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July 31: Aries Uranus square Cancer Mars and the 13th Gate of Prayer

Aries Uranus square Cancer Mars on Wednesday night (8pm PST):

Cancer Mars has been helping us move ahead from the past constructively. With a square to Uranus, we may develop a vision of how powerful we could be were we to truly stand as we are in relation to all that comes before us in our DNA and psyche. Yet it is the plan of the heavenly forces to assist us in becoming who we are in the context of the collective, to become the newest, most beautiful branch on the family tree, but always to remain connected, and through this, to uplift everything and everyone in our journeys.

The square occurs at 12 Aries / 12 Cancer. 12 is the number of the tribes of Israel, the gateways through which prayer ascends from the earthly to heavenly realms. It is taught that each tribe has a unique gate through which the prayers of its children ascend. In addition, there is a 13th gate through which all those who have lost their way can enter. Tonight is a time both to offer the prayer of the lost princess, bearing no sign of royalty but the love of the King in her heart; and also a time to seek out the gate particular to our individual soul, the one that opens when we stand as we are.

While the 13th gate is an opening of mercy, for those who have forgotten where they come from, in the future times, there will be only 12 gates to Jerusalem. This is because in our redeemed state we know who we are, the origin of our soul, and the tribe of our origins. This variety is part of the oneness we become and the divinity inside that we manifest.


From the Star of David Alignment to the Fall Equinox / Feast of Tabernacles: A Portal Fully Embodied on Earth


We feel something opened, and is now building from the ground up. A portal has opened, in a big way, and now we integrate the energy into our lives by drawing it down and uplifting to that level. There are some alignments in the star that only become precise as late as Sept 20th, like the mutually receptive Saturn-Pluto sextile. Because of this some feel that something opened yesterday which builds and culminates at the fall equinox. This also dovetails with prophecy in the Zohar about a star in the east and sixty days of an open portal (thanks to Rabbi David Katz for this synthesis). After that, expect more accelerated upgrades through Thanksgiving and the winter solstice.

So if yesterday was intense and today is slow, take this as Day 1 of growing towards that energy in a way that will be fully embodied on earth.

It’s time to ALCHEMIZE. The uniqueness of this portal is the transmutation of dark forces to light. (Thanks again to Rabbi Katz)

July 29th: The Star of David and the Permanent Unity of Heaven and Earth


7/30/2013 2 a.m. Jerusalem, Israel

The Star of David matrix that will encompass the earth’s field on Monday is comprised of a water trine between Jupiter & Mars, Saturn, and Neptune, and an earth trine between the moon, Pluto and Venus. In addition, Neptune and Pluto form a yod with the sun in Leo.

Water trine:

1. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer: Cancer is our past, tradition, history and family. What we carry down with us from generation to generation. The gate of Man (across from Pluto in Capricorn, the gate of God). The combination of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer enables us to bring our earthly context with us on our individual journey in a way that does not hold us back but serves our evolution. Torah of the Fathers

2. Saturn in Scorpio: Here are the wells of the inner and esoteric wisdom destined to be revealed in our times. Inner Torah

3. Neptune in Pisces: The inner wellspring of prophecy is opened within the individual, connecting the individual soul to the Akashic Records and Torah of the primordial waters of creation. Propehcy

The water trine creates a harmonic convergence of the received tradition, the new wellsprings of wisdom that are to be revealed, and the inner potential for prophecy in each person.

Earth trine:

1. Pluto in Capricorn: The potential to establish political and financial enterprise in a way that is conducive to truth and justice. The changes occurring in the world when the old structures resist. Enlightened leadership

2. Moon in Taurus: The original blueprint for the creation of this world was to delight and rule in the Garden of Eden, where the physical world reflected the spiritual worlds. We are destined to return to Eden and eat from the Tree of Life. Edenic consciousness

3. Venus in Virgo: Venus is the vision which is being drawn down from heaven to earth. Virgo is the Virgin, the Betulah, indicating that all that stands to transpire has never happened before, and while we are informed by prophecies and lost paradises of the past, we are planting something new and virgin, and we are tapped in to the unblemished aspect of our soul above, which knows the way. A new birth

Something new is being born on the earthly realm, guided by the original intention of creation and the purpose of bringing heaven down to earth, and knowing earth is the place for G-d’s great vision to take root and become reality.

Together, the water and earth trines bring a revelation from above that arouses a revelation from below, and re-awakens the earthly sphere to become a receptacle for the highest ideals of the spiritual plane.

Sun Yod: Pluto and Neptune form a Finger of God with the Sun as its apex. The contemporary political and financial structures and the awakening of the inner power within a person create enough friction to birth a boldness within that is motivated to deliver on a world scale.

The finger of God forming around the time of the Star of David indicates that on a personal level, the changes reach a tipping point that births a new chutzpah d’mshicha or messianic audacity that transcends boundaries that has held one back previously.

Together the hand of G-d and seven planets that form the Star of David inaugurate a new stage which carries us in to the final wave of awareness before we witness the ultimate revelation from above and on the earthly plane. Heaven and earth can proceed to work together like never before, locked into unity in thought, speech and action. The earth is ready for the knowledge of G-d.

The Star of David begins to lock into place on the West Coast of the U.S. on Sunday night (4:45am UTC) and peaks on Monday afternoon (9:46p.m. UTC).

See here for more on the Cosmic Clock and the Star of David as a prelude to the eclipse sequence of 2014-2015.

July 22 Supermoon / Tu B’Av: The light of the moon will shine like the sun, and sun like the Light of Creation


The sun at 0deg5′ Leo opposite the moon at 0deg5′ Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Mashiach, the coming Golden Age; Leo is the sign of the past Golden Age, the Garden of Eden from which we have fallen and fills our souls with longing. The full moon on 15 Av in Aquarius thus heralds the messianic prophecy “the [super]moon will shine like the sun, and the sun [in Leo, its home sign] will shine sevenfold, like the light of creation [which shone in the Garden of Eden]” – a return of the light that shone originally, and the self-illumination of the moon–our physical reality, the feminine receptacle.

The 15th of Av and midsummer supermoon is the twin of the Chanukah candles lit in the depth of winter; now, with the days long, the sun bright and in its element, what does the light of the moon contribute? On the fifteenth of Av the moon is exalted as well, as exemplified by this year’s supermoon! The feminine element of creation reaches her rectification, and the alchemical marriage between Sol and Luna takes place in all their glory, each illuminated from within, one symbolizing the greatness of Ages passed and the other the Renewal of All that Is Becoming. Together they birth the messianic child, the Philosopher’s Stone, the opening of the womb of primordial wisdom, Saturn in Scorpio, where the veil is being lifted in accordance with divine timing.

Jupiter & Mars unite at 6 Cancer. 6 in Kabbalah is Tiferet, the balance of the six branches of the soul, the uniqueness of the human form. Cancer is the sign of the feminine divine presence, the Shekhinah. The unity of Tiferet and Shekhinah is the kabbalistic alchemical marriage which brings harmony to the divine worlds as the cosmic clock approaches the arrival of the Sabbath, the hour of sacred coupling, when two become one become three, and the true third-person pronoun of G-d is revealed (hu). Venus in Virgo ensures the coupling takes place in purity, before she has known difference. Chiron in Pisces, that all wounds are healed in the coupling. The children of the coupling, are the agents of the messianic era, reinvigorated by the harmony of divine worlds.

Supermoon at 7/22 11:16am PST

July 12-13: Shabbat Chazon – Shabbat of Prophecy: Virgo Crescent Moon, Regulus in Virgo, Venus in Leo

“Third Temple in Light over Jerusalem” commissioned by Yitzhak Hayut, from the blog HaTikva: The New Vision for Israel and Zion / Source: David Woolfson, World Futurist

Tonight the Virgo moon rises early in the day and sets early at 10:51pm (times for Northern California), bringing the moon, Regulus and Venus into vision in the Western night sky at dusk. What can these planets tell us about the Shabbat of Vision upon us?

The 9th of Av – observed Monday night – is the day of the destruction of the Temple as well as the Messiah’s birthday (or conception day, in other systems). The Sabbath preceding the 9th of Av at the crescent moon is called the Sabbath of Vision, when each person is shown a vision of the Third Temple with their spiritual eyes. This is a highly personal and individualized vision corresponding to what the Temple means to the individual soul blueprint based on one’s true nature and life saga. This vision is thus the capstone of the pyramid of an individual’s life.

Venus is the planet of beauty and prophetic visions. In Leo Venus brings visions of the golden ages passed, seducing us into the inner certainty of their return.


Source: Libra Rising

In ancient times great hopes were attributed to an individual born under the ancient royal star Regulus. Its recent transition into Virgo indicates the transition of kingship to its feminine roots in Malchut, the king who is a simple man or woman from among the people and rules with no pretense but only from the deep well of self-nullification within that connects him or her to source.

The Messiah is born on the afternoon of the Ninth of Av, from the rubble of the destroyed temple of G-d. On a person’s birthday, it is taught, the soul blueprint shines ever strong. Thus from the 5th of Av (Thursday) we begin to ascend within the darkness itself to the revelation of the afternoon of Tisha B’Av. This begins with the yartzeit of the Arizal, when the first ray of light of dawn breaks through the blue-black darkness. Then comes the Sabbath, when our mind’s eye sees the future as told in the night sky by the waxing crescent moon, the royal star, and the memory of the golden age. On Monday night we mourn, but our mourning soon turns to gladness, as the blueprint of the messianic soul – the answer to all that is lacking – the ‘negative’ of reality – the capstone to the pyramid of creation – shines forth in every soul.

July 11-12: 5 Av – the Yartzeit of the Arizal – a break in mourning, like the dawn’s light


Thursday night is 5 Av, the yartzeit of the Arizal, the Mashiach of his generation. The Arizal had thoughts of Kabbalah that were so fast he could not lecture like the other Tzfat Kabbalists. The world of speech was simply too coarse for the subtlety of prophecy he experienced ever since taking walks by the Nile as a spice salesman in Egypt as a young man. Two years before his death he found Hayim Vital, the student to whom he imparted his entire worldview and understanding of the upper worlds. Hayim Vital devoted his life to writing up all he had learned which he remembered flawlessly after drinking from the well of Miriam in the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, when the two went out in a boat after they first met. Thanks to Vital we have all of the Ari’s teachings in writing, which are now translated in English and many of which are available online for no charge. These writings lend a glimpse into the secrets of reincarnation from Adam to the present day. It is said the Arizal could tell the root of a person’s soul by looking at him. The physical existence of the Arizal, like all tzaddikim, was a metaphor for the true reality in the upper worlds. The clothes he wore, the way he ate, his hand movements all contained deep secrets. It is this energy that is available on Thursday night/Friday to all who wish to connect and return to the true light of their soul through the encounter with the pure light of a tzaddik, and receieve illumination and guidance from his great love for all souls. Short of visiting his grave in Tsfat at which there will be a great celebration, one can light a candle for the ascent of his soul, write a letter to him requesting his advice or guidance, and have a meal with friends in his honor. It’s never too late to get to know a tzaddik whose whole existence is for the sake of those to whom he can be of help!!

Thursday night – 5 Av – is a break in the three-week mourning period leading up to the ninth of Av when the temples were destroyed. Once the Arizal announced to his students that Mashiach had arrived and that they should pack their bags to Jerusalem. It was Friday afternoon, and the Sabbath was approaching. The pious students pointed out to their master that there was not enough time before the Sabbath to complete the journey to Jerusalem. The Arizal later taught that the window of opportunity for redemption had then closed, but has the students trusted their teacher, they would have arrived in time for Shabbat, with mashiach.

5 Av, the break in mourning, reminds us that mashiach comes from where we least expect it, and even the darkest hour of mourning is not void of Hashem G-d forbid, and it is precisely finding the ray of light, the Keren Or, in those moments that collects the individual rays that form the Beacon of Light that will shine forth like the dawn all at once when the time has arrived, which can happen at any moment, even minutes before the Sabbath (a metaphor for where our energies are focused).

July 7-Aug 17: The Kabbalistic month of Av and the Eternal Temple of the Heart


Sometimes something needs to be torn down and destroyed in order for a more solid structure to be erected in its place.

This is the secret of why the first and second temples were destroyed in the month of Av (Leo), and why the eternal third temple, constructed first and foremost inside the heart, will be erected in this month precisely.

The advantage of the third temple in relation to the first and second is akin to the relationship between the righteous and the penitent, of those who never fall to those who fell, and rose again, and who incorporate all stumbling into their new stature.

This is the secret of the eternal nature of the third temple – it cannot be destroyed, because it has already incorporated destruction into growth, and draws its life-force directly from the divine crown itself, and is eternally created anew.

For more on the three weeks of mourning that are destined to transform into three weeks of celebration, see here.

July 7-8: New moon in Cancer, Saturn turns direct! Plus: Prelude to the July 29th Celestial Star of David

The new moon on the night of July 7th (11:16pm PST) will occur in the sign of Cancer, with the moon wedged between Jupiter and the Sun and Mercury at 15 degrees. An hour earlier that night, Saturn at last turns direct at 4 Scorpio, another water sign. The presence of the moon, the planet of fluidity and change, and the forward motion of Saturn in the water signs brings about a renewal of energies in our inner pools which will sit in stillness as the moon waxes, until a release and a flow of the waters picks up around the night of the 17th, the end of the 3-week mourning period on the 9th of Av, marking the birth of the Messiah, from these waters.

With Saturn turning direct, Saturn’s transits through the areas of our lives will receive an influx of insight that has accumulated over Saturn’s retrograde motion through the house in a chart since mid-February, when Saturn’s transit through Scorpio pulled to an abrupt stop and back-tracked, bringing new things to light, but without the capacity for real progress. Now the insights will flow along with the natural evolution of the dynamics Saturn is maturing and uncovering. Things that have been withheld may not yet be returned, but the soul will grow new limbs to find its own self-styled substitutions for what is being occulted by Saturn. The new moon represents the birth of the soul’s powers to find the inner pools of wisdom, strength and vitality that will combine with Saturn’s maturing influence and upgrading of abilities.

Later this month, on July 29th, Saturn and the moon will take part in the celestial Star of David formation, with Saturn as a leg of the Neptune-Jupiter water trine and the moon along with Pluto and Venus in the earth signs. This formation, which in ancient times indicated the imminent anointing of a king, represents the auspicious hour for the drawing down and anointing of the Messianic Point Within Ourselves, the etheric soul and akashic soul record which is in total unity with the Source all of Being. To reach this point, the new moon gives us new energies to accept the withdrawals and challenges in our lives as evolutionary impetuses, enabling us to rise to other planes of existence while in the material world, and interpret the events in our lives as codes from the gods, alchemizing hardship into blessing, assisted by Jupiter newly reborn in Cancer, providing foundational trust of the process, and our efforts on the earthly plane, the earth signs where the moon and Venus will land, giving voice and power to our prayers.

The Star of David represents the harmony of water and earth, masculine and feminine, human and divine, and the balance between our efforts in prayer, reaching up to the divine realms, and intuition and embodiment, receiving the information we need to step into the divine plan. This alignment will kick off the buildup of the joyous period of the Hebrew calendar–the second half of Av (Leo), the introspective and spiritually auspicious month of Elul (Virgo), the celebratory month of Tishrei (Libra), and on through Chanukah, the winter solstice and the sequence of unprecedented alignments of 2014 and 2015, preparing the world for new waves of consciousness to take root and for the world to become pregnant with divine purpose …and may she have an easy birth!