Chai Elul Vesica Pisces Crop Circle

Chai Elul Vesica Pisces Crop Circle

Reported 8/23 Wiltshire, UK


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  1. Did you see it as a clock?

    • “Its postulated that thirteen hour or 13 o’clock refers to the actual one minute time span from 12:59am/pm to 1am/pm, in which those whom are and were bound to 3rd dimensional earth live life on a 12 hour clock, but those that were never bound to 3rd dimensional earth live on a 13 hour clock but those that have the ability to exist within both dimension get a full hour to exist, move around and interact within 3rd dimensional earth where time in itself is like on pause or motionless, frozen in time.”

      • You have a genuine god given talwnt, I have been able to traverse this 3rd dimension in rem sleep since childhood.Still can now but much harder with grown up concerns.The movie Insidious touched on this phenomenon its called astral projection. I have actually seen amd spoken with some who have passed on and relayed messages for them to living people I know.Please contact me again I would like a full reading please!

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