January – April 2014 Key Aspects, Moons, Retrorgades: Preparation for biblical year 5774, grand cardinal cross of April 2014 & blood moon eclipse sequence (updated)

for reference these next few weeks ~

1/19 8pm pst Sun enters Aquarius, sign of man, messianic era. corresponds to Shevat, the 11th month.

1/19 9pm pst Yod between mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Virgo {all at 13 degrees – same degree pt as the grand cardinal cross on April 22nd (exact)}


January 19th @ 9pm pst there will be a brief “Yod” / Finger of Destiny pointing at Mercury in Aquarius (messianic consciousness), as the moon rises in Virgo (woman of the apocalypse) in sextile with Jupiter/Sirius in Cancer (our cosmic cousins, at the gate of Man).

On Thursday night the “Finger of God” fell to earth after lightning struck the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. On Thursday the fifth portion of Yitro is read, which includes the verses: I am God your Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, from the place of slavery. Do not have any other gods before Me. Do not represent [such] gods by any carved statue or picture of anything in the heaven above, on the earth below, or in the water below the land.


1/22 Sun square node (2 Aquarius/Scorpio)

1/24 Mercury trine Mars 20 Aquarius/Libra

1/25 Mercury sq Saturn 22 Aquarius/Scorpio

1/30 New moon @ 10 Aquarius (correponds to Yud Shvat, the day Ariel Sharon passed on the Jewish calendar, and the yartzeit of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, and the day the Lubavitcher Rebbe ascended to leadership, also the yartzeit of the Rashash, author of the kabbalistic prayerbook)
{This is the new month of Adar I, the 13th month inserted into the calendar to align the solar and lunar cycles. In another dimension if you will it is the 11th month of Shvat, indicated by the placement of the sun and moon, and the late barley harvest in past years, indicating the 13th month should have been inserted in 2012 or 2013. Either way the next new moon according to all accounts will be the 12th month of Adar, and the full moon in mid-March, Purim. FINALLY the calendar will be realigned, preparing for the new moon of Nissan and the blood moon sequence.}

1/31 Jupiter square Pluto – this is a huge, difficult aspect, a landmark towards the exact cross in April. Jupiter goes direct again on Mar 6 which allows for another exact square.
Venus is close by at 13 Capricorn, where the exact cardinal cross will take place in April. However, Venus retrorgrade does not take Venus to 12 capricorn. Rather, 12 hours after the Jupiter-Pluto square, Venus goes direct again and begins moving ahead through Capricorn, retracing the route it has been on since late December. We may get more revealed info about what has transpired since.
Sun quincunx Jupiter 12 Aquarius/Cancer – an intense end to an intense day

1/31 Mercury the messenger enters Pisces the subconscious.

2/2 Superbowl 48

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.35.21 PM

2/5 Chiron trine Jupiter 11 Pisces/Cancer ~ healing balm

2/6 1:44pm Mercury retrograde (day before Sochi opening ceremony)


2/11 Sun square Saturn 23 Aquarius/Scorpio

2/14 full moon

2/15 Sun conj Mercury 12:21pm (same numbers – 12*21 – as Venus-sun conj on 1/11)

2/18 Node enters Libra (cardinal sign) – setting eclipse themes in cardinal Libra/Aries
Sun enters Pisces
Mercury sq Saturn @ 11:11pm (23*)

2/23 Sun conj Neptune in Pisces @ 5 degrees 10:10am…

2/25 Jupiter square Uranus @ 10*33 Aries/Cancer – another incremental step towards exact cross in April, this time at 10 degrees.

2/28 Mercury direct at 18 Aquarius
Jupiter trine Sun @ 10 Cancer/Pisces
{forward energy}

* no new moon in February *

3/1 new moon @ midnight (Adar, the last month of the biblical year)
Mars retrograde back through Libra

3/2 Saturn retrograde through Scorpio
Venus square Mars Cap/Libra

3/3 Sun conj Chiron 13*23 Pisces

3/4 Venus sq node 29 Cap/Libra @ 1:44pm

3/5 Venus FINALLY enters Aquarius, no longer two signs behind the sun

3/6 Jupiter direct @ 10 cancer

3/16 PURIM ~ transcendence of duality, polarity and ascendance to Joy that includes opposites and all things
Full moon Virgo-Pisces

3/30 New Moon – 2nd new moon of March


* * * *

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