New Moon Elul: Transformation that reveals hidden realms here on earth and bridges to Heaven


New moon at 2pm PST Monday afternoon ~ the Kabbalistic month of Elul (Virgo) begins tonight!

The new moon also features the closening Jupiter-Pluto opposition that bridges the gate of man and gate of God. Our transformation in a way that brings other realms down to earth is nurtured by our faith in moments of unclarity in this realm. The bridge between realms climaxes on Wednesday.

Next weekend the balance-seeking, heart-centered Libra moon and the fiery Mercury mind form a yod (finger of God) with Neptune in Pisces. A new inner spiritual dimension may be revealed that bridges mind and heart and allows one to swim along with God in the world. This will manifest in the house where Neptune is found in our natal charts.

Chodesh tov,



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  1. I am currently experiencing another transformation in my life and having lost faith in myself for a long period, it has almost instantly returned on this very day….I have Neptune in the 12th house so will be looking forward to revelations this weekend…..thanking you! By the way I had send an email requesting a snapshot but have heard nothing?

    • Hi Steve,
      Neptune in the 12th is its natural position and will be fruitful. It’s also worth checking where transiting Neptune, i.e. 4 Pisces, falls in your chart. I recieved your note, and you are on my readings list.
      All the best in the meantime,

  2. Thanks for the prompt reply….Ayala…I will look forward to your reading.

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