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The Leo-Aquarius Axis in 2014: the ides of February, summer, and the fall equinox

Signs of the times

* 13 M-class solar flares from 1 sunspot in the last 48 hrs! The next few days will be “solar-wild”! Expect higher planetary risks globally.

* 4.1 Georgia

Leading up to February’s full moon

If you think 2014 is the year, and entering the age of Aquarius is the time we are in, this weekend is a kind of watershed moment: The sun is currently in Aquarius. There was a full moon Friday night, in the sign of Leo, which is the golden age in cultures that tracked the ages by the fall equinox. Leo is opposite Aquarius. Full moon Leo opposite sun in Aquarius both at 26 degrees, the gematria value of the Tetragrammaton (26 degrees, 13 minutes, to be exact).

Mercury and Venus have faster orbits than the sun and so they run ahead of the sun sign for certain parts of the year. Then, however, they have retrograde cycles, which bring them back closer to the sun, or sometimes behind the sun. This is important when we are looking for when we will have a large concentration of planets in Aquarius / Leo.

Mercury entered Capricorn on December 24th, three days after the sun did on the winter solstice. Mercury and the sun were conjunct on December 28th, and because mercury orbits faster than the sun through the ecliptic, mercury sped ahead through Capricorn. The conjunction on huge 28th was a superior conjunction, which means Mercury was between the sun and the earth. Mercury’s speed endows it spiritually with a force of flashes of insight to planet earth.

Remember, we are looking for a concentration of planets in Aquarius. Mercury entered Aquarius ahead of both the sun and Venus, on January 11th, the same day of the inferior conjunction (sun-earth-Venus) of the sun and Venus, and the same day Ariel Sharon passed away after lying in a vegetative state for 8 years. Some consider his passing to mark the end of an era that will be magnified and brought to a new level in the tetrad moon cycle.

However, two things were missing then: the sun and Venus were conjunct in Capricorn, not in Aquarius. The age of Aquarius is not merely a new age phenomenon popularized by the movie Hair. It is about everything we are waiting for, the culmination of all prophecies, the apocalypse, lifting of the veil, what everything is building to, and which has already begun, but has not yet begun in the big way we know it will.

So on the 11th we had Venus and the sun conjunct, and Mercury in Aquarius. Then, on the 19th, the sun enters Aquarius, beginning a month-long influence. The next day, Venus became visible as the morning star, the light-bearer, an important element of the Aquarian age, whichever way you see it. Also on this day the US made a faux pact with Iran. And on 1/19 the Redeemer structure in Rio had its finger struck by lightning, as the sun entered Aquarius, the moon rose, and Mercury led a Yod or finger of God formation.

Beginning from January 20th, the sun and mercury were in Aquarius. BUT we have forgotten one player. Remember when Venus and the sun were conjunct on January 11th? Well, this was in Capricorn, not Aquarius. And since December 31, the same day as a new moon and new Gregorian year, Venus had been in retrograde. So, even though the sun and Venus were conjunct on January 11th, Venus was not yet visible as the morning star, and Venus was in retrograde, not heading towards Aquarius, but back through Capricorn.

This changed on January 31st, when Venus went direct, at 13 Capricorn. At this point, which was also a new moon for the 13th month on the Kabbalistic calendar, the sun was in Aquarius, but mercury had already moved into Pisces! On the VERY SAME DAY nonetheless.

It seems as if the moment (perfect storm) would never occur. But then, a day before the Olympics, mercury retrograde shifts into gear, and at 3 Pisces mercury begins swinging back through the zodiac.

On February 12th (Tuesday), Mercury re-entered Aquarius, in retrograde motion. The sun was also in Aquarius, at 24 degrees.

Looking ahead it looks like the sun, mercury and Venus will not all inhabit Aquarius at the same time this year. But, keep in mind that the zodiac is the ecliptic of the celestial sphere circling the earth, and planets in Aquarius and Leo activate the same axis. Cultures around the world are anticipating the Aquarian age and the golden age in which the fall equinox falls in Leo, the same time in which the spring equinox falls in Aquarius. This will activate the fixed cross of the heavens. So perhaps this missed opportunity serves to harness this elongated, missed Aquarian watershed hour, infuse it with the energy of the grand cardinal cross and blood moon tetrads kicking off in April, and reunite in Leo when these same planets all collect in the Aquarian-Leo axis, and this time with the aforementioned energy released, and the new guardian of the stars, Jupiter, in the mix as well.

All this is a long way of answering the question why the energy is “different” this month. It is surely the most Aquarian combination of planets possible in a highly potent year for the age to begin. The 26 degree 13 minute sun and moon in Aquarius and Leo seem to be beckoning and emitting an undeniable frequency. Mercury retrograde is pulsating through Aquarius as well simultaneously at its own dizzying speed, now at 27 degrees, so also aligned with the sun, moon and earth. More and more people and cells inside of us are being lasoo’d into the vortex.

The end of February, summer 2014 and the fall equinox

The sun has 3 more days in Aquarius, and on the 18th, the evening after the sun leaves, at 11:11pm, Mercury in Aquarius squares or square with Saturn in Scorpio.

February 25th, Jupiter and Uranus form a square at 4 degrees Cancer/Aries. This is an incremental step towards the grand cardinal cross or perfect square between Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, and Pluto, all at 13 degrees of cardinal signs, on April 22nd, 2014.

Mercury retrograde is going back through Aquarius and will begin going forward again on February 28th (the last day of February). The new moon is on March 1st, marking the start of Adar, the last month of the biblical year. The same day, Mars goes retrograde back through Libra. The next day, saturn goes retrograde through Scorpio, and Venus squares Mars. Lots of shifts.

Finally, Venus enters Aquarius on March 5th. Jupiter goes direct the day before, heralding its role in this axis come summer. Venus and Mercury inhabit Aquarius together until Mercury leaves on March 17th. Venus stays in Aquarius until April 5th, ten days before the first blood moon tetrad eclipse.

No more activity on the Aquarius-Leo axis until July 16, when Jupiter enters Leo. The 17th of Tammuz on July 15th begins the 3-week period of mourning on the Jewish calendar. The sun follows suit and enters Leo on July 22nd (royal baby, who according to some GLP threads is symbolic of the age of Aquarius, is 1). Mars then enters Scorpio on the 25th, squaring the sun and Jupiter.

On July 31st, Mercury follows suit and joins the sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is a force of beneficence and unlike now will also be in the mix when the planets reignite this axis this summer.

August 5th is the 9th of Av or day of the destruction of the Temple on the Jewish calendar, a perennial day of destruction and rebirth.

Then, Venus enters Leo on August 12th, bringing all four planets in alignment with the earth and the Aquarius-Leo axis. This lasts only three days, when mercury the fastest moving of the three, moves into Virgo on the 15th (six months from today).

August 17th we have a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 7 Leo. Big changes coming guys. Jupiter is a new force on the scene, and with a slow orbit this only happens every six years (solar/inner planet conjunction on none Leo/Aquarius axis).

The sun stays in Leo until August 22nd, a particularly powerful day as well with the moon in Leo along with Jupiter and Venus, just before the sun leaves.

Mars and Saturn meet in Scorpio three days later, on August 25th.

Venus stays in Leo until September 5th.

Jupiter stays in Leo for another year keeping the Aquarius-Leo axis ignited for 2015 (biblical year 5775).

The biblical year 5775 begins on Rosh hashanah, September 25th. The fall equinox is on September 23rd.

October 9th is the second of the blood moon eclipse tetrad, on the full moon. More on that here:

Meanwhile, Moon now in Virgo for the rest of the weekend. We may see the woman clothed with the sun this fall.

Aspects January – April:

Full and new moons 2014:


February Full Moon / Valentine’s Day (Lupercalia) / Purim Katan

The first quarter of this moon was on February 6th at 2:22pm EST, last Thursday, the day before the opening of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Tensions were high before the games, and things as ordinary as toothpaste deemed dangerous. The moon was in Taurus, opposite Saturn, and security at home and away featured in the headlines.

February’s full moon is traditionally called the full snow moon, because of February’s snow, which is timely for those hunkered down in the Northeast and Southeast storms. Snow piled on the American south, breaking records, and records were broken as well in New York and Chicago already for snow pileup. Meanwhile in Sochi, where athletes top off four years of practice in one run that could make or break it, the snow is *melting* faster than the organizers can keep up with due to unusually high temperatures. So we have Americans freezing and in shut-down cities with bought-out grocery stores, watching (if the power is on) Olympians in the Sochi winter Olympics taking a dip in the Black Sea and sunbathing. Planet gone whack?

Traditionally snow meant a more difficult hunting season, and Native Americans knew this moon as Hunger Moon. Snow and bitter cold are physiologically and naturally antithetical to prosperity and growth. It was also known as the Bone Moon as people would gnaw on bone and eat bone marrow soup, which is actually highly nutritious. It is making the most of what you have, and pushing what you have to the limit.

This theme of having enough and survival has been playing out in the Taurus-Scorpio dialectic that has been featured in recent eclipses. After this full moon Valentine’s day weekend, the eclipse theme will shift from this zodiac opposition to the cardinal pair of Libra and Aries. On a personal level, this will move us towards a reconciliation of balance and freedom. On a global level, new energy will be infused through the cycles of the moon and its alignments with the sun, especially in the blood moon tetrad sequence beginning in April.

The week of the waning moon from full on February 14th to last quarter (Sagittarius) through February 22nd should prove interesting to say the least. It is the last week of the Sochi Winter Olympics, with the closing ceremony taking place 8 hours after the quarter moon on February 23rd at 8pm Moscow time. The sun and Neptune (symbolic of the Trident featured in the latest Maserati commercial, and reminiscent of the Trojan horse [false] gift given by the Greeks to the Trojans in honor of the god Poseidon of the sea, which gave way to the Greek invasion of Troy, from within). Considering the symbolism of the opening ceremony relating to the imminent birth of the fifth age, echoed in Superbowl and Olympic commercials, the closing ceremony may tie up the saga with some important clues for the coming power-packed months of March and April 2014.

The Superbowl was held on February 2nd, which is the agricultural festival of Imbolc, celebrating the fertility goddess Bridgid and which was also a day of weather divination, exemplified by Phil the groundhog. The next ancient fertility festival is Lupercalia for the Roman god Faunus or Greek god Pan, celebrated February 13-15 over the full moon. Lupa was the she-wolf who suckled infant orphans, including Romulus and Remus, the legendary brothers who built Rome.

Tomorrow night the moon rises around sunset and sets around sunrise, the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.

The 14th of February is also the 14th of Adar or Purim Katan on the kabbalistic calendar:

During leap years on the Hebrew calendar, Purim is celebrated in the second month of Adar [March 2014].  The 14th of the first Adar is then called Purim Katan (“Little Purim” in Hebrew).

Purim Katan does not occur every year but will occur in the year 2014, beginning on February 13th at sunset and through February 14th at nightfall.

This article contrasts the concealed redemption of Purim and the revealed redemption of Passover as hinted to in the biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah:

Lot sits in Sodom, bearing within him the seed of redemption. He hosts two angels to a meal on that fateful eve of destruction: the cataclysmic destruction of Sodom is about to occur. Lot provides a meal: we have a deep tradition that the time of year was Passover, Lot served matza. But the Torah uses the word mishteh, a feast, for that meal, and the Sages with their super-conscious ears hear in that word the mishteh which is used elsewhere, in the Megillah of Purim, the Purim seuda (meal). This requires understanding. Passover is the festival of redemption, redemption in the light, redemption revealed, accompanied by miracles, in Nisan, the first month, the month of nissim (miracles), in the glow of spring. Purim is the festival of redemption too, but redemption in darkness, without revealed miracles, in the last month of the year, in the depth of winter. Together they form the full spectrum of the elements of redemption. And Lot is sitting in Sodom, on the eve of its annihilation and his miraculous redemption bearing hidden within his body the seed from which Mashiach will sprout, and conducting a Passover seder and a Purim seuda in one!

Furthermore we learn:

‘There is no difference between the fourteenth of the first Adar and the fourteenth of the second Adar save in the matter of reading the Megillah[12] and gifts to the poor’. (Megillah 6b)

From the sources above we learn that the Ides of February are an even more hidden preview to the Ides of March, which are a hidden preview to the Ides of April, which occur this year in tandem with the first of four lunar eclipses on the festivals of Passover and Sukkot in the years 5774, 5775 and 5776, leading up to the Jubilee year of 5777, fifty years after the recapture of Jerusalem in 1967, and one hundred years after the end World War I in 1917.

For those who have eyes to see, the 13th, 14th and 15th of this month, peaking with the illumination of the full moon on Friday night (Ki Tissa) reveal the blueprint for the dawning of the age of Mashiach. This blueprint will be externalized to a certain degree in Adar Bet and externalized in the world significantly come April. Those with eyes to see will witness the whole process, which is also ultimately aimed at our illumination. Those who have been hiding from the light will begin to see, but the light will not be blinding. It will however, get brighter and brighter, because as the line from the Dark Horse goes, ‘there’s no going back’.

Oh, and speaking of the dark horse…

A dark horse is a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort[1] or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed.

A dark horse which had never been thought of, and which the careless St. James had never even observed in the list, rushed past the grandstand in sweeping triumph. 

— Benjamin Disraeli, The Young Duke


On the zodiac sign of Adar Rishon [February 2014 – the leap month in the Kabbalistic calendar]:

The Lebush[28] maintained that Adar rishon corresponds to the mazzaroth sign of Aquarius, the sign of Shebat, and thus it does not have the special qualities of Adar sheni [March 2014]. A different view, however is taken by the Kedushat Levi,[29] in a famous passage in Parashat KiTisa, and by Rabbi Tzadok Hakohen of Lublin.[30] They note that just as the twelve months correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, similarly, the months correspond to the twelve tribes of Israel. The month of Adar, which is under the sign of Dagim, corresponds to Yosef HaTzadik, who is blessed like fish, and who, like fish, was free from the clutches of the Ayin HaRa. Yosef was unique among Yaaqov’s sons in that his two sons, Menashe and Efrayim, each formed a separate tribe.[31] Accordingly, in a leap year, the two months of Adar correspond to the two sons of Yosef, Menashe and Ephraim, and, as such, both are represented by the sign of Dagim.

February-in-waiting: the dance of the sun and Mercury retrograde and the debt ceiling delay

Update: It looks like the debt ceiling has been suspended until the Ides of March. I’m making slight changes to the post to account for how the transits this month could play into what us happening behind the scenes, since the can has been kicked down the road, yet again.

Business Insider reports:

House Republicans will hold a special meeting Monday night [February 10th] to determine their path forward on the debt ceiling, and it’ll be crucial for a deal before the Feb. 27 deadline.

The next morning, Tuesday, February 7th, the sun squares Saturn at 23 Aquarius/Scorpio @ 9am. Boehner announces he’s ready to go along with a suspension deal with no policy strings attached.

Let’s look at some important landmarks this month (full January-April aspect list here).

Friday February 14th features a full moon at 26 Leo/Aquarius. Then, the next day, on Saturday, the sun will be conjunct Mercury at 12:21pm–which are the same numbers – 12 degrees 21 minutes – as the inferior conjunction of the sun and Venus on January 11th. For those who have been watching, that was the beginning of the intermediate age which will usher in the age of Aquarius. For those who have eyes to see, the changes are already underway and accelerating at a dizzying pace.

Remember, Mercury is in retrograde, which is what “enables” it to meet the sun again, this time in Aquarius. Mercury and the sun were last “even” back at the end of December in Capricorn. Mercury entered Capricorn on December 24th, three days after the winter solstice. Since meeting the sun on the 28th, Mercury has been making its way ahead of the sun through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, until it went retrograde the day before the Olympics at 1:44p.m at 3 Pisces. Mercury’s current retrograde brings it back through Aquarius until it meets the sun on the full moon / Valentine’s Day at 27 Aquarius.)

At the same time as the sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction on Saturday, a 62-hour maintenance shutdown of a Social Security Administration computer system will commence, according to Yahoo news:

The Social Security computer system will be down from 3 p.m. EST (2000 GMT) on Saturday until 5 a.m. EST (1000 GMT) on Tuesday, February 18, CMS said.

Interestingly, the 18th features an important astrological landmark as well, even though it refers not to any celestial body’s position but rather to a mathematical calculation important to upcoming eclipses. On the morning of the 18th, the lunar node enters Libra–a cardinal sign, setting eclipse themes to Libra/Aries and away from Taurus/Scoprio (sigh of relief). On a macro scale this involves struggles and resolutions relating to the I-You binary/trajectory. In a transcendant sense, the eclipses bring our original soul being closer to a harmonization of the needs of the ego and the soul for freedom and peace.

Yet even more compelling perhaps is the Mercury-Saturn square on the 18th at 23 Aquarius/Scorpio, at 11:11pm on Tuesday night (PST). The Aquarius-Scorpio square was featured in the Sun/Saturn square which opened this post, framing the meeting tonight (Feb 10th). Sparks fly (in a dicey way) between Mercury’s love of speed and efficiency, and Saturn’s clamping down and closing doors.

A week later, with two days remaining before the “debt ceiling deadline” on the 27th, Jupiter squares Uranus at 10 degrees 33 minutes Aries / Cancer. This Jupiter-Uranus square is part of a sequence of the heavenly arrangement of a grand cardinal cross between Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Pluto which will become exact at 13 degrees on April 22, 2014:


There are a few important things to note about this step towards the April square. The Jupiter-Uranus element of the square involves volatility and bubbles. At ten degrees, it heralds back to the first few weeks of January centering around 1/11 when those with eyes to see saw headlines which signaled a game-change. The last week of February will present itself as yet another chapter in an epic story going much further back than we knew, and reaching to futures even more far off than we imagined. This will accelerate even more when this square reaches 13 degrees and reveals itself even to the blind.

Finally, the day after the debt ceiling, Mercury again goes direct on the 28th at 18 degrees Aquarius. On March 1st, Mars goes into retrograde, starting the countdown to the April square, which will lock into place when Mars reaches 13 degrees Libra.

With the eclipses kicking off on April 15th and the square locking into place on April 22nd, all sides will be emboldened. What happens in this time should give those with eyes to see a very good sense for what is in store in the two-year eclipse period leading up to the jubilee year of 5777 and fireworks of 2017.

G-d bless!

Symbolism at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony (Feb 7)

The day before the opening ceremony at Sochi, Mercury went retrograde in Pisces. This is one layer of explanation behind the several electronic glitches at the opening ceremony in Sochi, one of which stands out more than the others: during an opening segment, which featured a bright orange sun, followed by a moon, followed by five large floating snowflakes or stars, which in turn blossomed into large rings, forming the Olympic emblem of the five interlocking rings. Only one of the snowflakes didn’t blossom completely and remained a star, creating a large display of 88* or 880.


A segment later in the program, featuring three horses carrying the sun across the stadium ceiling, lends further insight to the symbolism behind these spectacles.


The four rings and the ostentatious fifth star on the verge of being birthed may hint to the birth of the fifth sun, the occurrence of which we stand at the precipice. Some mainstream reports suggested that the fifth snowflake which did not turn into a ring looked like an asterisk. Alternatively, it could represent a star, on the verge of exploding as a supernova. Some have suggested that the star of Bethlehem, or the still-anticipated Star of Jacob, was/is/will be a SUPERNOVA!

As we know a sun is merely a star that other planets revolve around, and the knowledge that will illuminate the new age and restore our cosmic awareness is the secret of our sun’s revolution through space and the possibility of our very own binary star. Some have theorized that this star is the star Sirius, and that every 26,000 years our sun makes a revolution around this star. Our relative distance and proximity to this star in turn corresponds to the rise and fall in consciousness.

All cultures have sequences of ages which are all a reflection of The cosmic calendar, built into the heavens. One prism for understanding the transition of the ages is the Aztec notion of the five suns. Allusions to the five suns in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony include the 4 rings plus a star which will birth a sun (supernova), as well as the three horses carrying the Sun across the stadium (also an allusion to the Greek god Helios, an archetype for many such stories across time and space, including Psalms- the dragging if the sun across the sky by the day, in the hands of the Highest forces, the measure of stability and Time, but also a daily Choice of that which is on High):

The term Five Suns in the context of creation myths, describes the doctrine of the Aztec and other Nahua peoples in which the present world was preceded by four other cycles of creation and destruction. In the creation myths which were preserved by the Aztec and other Nahua peoples, the central tenet was that there had been four worlds, or “Suns”, before the present universe. These earlier worlds and their inhabitants had been created, then destroyed by the catastrophic action of leading deity figures. [The deluge, etc. The previous world was destroyed by water. The rainbow is a sign that this will never happen again. This world according to some will be destroyed by fire. Note the juxtaposition of fire and ice in much of popular culture these days, the polar vortex, the heat of Mars and the color red, and more.]

The present world is the fifth sun, and the Aztec saw themselves as “the People of the Sun,” whose divine duty was to wage cosmic war in order to provide the sun with his tlaxcaltiliztli (“nourishment”). Without it, the sun would disappear from the heavens. Thus the welfare and the very survival of the universe depended upon the offerings of blood and hearts to the sun.

We will leave it to other blogs to illuminate the sacrifices that may be made to various forces, G-d help us. Suffice it to say that the messianic age from the side of good will come about by the removal of veils concealing reality. The sooner this knowledge is brought, the more peaceful the transition to the fifth age can be.

The secrets coming out on the internet and on networks such as H2 are part of the divine plan for this planet – it is our destiny to know the truth from which we have been blinded. Even the powers that be are for our ultimate illumination.

The only way we can fight the fear-based agenda is to use the Tree of Life from the side of holiness, which is the source of the corrupted power – higher than it. It is ONLY this they are afraid of.

Let’s return to the symbology from the opening ceremony. The horses carrying the sun across the sky (stadium- the sky as a Stage) also allude to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Chinese year of the wooden horse, the Trojan horse or the enemy from the inside, the ability to neutralize evil by accessing sparks in the most distant of places.

The new age that is upon us is related to the point at which Aquarius will be the rising sign on the spring equinox. This knowledge will become revealed in our hearts as as we connect to the ancient structures which were built to track the solstices, equinoxes and midpoints of these cycles. Do not be misled – it is true that this knowledge is used by those who have sought to oppress and serve darkness, but this knowledge is part of our illumination and the bringing of the occult into the light of day, when light shines on darkness it is no longer dark, and the sacred knowledge will ultimately be used for the highest purpose and in the hands of those who wish to spread free energy and free love.

We are now in the period when the sun is in Aquarius. Venus, now the morning star or light bearer, is in Capricorn and has just turned direct and is heading of Aquarius. Mercury is in Pisces nags is now in retrograde also towards Aquarius. The full moon on the 15th which some would say is tu bishvat (depending on whether the 13th month is inserted based on calculation or observation), the festival of Blossoming, the moon will be in Leo opposite the Aquarian sun, bringing back the Sphinx and past golden age of Egypt, before the knowledge was lost. Perhaps we will be reminded that the knowledge was not lost but rather stored for the righteous like the light before creation, for the star children alive now whose hearts are open, who have eyes to see, who look to the left paw of the sphinx (Leo?) as Cayce alluded, the Akashic record where nothing is ever lost, the water-bearing.

Imbolc – midway between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox – Tu Bishvat – the onset of Spring – Aquarius – the Fixed Cross

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.41.01 PM
New moon in Aquarius 1/31

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals. It consists of the solstices and equinoxes and the four midpoints between, known as the “cross quarter days.



The solstices and equinoxes, as well as the cross-quarters, are embedded in monolithic structures around the globe. At the Mound of the Hostages on the Hill of Tara, the inner chamber is aligned with the rising sun on the dates of Imbolc and Samhain.

    At the Mound of the Hostages on the Hill of Tara, the inner chamber is aligned with the rising sun on the dates of Imbolc and Samhain.

The solstices and equinoxes form the four corners of the astrological cardinal cross – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The cross-quarter days form the four corners of the fixed cross, in the signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, which are also the four animals on Ezekiel’s chariot.



Happy Imbolc! We are at the mid-point (Northern hemisphere) between the longest night & the Spring Equinox, marked in ancient celebrations of the Goddess Brighid, (who became Saint Brigid) goddess of fire & inspiration, poetry & healing, & (on Sunday) of Candlemas. It’s about nourishing the returning light & spark of life within ourselves & in the world, about consciously birthing our own lives & the world we share. ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Wheel within a wheel


An image from the Lost Book of Nostradamus:


Red Hot Chilli Peppers Superbowl 2014 logo: