though as it is all part of her growth of standing on her own. She may want to chuckle at the way in which ego harms the best of us, including herself! 😉

If you would like to know how the 9/9 gateway affects your chart, you may contact me before 9/9 for a short forecast reading. Enjoy the gateway and the journey!

Namaste, Ayala