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June 25-July 16: Between the Straits, the Alphabet & the Purpose of the World


“Between the straits” בין המצרים is the 3-week period that began last Tuesday, between the 17th of Tammuz, when the walls of Jerusalem were breached, and the 9th of Av, when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.

It is written that in the time to come, the entire T’kufat Bein Hameitzarim (TBH) – תקופת בין המצרים – (“the period between the straits”) will turn into one great long 3-week celebration –

through the secret of entering Noah’s Ark – Teivat Noach – תבת נח – the word Tevah תבה, also from the letters TBH, means both ‘Ark’ and ‘Letter’ in Hebrew –

stepping into the Tachlit Beriyat Ha’Olam (TBH)- תכלית בריאת העולם – the Purpose of the Creation of the World, rooted in the mystery of the letters of the alphabet

The content of this future 3-week celebration of 22 days will be connected to the “It-hapcha”, אתהפכא – the turning around or Sweetening of the traditional Yom Kippur Confession וידוי, which is an acrostic based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Ashamnu, Bagadnu, Gazalnu…. (We have inccurred guilt, we have betrayed, we have stolen…) אשמנו, בגדנו, גזלנו…

The first day of this period will become the day of the “Shattering of the Walls” שבירת החומות (shevirat ha’chomot)- the shattering of preconceptions -שבירת המוסכמות (shevirat ha’muskamot). The eleventh day, the 27th of Tammuzכ”ז – ז”ך תמוז (Kaz or Zach Tamuz), corresponding to “we have deceived” (kazavnu, כזנבנו) will turn into a day of trickery, like April Fool’s, or Purim. 27 Tammuz is traditionally the birthday of Joseph.

The 12th day of the holiday, the 28th of Tammuz כ”ח תמוז will correspond to “we have made mockery of” (לצנו, latznu) – a grand day of mockery and fun (ליצנות – leitzanut)! In Gematria, “Latz” לץ – to make fun – equals 120 which is the numerical value of “Elijah the Prophet” אליהו הנביא.

On the eve of the 9th of Av, it is traditional to eat a meal of lentils עדשים (adashim), in memory of the meal Jacob fed his twin brother, Esau, to strengthen his spirit before acquiring from him the first-born status.

On the day of the “destruction” (chorban חורבן) one eats carob (charuvin חרובין), which signifies abundant grace (ribui chen ריבוי חן).

These last two days correspond to the letters Shin ש and Taf ת, which, when spelled out, equal “the Coming of the Messiah”‘ and “Completion”.

Adapted from the Hebrew text by Ariel Cohen Alloro. For full discussion see original

For more of Ariel Cohen Alloro’s work, see Facing Each Other: Making Peace between Judaism and Christianity


June 25: Energy update: The Seventeenth of Tammuz


The full moon is behind us, and has left the door ajar somewhere in our charts. The yearly transit of the sun through the ecliptic of the constellations (from earth’s point of view) has many potential starting points. The astrological starting point is 0 Aries, where the Spring Equinox occurred during the age of Aries. This is also the biblical new year, and the point at which nature is reborn. Complementary to the cyclical natural cycle is a linear trajectory that takes our world through the precession of the equinoxes through the different ages of history into the mind of G-d. The origin of this trajectory is creation and its pinnacle is the messianic era. Each year there is a messianic cycle which parallels the natural cycle and brings in new energy to the world and into consciousness in preparation for the messianic era. This cycle begins tonight, on the seventeenth of Tammuz. Traditionally this is the day of conception of King David’s grandfather through the union of the twin flames, Ruth and Boaz. In order to keep this union secret from the external forces, this day evolved in Jewish history as a day on which the destruction of Jerusalem commenced, so that no one would look here for the initiation of redemption and thus be able to stop it. As we approach the messianic era and age of Aquarius, this day is in process of transformation from a day of mourning to a day of celebration.

June 19-23: Jupiter/Sun alignment, Summer Solstice, June Supermoon: A 2013 Watershed Moment


Earlier today we experienced a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter across from the galactic center. On Thursday night the sun enters Cancer, marking the solstice and the longest day and proximity to the Sun. On Sunday, we will have a supermoon in Capricorn.

The alignment, solstice and full moon are shaping up to be a watershed moment for what has been building since the winter solstice and what remains to be brought to light.

To learn how the alignments affect your personal soul trajectory, find where the degrees 28 Gemini and 3 Capricorn appear in your own chart, or ask me for a reading or to get you started.

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The Cosmic Clock – Part 2: The Eclipse Sequence of 2014-2015


Crop circle in Modena, Italy from June 9, 2013

The reason we are looking ahead to 2014, when there is plenty to look at in 2013, is that the alignments of 2013 are also a buildup to the drama that is playing out in the sky in the next two-year period. In fact, some would say that the years 1990-2013 are a buildup to the alignments of 2014 and 2015.

The year 5774 is a leap year in the Jewish calendar, meaning that it has an entire extra month added between Pisces and Aries in order to synchronize the solar and lunar cycles. It is also a complete year as the months Saggitarius and Scorpio (Kislev and Cheshvan) have 30 days, bringing the total number of days in the year to 385, the fullest year possible. While the number of days of every Jewish calender year varies, the total number of days every 19 years is equal, and moreover, the total number of days in 19 lunar years equals the total number of days in 19 solar years, aligning the calendar with both the equinoxes and the new moons. (See here for a further introduction to the Hebrew calendar.)

The following is from the website “Remove The Veil“: “Seven consecutive blood red moons (Lunar Eclipses) have occurred on Passover and Tabernacles in 2 consecutive years the last 2000 years, the 8th will occur in 2014-2015.” In other words, seven times in last 2000 years, there have been four consecutive lunar eclipses precisely on the dates of the full moons of Passover and Sukkot in a two-year period.

“The first 4 times occurred in 162-163 AD; 795-796 AD; 842-843 AD, 860-851 AD. The 5th time occurred following the 1492 Alhambra Decree [expulsion of the “Cryptos” and “Marranos” from Spain]…

“The 6th time this happened was after the 1948 Declaration of Israel’s Independence…

“The 7th time this happened was after the 1967 ‘6-Day War’ in 1968-1969 AD…

“The 8th time 4 consecutive “Blood Red Moons” will occur on Passover and Tabernacles will be 2014-2015 AD. In addition, 2 Solar Eclipses will occur on 1 Nisan “God’s New Year” 2015 and 1 Tishrei “Rosh Hashanah” aka “Feast of Trumpets”, the Rabbinical “Head of the Year” in 2015.”

To summarize, the eclipse sequence over the course of the festivals of 2014-2015 looks like this:

Passover 2014 (5774): Lunar eclipse

Tabernacles 2014 (5775): Lunar eclipse

1st of Nissan 2015 (5775): Solar eclipse

Passover 2015 (5775): Lunar eclipse

Rosh Hashana 2015 (5776): Solar Eclipse

Sukkot 2015 (5776): Lunar Eclipse

Rosh Hashana 5775 also marks 12:36 on the cosmic clock, the significance of which is explained here. 5775 is a year of revelation of some sort. It features three eclipses aligned with three major turning points in the year: Sukkot in the fall on the full moon of the solar Libra transit, the 1st of Nissan, which is parallel to 1 Aries, and Passover, the full moon of the solar Aries transit.

Furthermore, the Star of David on July 29th 2013 is the last of a series of 13 Star of David formations in the Heavens, leading the way to the four six sacred eclipses of 2014-2015.

Further analysis to follow.

For Part I see here

Are we getting closer?

Are we getting closer?

The Cosmic Clock – Part 1


In the biblical schema of time, the six days of creation correspond to the six millennia of human history, beginning with the creation of Adam in year 0.

Each millennium corresponds to one of the archetypal creation days, beginning at sunset (as evening preceded morning in the creation story), moving through midnight, to dawn at the midpoint of the millenium, through noon, and again sunset, heralding the birth of the next day.

The sixth millennium began in the year 1240 of the common era. The year 1590 was midnight; the year 1740, dawn; and the recent year of 1990, noon on the sixth day.

The seventh day or seventh millennium signifies the Sabbath day or messianic era, the return of the Golden Age as prophesized by many cultures.

In the Jewish tradition, the Sabbath is the purpose of the entire week, and preparations begin as early as Wednesday, with some traditions directing followers to think and plan for the Sabbath as early as Sunday! (For example, to set up plans with friends or family for the Sabbath meal so as to honor the Sabbath day early in and throughout the week). Already on Thursday in many Jewish urban centers throughout history and to this day, the marketplace is full of people shopping for the Sabbath, as much of the cooking for the twenty-four-hour weekly holiday occurs on Thursday night. In this way each week is a microcosm for the cosmic story which we are playing out – six thousand years of work and preparation, for the seventh year of rest and purpose in which the world is reunited with its source and in which creation is complete. Each week thus served a dual purpose until the messianic era: it was both a microcosm of the cosmic story, encapsulating the weeklong yearning for the day of rest, and it was also “one week closer” to the final redemption, when the metaphor of the weekly cycle would be actualized within space and time in an ongoing era of Sabbath rest.

In this way we can view the six millennia of human history as characterized in the biblical timeline as steps of revelation of knowledge and technology for a purpose which is now closer than ever to unfolding. Each historical event can be mapped onto the twenty-four-hour period of one of the six days of creation, and significant dates and hours can be correlated. Each millennia carries a different character corresponding to the sefirot or divine energies on the tree of life. We are presently in the sixth millennia (5000-6000), represented by Yesod on the tree of life. The fixing of our generation is around the theme of sexuality and connection, and can be rectified by connecting to one’s higher nature as embodied in one’s inner wisdom or in an enlightened being or set of teachings.

In 1990, the world reached “noon” on the cosmic clock of the sixth day of creation. This meant six hours, or 250 years were left until the final redemption. Or were they? As mentioned previously, serious preparations for the Sabbath day begin mid-week, and for certain individuals, the entire week can be infused with anticipation of and thereby vicarious experience of the day of rest in the midst of exile, changing it into a game where the goal keeps on peeking through throughout the process, adding delight in what is otherwise an arduous process of waiting for the much delayed purpose of all of existence to manifest before us, with no delay or doubt whatsoever.

Moreover, if we examine traditions around the sixth day of the week as it cycles around on a weekly basis, we see that the sixth day is more of an addendum to the seventh day than a day on its own. Friday is also called “Sabbath Eve” (Erev Shabbat), a twenty-four-hour period that commences on Thursday night. At sunset on Thursday, one still feels the “shmutz” of the week, but there is a hidden joy lurking as nightfall approaches, knowing that only a short day stands between now and Sabbath. Dawn brings greater anticipation as only a handful of daylight hours remain between the hustle and bustle and the peace and quiet.

Noon is a critical juncture, not only psychologically, but legalistically as well. According to some authorities, no work may be done after half past noon on Friday, signifying that in some way, Sabbath has already begun! Thus the hours between noon (1990 on the cosmic clock) and sunset are a highly liminal space between the previous era and the coming era, so much so that their nature is closer to the coming era than the previous. Moreover, the role that they play in preparation for the coming era is ambiguous; no longer are we working to prepare the field for the era of perfection, but rather our anticipation of this era is best served by acting as if we are already in it. For this reason the Lubavitcher rebbe would wear a Sabbath garment all through the days of the week from the year 1990 and on.

There are two other dates worth mentioning in light of our present condition. The first is the eve of the first day of Av or July 11, 2010, which marked “half past noon” on the cosmic clock, an important milestone in the afternoon defining when afternoon prayers may begin and when shopkeepers can be penalized for keeping their shops open on Fridays, according to some authorities. For many this was a summer of awakening, as the world energies were catapulted into a new phase of adaptation towards the great revelation of secrets of the world that is coming.

The other is Rosh Hashana of the Jewish year 5775, or Sep 25-26, 2014. This day will represent 12:36 on the cosmic clock and could speed things up in a big way. Thirty-six is a number laden with symbolism in the Jewish tradition. It signifies the hidden thirty-six righteous individuals who sustain the existence of the world through their supreme righteousness. The word “eleh” אלה in Hebrew is numerically equivalent to 36. Eleh means “these” and is associated with the revelation and presentation of that which has been concealed in mystery or shielded from view. Furthermore every thirty-six minutes on the cosmic clock correspond to a quarter decade of history, and thus this time will mark one-tenth of our way from noon to the onset of the Sabbath.

In this light it is interesting to take a look at some astronomical alignments that will be occurring between now and the onset of the new year 5775 in the fall of 2015. Our study of the movements of the heavenly bodies is based on the passage from Shmot Rabbah: “Since this world found favor in the eyes of the Holy Blessed One, he established for it new moons to mark the firsts of months; and when Jacob and his children found favor in His eyes he established for it new epochs of redemption.” Thus just as the sun and moon govern the cycles of time as we experience through the months and seasons, so the orchestra of heaven governs the cycles of progress and amplification towards the redemption. As with all dates and speculation activities, we are not looking for an “end-date” but rather a way of living the future in the present, and of living the present in alignment with the purpose which can be illuminated through gazing upwards, as it says in Isaiah, “Lift your eyes and see, who created these (“eleh”)?” We are in the liminal period in which we are both living in time, and living in the future era as it is reverberating through the present.

On June 19th, Jupiter and the sun will be conjunct shortly before sunset before the 12th of Tammuz in Jerusalem. This is undoubtedly a good omen for the annual chasidic holiday of redemption on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz, (June 20-21) which transforms the dark energies of the month laden with Babylonian myth and symbolism of the underworld, into nogah, or darkness that itself illuminates by the revelation of the light prior to the creation, which has not been previously revealed other than in the hearts of the truly righteous. A conjunction of Jupiter and the sun is also an eclipse of Jupiter, which indicates something being withheld. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and thus we see a temporary contraction. A contraction is for the sake of revelation, which will play out in Jupiter’s transit through Cancer later this year. The immersion of Jupiter, the planet of faith, in the waters of the mikvah, the Mother and Chesed, outpouring, is thus preceded by a withdrawal for the sake of revelation.

The summer solstice coincides with the Redemption holiday on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz. The solstice occurs at 5:04 UTC on the 13th of Tammuz or June 21st. It is on this day that we are closest to the sun. There is also an ancient connection between the summer solstice and the star Sirius, which some ancient cultures viewed as our celestial origin:

In the days of ancient Egypt the pyramids were all aligned so that certain portals within the walls of those structures channeled the light of Sirius straight into the king’s chamber on the date of the Sirian heliacal rising. In Egypt in those days that marked the summer solstice–the point of 0 degrees of Cancer in the zodiac. (Marvin Atley, ‘The Festival of Sirius’)

Next, the closest and largest full moon of 2013 comes on June 23. The full moon is an auspicious time and the process of the moon becoming full is parallel to the process of that which is hidden coming to light. On this day, the sun, earth, moon, and Jupiter will be in alignment with the galactic plane.

June 25th is the 17th of Tammuz, which on an inner level is the beginning of a new cycle. In the past this cycle has been characterized as one of destruction, but in the future it will be one of the messiah coming to light.

The 17th of Tammuz is the beginning of a three-week period of mourning, which transforms into celebration in the era which is approaching. The line between darkness and the light of Mashaich within the darkness is growing ever dimmer. The three-week period concludes on the 9th of Av, which has been a day of tribulation in Jewish history. However, it is also a tradition that on this day a revelation of the Messiah is born (out of the ashes, so to speak). Again there are multiple levels of perception operating simultaneously in the liminal period between noon and sunset. Choose your own adventure?

The 9th of Av occurs on July 16th. This is a delicate time for the Middle East region.

July 22nd is the 15th of Av, a holiday of reconciliation between humanity and G-d offering hope for the coming of a full consolation and repair.

On July 29th (22 Av) there will be a six-pointed star or Magen David (shield of David), which in ancient times was associated with the coronation or anointing of a king.


August 7th marks the 1st of Elul, an annual month of preparation for the high holidays. The first day of the year 5774 will occur on September 5. 2013.

The last lunar eclipse of 2013 takes place on October 18, 2013. A solar eclipse follows on November 3rd.

New Years’ Eve marks 12:35:00 on Friday the cosmic clock.

For Part 2 see here

The Festival of Sirius by Malvin Artley


The following are excerpts from the essay “The Festival of Sirius” by Malvin Artley:

Astronomically, the festival of Sirius is linked to the date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, i.e., when Sirius rises at the same time as the Sun. This occurs around the 8th-9th of August, when the Sun is at about 15 degrees of Leo.

In the days of ancient Egypt the pyramids were all aligned so that certain portals within the walls of those structures channeled the light of Sirius straight into the king’s chamber on the date of the Sirian heliacal rising. In Egypt in those days that marked the summer solstice–the point of 0 degrees of Cancer in the zodiac.

Projected onto the ecliptic it is found at 14 Cancer these days, but it is actually some 40 degrees off the actual zodiacal wheel.

Sirius was called the star of Mercury or Budha (spelling is correct)–the great Instructor of mankind before the Buddhas (before the Lemurian race). At the early stages of the Lemurian race there was a tremendous influx of force from Sirius and Venus onto our planet and the great event called Individualization took place–the human Souls were brought to Earth and our true humanity was born.

Sirius is said to be the transmitter of a mysterious faculty called “Cosmic Mind” to our solar system. There is a great Law which governs the relation of Sirius to our solar system, too, which is called the Sirian Law of Karma in the esoteric literature.

Sirius performs the same task for our solar system via our Sun, thus training all aspects of mind within our system. This is what might be called the Mind of God, so far as we can know it in our world. In its higher form it is actually the transmitter of higher cosmic Mind, or Buddhi-Manas–illumined Mind.

The star Sirius is actually the focal point for the corporate body of a great cosmic Being. Our Sun is said to be like a chakra or energy centre within that Sirian body, just like our Earth is an energy centre within our solar system.

June 12: Numerology of today’s date


Numerology of today’s date: 6 (doubled is) 12 (plus one is) 13

This world is a blueprint for a spiritual order. When we can draw down the Alef into the world, through Torah study, prayer, or expanded consciousness, we can inhabit this world as it truly is, which is an ongoing singular dialogue between the G-dly point within us and G-d the totality of all there is.

In Torah study we accomplish this by connecting to the world of Beriyah, a gateway between the physical world and the world of Oneness. In Torah study the faculties of the heart, mind and soul (and body, through physical observance) are utilized and uplifted in the striving for Ayin, or that which lies beyond separation.

In prayer, we are reminded that there is always a rope into the experience of separation that guides the way from our present situation to the higher awareness we are to gain from working through it. This is also the gateway to miracles which draw down the infinite light into the natural order through the same pathways of creation, the Exodus and the future redemption.

In expanded consciousness, acquired through meditation, alone-ment (making oneself alone with God), or given as a gift of grace, the present plane of existence, Asiyah, merges with the highest plane of existence, Atzilut, as the Yiddish phrase teaches: Atzilus iz oych do – Atzilus is here too. From the perspective of Ein Sof, there is no difference between the higher realms and this realm; they are all refractions of light. When our awareness is expanded, we see the light instead of the shadow in every situation, and we are both liberated from time and space and empowered to reveal the infinite nature of time and space.

613 is the number of mitzvot in the Torah. The mitzvot (biblical commandments) are a system to merge the worlds of Asiyah and Atzilut. Only through the physical engagement with the world can we draw the light into the furthest of places. When the realms collapse, the mitzvot are no longer necessary, and this is the relationship between Mashiach, Judaism and Christianity. In some views, the mitzvot become an optional system to “play” with the divine energies contained in the physical world, and to continue to extract delight from the merging of physical and spiritual. When physical and spiritual are truly one continuum, all of a person’s actions become mitzvot.

Astrological chart of Menachem Mendel Schneerson and Gimmel Tammuz, his moment of passing: The dark rift of a Rebbe and of the cosmos


Astrological chart of Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the “King of Egypt” of Holiness, the carrier of the generational messianic spark of the generation in the last half of the 20th century

This chart is the Rebbe’s birth chart, born 18 April 1902 in Nikolayev, Russia. The Rebbe’s birth time is reconstructed as 7:54pm by an Israeli astrologer (a different birth time would affect only some data in the interpretation such as house placements and moon degrees).

In honor of today, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing, this chart also includes transits for 1:50 am 12 June 1994, the moment that the Rebbe transitioned to the world of spirit and is now available to all beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Some interesting things to note about the Rebbe’s chart, with transits for his day of passing:

* The Rebbe’s chart features a grand cross between Pluto in the 8th house (17 Gemini), Venus in the 4th house (11 Pisces), Uranus in Sagittarius, and the Moon in Virgo (10th house). The grand cross is a marker of unique individuals and can also be viewed three-dimensionally as a pyramid that creates a pathway to higher destiny if the individual can overcome the quadrupled tensions between planetary forces that plays out within. In the case of the Rebbe, this higher destiny involved his work in the outside world (10th house), his roots and past (4th house), connection to the feminine (his association with the sefira of Malchut) and unity consciousness (Venus in Pisces), and intellectual versatility and genius in applying ancient wisdom to the highly dynamic context of the late 20th century (Uranus in Sagittarius), bridging old (Venus in 4th) and new (Uranus). For any individual the existence of a capacity for change and revolution along with a deep embedding in a chain of succession of leaders and expectations could create conflict (squares), but with G-d’s help such an individual can capitalize on the highly discordant energies to translate the divergent forces within the soul to the birth of something entirely new in the world outside, such as a new movement that brought together the spirit of the age of Aquarius/Mashiach with the deepest teachings of Kabbalah of ancient days, without sacrificing neither an iota of piety and the fire of authentic observance nor a thread of human sensitivity and empathic attitude towards his fellow man and woman. Such a soul seeks not peace but continuous growth and upliftment in oneself and in the world around him or her.

* On the day of the Rebbe’s passing, 12 June 1994, a day of great loss for the world, when the sheep lost their shepherd, there were two yods in the sky. A Yod is a rare astrological formation highlighting times of a severe buildup of tension that moves a process entirely to a different realm on which the tensions at hand can be resolved by the birth of something new and unheard of. The yods on this day quite interestingly were pointing at the Sun, the most important planetary force for our world and solar system. One had Uranus in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio as its base, indicating monumental worldly fueling pernicious messianic fervor and vice versa. Yet both these energies were quincunx with the Sun, the natural order of things, and perhaps something needed to shift to another level, another epoch, the Twin Sun, the Hidden Light, that which can be revealed only in the absence of the leader and in the shattering of the light of the leader into thousands, millions of sparks of light in the souls of all who he had touched, all of whom become lightbearers, invigorated if by nothing but deep remorse and longing to use the small flame inside themselves that had been lit to illuminate further corners of darkness, which light can so often attract and find itself painfully in. The second yod had as its base the node or karmic destiny in Scorpio or the messianic yearning, and Neptune in Capricorn, indicating that perhaps there was also a personal breaking point, echoing what the Rebbe had said a decade earlier, “I have done all I can do to bring Mashiach; now it lies in your hands”. Both of the yods pointed, or drove pressure, towards the Rebbe’s very own Pluto in Gemini, the other-worldly axis of his own grand cross, in the 8th house of reincarnation and transitioning. It was as if the Rebbe was being called, just as the logs of the energies he had cultivated in this world and global events were producing enough sparks to tilt the scales, it was time for the instigator to move from seen to unseen, and bring the entire process to a new level.

* At the time the Rebbe departed there was also a Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mercury in Cancer, indicating that there was some resilient if not solid structure which was being left behind, built from the long-standing chain of tradition transcending time and space that would not cease, the agents of redemption that stood ready to deploy to their next task, and the ancient brilliance of the indwelling presence of G-d and spirit of prophecy that no longer lay bounded in a patriarchal and hierarchical power structure. The power of the movement now lay in the emissaries stationed around the globe and in any man or woman who chose to represent the Rebbe through his teachings and ideas and even dare to introduce new teachings in the prophetic tradition that had been through death and rebirth so many times, there was almost an indication that with such a loss as this at such a potent time as this, the words “she has fallen and will not rise again” would be read rather as they are in the Zohar: she will not fall again; now, rise up

* Seeing as the yods in the Rebbe’s birth chart with passing transits point towards the 8th house of reincarnation it could be suggested that the soul of Mashiach which the Rebbe carried was returning to its celestial house of study, preparing for its next incarnation. The culmination of the story then lies in the point opposite the apex of the yod, which can be found in the degrees between Sagittarius and Capricorn, which is the site of the Dark Rift and the origin of the cosmos. When the world as we know it was formed, we are told the spirit of Mashiach already existed; the destiny of rebirth and the eternal golden age existed even before the fall; the power of return is the power on which the world is based. In this sense the departure of the Rebbe and his transition to the world of the unseen was a milestone of experience for his flock that that would culminate shortly in the realignment of the cosmos with its own birth point, now infused with self-consciousness, now ready as an awakened being colored by history and knowledge to experience the dream which had eluded it as an infant creation, as it must have been: now, with da’at (knowledge through experience), it would re-encounter the tasting of the Tree of Life, on the eve of Sabbath, in the garden of Eden, amidst peace and brotherhood between all Life, and the full activation and aliveness of all human and natural faculties without any weakness or death. Just as the Rebbe departed through the transpersonal 8th house, the universe will realign with its own zero point.

Tonight, Gimmel Tammuz, marks 19 years since the Rebbe’s passing. Nineteen years is a sacred number in the history of the Rebbe’s lineage, and the 19th of the month of Sagittarius (Kislev) is new year’s day for the new inner revelation of scripture that is birthed each solar year. Tonight there are three grand water trines in the sky to celebrate the resilient flow of prophecy that echoes in the Rebbe’s chilling absence. They are led on one side between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, creating a harmony between the inner self-direction of the soul and the authorities that must sanction the arrival of the long-awaited age. On the other the deep wounds of Chiron in Pisces, the absence of the leaders and the leaderless flocks, are galvanized and alchemized into miraculous self-healers and miracle-workers, led by the nodal scorpio, the messianic tug within each soul which awakens in the hour of need when the flock must heal itself and when the darkness itself must illumine, because this is how the system was built, that no darkness could be impenetrable, since darkness itself has always contained light, since darkness is destined to give light, but only when it must, only when, we are left 19 years after with no other way, with no other consolation, other than the alchemizing of wound and loss into scars, and scars into reseviors of self-illumination and beacons of light.

This is the deeper meaning of the seating of the Rebbe in Brooklyn, at the gates of Romi, the perch of the self-healer at the precipice between exile and redemption, removing but one bandage at a time from his many wounds, so that, if the moment comes when it is time, he will not have to reapply the bandages all at once, but will have only one to reapply and will thus not tarry. If we are to understand the many wounds of the healer of the generation as the sufferings he experiences as penitence for the generation out of his great natural love for closeness between humanity and G-d, and the wounds of the generation as they reverberate through the collective soul as Chiron, which holds as well the potential for alchemizing wound into self-illumination and the drawing down of all G-dly powers into the flesh, we see that the application of the bandage is the discovery of the self-healing and Godly rivers within the soul, which, once they begin to flow, are infinite and therefore ready to heal all wounds of self and other, which are one and the same. Because all wounds result from the disconnection between the infinite and finite, and the reconnection of the link between the two found through the wounds of the healer are enough to ignite the connection for the soul of humanity as a whole. This is the importance of the soul of each generation which has within it the blueprint of all souls, and of the spark of each soul which is united in the collective soul. When the darkness of the collective souls illumines, the white fire behind the black fire of the letters of the Torah shines and the root of all people in Torah is revealed, and new waters of the miracle of the soul, of knowledge, of wisdom, of humanity and of creation flow down onto the world and onto the souls of all who desire wisdom, all who have reached the point at which such a revelation is inevitable, built into the very structure of the universe, instigated by the removal of the last beacon of light, and the dawning of the revelation of the great ones as never before.

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