July 12-13: Shabbat Chazon – Shabbat of Prophecy: Virgo Crescent Moon, Regulus in Virgo, Venus in Leo


“Third Temple in Light over Jerusalem” commissioned by Yitzhak Hayut, from the blog HaTikva: The New Vision for Israel and Zion / Source: David Woolfson, World Futurist

Tonight the Virgo moon rises early in the day and sets early at 10:51pm (times for Northern California), bringing the moon, Regulus and Venus into vision in the Western night sky at dusk. What can these planets tell us about the Shabbat of Vision upon us?

The 9th of Av – observed Monday night – is the day of the destruction of the Temple as well as the Messiah’s birthday (or conception day, in other systems). The Sabbath preceding the 9th of Av at the crescent moon is called the Sabbath of Vision, when each person is shown a vision of the Third Temple with their spiritual eyes. This is a highly personal and individualized vision corresponding to what the Temple means to the individual soul blueprint based on one’s true nature and life saga. This vision is thus the capstone of the pyramid of an individual’s life.

Venus is the planet of beauty and prophetic visions. In Leo Venus brings visions of the golden ages passed, seducing us into the inner certainty of their return.


Source: Libra Rising

In ancient times great hopes were attributed to an individual born under the ancient royal star Regulus. Its recent transition into Virgo indicates the transition of kingship to its feminine roots in Malchut, the king who is a simple man or woman from among the people and rules with no pretense but only from the deep well of self-nullification within that connects him or her to source.

The Messiah is born on the afternoon of the Ninth of Av, from the rubble of the destroyed temple of G-d. On a person’s birthday, it is taught, the soul blueprint shines ever strong. Thus from the 5th of Av (Thursday) we begin to ascend within the darkness itself to the revelation of the afternoon of Tisha B’Av. This begins with the yartzeit of the Arizal, when the first ray of light of dawn breaks through the blue-black darkness. Then comes the Sabbath, when our mind’s eye sees the future as told in the night sky by the waxing crescent moon, the royal star, and the memory of the golden age. On Monday night we mourn, but our mourning soon turns to gladness, as the blueprint of the messianic soul – the answer to all that is lacking – the ‘negative’ of reality – the capstone to the pyramid of creation – shines forth in every soul.

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  1. This visionary artwork was commissioned by my friend and colleague Yitzhaq Hayut-man in Jerusalem. It represents the “Third Temple in Light over Jerusalem.”

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