Dec. 16-17: Sun sets Galactic Center / Moon rises in Nursery of the Stars!

Sun in Solar Gate/Womb of the Galaxy/Galactic Center/Scorpion’s Tail/Sagittarius’ Bow/Ophicuous/the 13th sign/portal

Moon in Lunar Gate/Orion’s Belt/Nursery of the Stars/Aldebaran/Bull’s Horns

13/13/13 = 12/16/13 = Mayan Calendar end date/New Beginning

Full moon in Gemini/Orion’s Belt @ 1:30am PST

Venus sets in the West as Evening Star until 1/17

Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Neptune positions noted

Note: you may wish to fast-forward to 4:00 where I bring in the star charts 🙂


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