July 29th: The Star of David and the Permanent Unity of Heaven and Earth


7/30/2013 2 a.m. Jerusalem, Israel

The Star of David matrix that will encompass the earth’s field on Monday is comprised of a water trine between Jupiter & Mars, Saturn, and Neptune, and an earth trine between the moon, Pluto and Venus. In addition, Neptune and Pluto form a yod with the sun in Leo.

Water trine:

1. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer: Cancer is our past, tradition, history and family. What we carry down with us from generation to generation. The gate of Man (across from Pluto in Capricorn, the gate of God). The combination of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer enables us to bring our earthly context with us on our individual journey in a way that does not hold us back but serves our evolution. Torah of the Fathers

2. Saturn in Scorpio: Here are the wells of the inner and esoteric wisdom destined to be revealed in our times. Inner Torah

3. Neptune in Pisces: The inner wellspring of prophecy is opened within the individual, connecting the individual soul to the Akashic Records and Torah of the primordial waters of creation. Propehcy

The water trine creates a harmonic convergence of the received tradition, the new wellsprings of wisdom that are to be revealed, and the inner potential for prophecy in each person.

Earth trine:

1. Pluto in Capricorn: The potential to establish political and financial enterprise in a way that is conducive to truth and justice. The changes occurring in the world when the old structures resist. Enlightened leadership

2. Moon in Taurus: The original blueprint for the creation of this world was to delight and rule in the Garden of Eden, where the physical world reflected the spiritual worlds. We are destined to return to Eden and eat from the Tree of Life. Edenic consciousness

3. Venus in Virgo: Venus is the vision which is being drawn down from heaven to earth. Virgo is the Virgin, the Betulah, indicating that all that stands to transpire has never happened before, and while we are informed by prophecies and lost paradises of the past, we are planting something new and virgin, and we are tapped in to the unblemished aspect of our soul above, which knows the way. A new birth

Something new is being born on the earthly realm, guided by the original intention of creation and the purpose of bringing heaven down to earth, and knowing earth is the place for G-d’s great vision to take root and become reality.

Together, the water and earth trines bring a revelation from above that arouses a revelation from below, and re-awakens the earthly sphere to become a receptacle for the highest ideals of the spiritual plane.

Sun Yod: Pluto and Neptune form a Finger of God with the Sun as its apex. The contemporary political and financial structures and the awakening of the inner power within a person create enough friction to birth a boldness within that is motivated to deliver on a world scale.

The finger of God forming around the time of the Star of David indicates that on a personal level, the changes reach a tipping point that births a new chutzpah d’mshicha or messianic audacity that transcends boundaries that has held one back previously.

Together the hand of G-d and seven planets that form the Star of David inaugurate a new stage which carries us in to the final wave of awareness before we witness the ultimate revelation from above and on the earthly plane. Heaven and earth can proceed to work together like never before, locked into unity in thought, speech and action. The earth is ready for the knowledge of G-d.

The Star of David begins to lock into place on the West Coast of the U.S. on Sunday night (4:45am UTC) and peaks on Monday afternoon (9:46p.m. UTC).

See here for more on the Cosmic Clock and the Star of David as a prelude to the eclipse sequence of 2014-2015.


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