The Festival of Sirius by Malvin Artley


The following are excerpts from the essay “The Festival of Sirius” by Malvin Artley:

Astronomically, the festival of Sirius is linked to the date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, i.e., when Sirius rises at the same time as the Sun. This occurs around the 8th-9th of August, when the Sun is at about 15 degrees of Leo.

In the days of ancient Egypt the pyramids were all aligned so that certain portals within the walls of those structures channeled the light of Sirius straight into the king’s chamber on the date of the Sirian heliacal rising. In Egypt in those days that marked the summer solstice–the point of 0 degrees of Cancer in the zodiac.

Projected onto the ecliptic it is found at 14 Cancer these days, but it is actually some 40 degrees off the actual zodiacal wheel.

Sirius was called the star of Mercury or Budha (spelling is correct)–the great Instructor of mankind before the Buddhas (before the Lemurian race). At the early stages of the Lemurian race there was a tremendous influx of force from Sirius and Venus onto our planet and the great event called Individualization took place–the human Souls were brought to Earth and our true humanity was born.

Sirius is said to be the transmitter of a mysterious faculty called “Cosmic Mind” to our solar system. There is a great Law which governs the relation of Sirius to our solar system, too, which is called the Sirian Law of Karma in the esoteric literature.

Sirius performs the same task for our solar system via our Sun, thus training all aspects of mind within our system. This is what might be called the Mind of God, so far as we can know it in our world. In its higher form it is actually the transmitter of higher cosmic Mind, or Buddhi-Manas–illumined Mind.

The star Sirius is actually the focal point for the corporate body of a great cosmic Being. Our Sun is said to be like a chakra or energy centre within that Sirian body, just like our Earth is an energy centre within our solar system.


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