Nine Nine and Quarter Moon Gemini


As we near the winter solstice, we are discovering how numerology, sacred geometry and astrology are powerful tools for raising our consciousness about the shifts occurring in our inner and outer worlds.

The 9/9 September gateway has a potential to carry us to the crescendo of various explorations we have undergone in the psychic and physical realms since the new year. As with all sagas, the crescendo is likely to be high-pitched and intense as the ending often has a way of carrying the beginning and the process as a whole in its intensity and scope.

The Gemini quarter moon will be trining Saturn and bringing the ageless wisdom of Saturn in Libra into the mix as well. When Saturn trines any planet and especially the moon we get to discover the positive side of Saturn’s maturity, wisdom and detachment. Because the moon is a receptacle for Saturn’s wisdom and much more approachable, this configuration enables the silent elder to channel wisdom to us through our own intuitions and dreams.

The quarter moon in Gemini will also bring to a head a dialectical struggle between the deep-seated subconscious and ageless intuitive wisdom awakening within us and those traditions and ways of operating which have been passed down through home and family in the generational-educational continuum, rather than that which has been received and passed down through the soul. Venus in Leo the Goddess knows that there are really not two dichotomous realms of earth and soul, but the square is insisting on this opposition in order to build up to a more robust resolution of these modes of being. The harmony within will be aided greatly by an uncovering of wounds that hide ourselves from ourselves, and everything about this transit is supporting the exuberant splash of our deepest self into the pool of life, very soon, a natural process that begins every year anew when the Sun enters Virgo and begins to really take off when the sun enters Scorpio. When we deeply attune ourselves to the rule of divine timing, we live fully in the present; we plant rather than push, knowing that the ability to push itself comes from above, and this will largely be the gift of Sun in Libra, after we have put in the Virgo effort, we will receive much help (stay tuned).

Venus in Leo means Goddess energy is oozing and energized by Uranian Aries, and she must follow her own guidance lest she be assuaged by interests not of her own, even if she finds herself pitted against some all too familiar foes. She need not worry though as it is all part of her growth of standing on her own. She may want to chuckle at the way in which ego harms the best of us, including herself! 😉

If you would like to know how the 9/9 gateway affects your chart, you may contact me before 9/9 for a short forecast reading. Enjoy the gateway and the journey!

Namaste, Ayala


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