Symbolism at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony (Feb 7)

The day before the opening ceremony at Sochi, Mercury went retrograde in Pisces. This is one layer of explanation behind the several electronic glitches at the opening ceremony in Sochi, one of which stands out more than the others: during an opening segment, which featured a bright orange sun, followed by a moon, followed by five large floating snowflakes or stars, which in turn blossomed into large rings, forming the Olympic emblem of the five interlocking rings. Only one of the snowflakes didn’t blossom completely and remained a star, creating a large display of 88* or 880.


A segment later in the program, featuring three horses carrying the sun across the stadium ceiling, lends further insight to the symbolism behind these spectacles.


The four rings and the ostentatious fifth star on the verge of being birthed may hint to the birth of the fifth sun, the occurrence of which we stand at the precipice. Some mainstream reports suggested that the fifth snowflake which did not turn into a ring looked like an asterisk. Alternatively, it could represent a star, on the verge of exploding as a supernova. Some have suggested that the star of Bethlehem, or the still-anticipated Star of Jacob, was/is/will be a SUPERNOVA!

As we know a sun is merely a star that other planets revolve around, and the knowledge that will illuminate the new age and restore our cosmic awareness is the secret of our sun’s revolution through space and the possibility of our very own binary star. Some have theorized that this star is the star Sirius, and that every 26,000 years our sun makes a revolution around this star. Our relative distance and proximity to this star in turn corresponds to the rise and fall in consciousness.

All cultures have sequences of ages which are all a reflection of The cosmic calendar, built into the heavens. One prism for understanding the transition of the ages is the Aztec notion of the five suns. Allusions to the five suns in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony include the 4 rings plus a star which will birth a sun (supernova), as well as the three horses carrying the Sun across the stadium (also an allusion to the Greek god Helios, an archetype for many such stories across time and space, including Psalms- the dragging if the sun across the sky by the day, in the hands of the Highest forces, the measure of stability and Time, but also a daily Choice of that which is on High):

The term Five Suns in the context of creation myths, describes the doctrine of the Aztec and other Nahua peoples in which the present world was preceded by four other cycles of creation and destruction. In the creation myths which were preserved by the Aztec and other Nahua peoples, the central tenet was that there had been four worlds, or “Suns”, before the present universe. These earlier worlds and their inhabitants had been created, then destroyed by the catastrophic action of leading deity figures. [The deluge, etc. The previous world was destroyed by water. The rainbow is a sign that this will never happen again. This world according to some will be destroyed by fire. Note the juxtaposition of fire and ice in much of popular culture these days, the polar vortex, the heat of Mars and the color red, and more.]

The present world is the fifth sun, and the Aztec saw themselves as “the People of the Sun,” whose divine duty was to wage cosmic war in order to provide the sun with his tlaxcaltiliztli (“nourishment”). Without it, the sun would disappear from the heavens. Thus the welfare and the very survival of the universe depended upon the offerings of blood and hearts to the sun.

We will leave it to other blogs to illuminate the sacrifices that may be made to various forces, G-d help us. Suffice it to say that the messianic age from the side of good will come about by the removal of veils concealing reality. The sooner this knowledge is brought, the more peaceful the transition to the fifth age can be.

The secrets coming out on the internet and on networks such as H2 are part of the divine plan for this planet – it is our destiny to know the truth from which we have been blinded. Even the powers that be are for our ultimate illumination.

The only way we can fight the fear-based agenda is to use the Tree of Life from the side of holiness, which is the source of the corrupted power – higher than it. It is ONLY this they are afraid of.

Let’s return to the symbology from the opening ceremony. The horses carrying the sun across the sky (stadium- the sky as a Stage) also allude to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Chinese year of the wooden horse, the Trojan horse or the enemy from the inside, the ability to neutralize evil by accessing sparks in the most distant of places.

The new age that is upon us is related to the point at which Aquarius will be the rising sign on the spring equinox. This knowledge will become revealed in our hearts as as we connect to the ancient structures which were built to track the solstices, equinoxes and midpoints of these cycles. Do not be misled – it is true that this knowledge is used by those who have sought to oppress and serve darkness, but this knowledge is part of our illumination and the bringing of the occult into the light of day, when light shines on darkness it is no longer dark, and the sacred knowledge will ultimately be used for the highest purpose and in the hands of those who wish to spread free energy and free love.

We are now in the period when the sun is in Aquarius. Venus, now the morning star or light bearer, is in Capricorn and has just turned direct and is heading of Aquarius. Mercury is in Pisces nags is now in retrograde also towards Aquarius. The full moon on the 15th which some would say is tu bishvat (depending on whether the 13th month is inserted based on calculation or observation), the festival of Blossoming, the moon will be in Leo opposite the Aquarian sun, bringing back the Sphinx and past golden age of Egypt, before the knowledge was lost. Perhaps we will be reminded that the knowledge was not lost but rather stored for the righteous like the light before creation, for the star children alive now whose hearts are open, who have eyes to see, who look to the left paw of the sphinx (Leo?) as Cayce alluded, the Akashic record where nothing is ever lost, the water-bearing.


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