The Leo-Aquarius Axis in 2014: the ides of February, summer, and the fall equinox

Signs of the times

* 13 M-class solar flares from 1 sunspot in the last 48 hrs! The next few days will be “solar-wild”! Expect higher planetary risks globally.

* 4.1 Georgia

Leading up to February’s full moon

If you think 2014 is the year, and entering the age of Aquarius is the time we are in, this weekend is a kind of watershed moment: The sun is currently in Aquarius. There was a full moon Friday night, in the sign of Leo, which is the golden age in cultures that tracked the ages by the fall equinox. Leo is opposite Aquarius. Full moon Leo opposite sun in Aquarius both at 26 degrees, the gematria value of the Tetragrammaton (26 degrees, 13 minutes, to be exact).

Mercury and Venus have faster orbits than the sun and so they run ahead of the sun sign for certain parts of the year. Then, however, they have retrograde cycles, which bring them back closer to the sun, or sometimes behind the sun. This is important when we are looking for when we will have a large concentration of planets in Aquarius / Leo.

Mercury entered Capricorn on December 24th, three days after the sun did on the winter solstice. Mercury and the sun were conjunct on December 28th, and because mercury orbits faster than the sun through the ecliptic, mercury sped ahead through Capricorn. The conjunction on huge 28th was a superior conjunction, which means Mercury was between the sun and the earth. Mercury’s speed endows it spiritually with a force of flashes of insight to planet earth.

Remember, we are looking for a concentration of planets in Aquarius. Mercury entered Aquarius ahead of both the sun and Venus, on January 11th, the same day of the inferior conjunction (sun-earth-Venus) of the sun and Venus, and the same day Ariel Sharon passed away after lying in a vegetative state for 8 years. Some consider his passing to mark the end of an era that will be magnified and brought to a new level in the tetrad moon cycle.

However, two things were missing then: the sun and Venus were conjunct in Capricorn, not in Aquarius. The age of Aquarius is not merely a new age phenomenon popularized by the movie Hair. It is about everything we are waiting for, the culmination of all prophecies, the apocalypse, lifting of the veil, what everything is building to, and which has already begun, but has not yet begun in the big way we know it will.

So on the 11th we had Venus and the sun conjunct, and Mercury in Aquarius. Then, on the 19th, the sun enters Aquarius, beginning a month-long influence. The next day, Venus became visible as the morning star, the light-bearer, an important element of the Aquarian age, whichever way you see it. Also on this day the US made a faux pact with Iran. And on 1/19 the Redeemer structure in Rio had its finger struck by lightning, as the sun entered Aquarius, the moon rose, and Mercury led a Yod or finger of God formation.

Beginning from January 20th, the sun and mercury were in Aquarius. BUT we have forgotten one player. Remember when Venus and the sun were conjunct on January 11th? Well, this was in Capricorn, not Aquarius. And since December 31, the same day as a new moon and new Gregorian year, Venus had been in retrograde. So, even though the sun and Venus were conjunct on January 11th, Venus was not yet visible as the morning star, and Venus was in retrograde, not heading towards Aquarius, but back through Capricorn.

This changed on January 31st, when Venus went direct, at 13 Capricorn. At this point, which was also a new moon for the 13th month on the Kabbalistic calendar, the sun was in Aquarius, but mercury had already moved into Pisces! On the VERY SAME DAY nonetheless.

It seems as if the moment (perfect storm) would never occur. But then, a day before the Olympics, mercury retrograde shifts into gear, and at 3 Pisces mercury begins swinging back through the zodiac.

On February 12th (Tuesday), Mercury re-entered Aquarius, in retrograde motion. The sun was also in Aquarius, at 24 degrees.

Looking ahead it looks like the sun, mercury and Venus will not all inhabit Aquarius at the same time this year. But, keep in mind that the zodiac is the ecliptic of the celestial sphere circling the earth, and planets in Aquarius and Leo activate the same axis. Cultures around the world are anticipating the Aquarian age and the golden age in which the fall equinox falls in Leo, the same time in which the spring equinox falls in Aquarius. This will activate the fixed cross of the heavens. So perhaps this missed opportunity serves to harness this elongated, missed Aquarian watershed hour, infuse it with the energy of the grand cardinal cross and blood moon tetrads kicking off in April, and reunite in Leo when these same planets all collect in the Aquarian-Leo axis, and this time with the aforementioned energy released, and the new guardian of the stars, Jupiter, in the mix as well.

All this is a long way of answering the question why the energy is “different” this month. It is surely the most Aquarian combination of planets possible in a highly potent year for the age to begin. The 26 degree 13 minute sun and moon in Aquarius and Leo seem to be beckoning and emitting an undeniable frequency. Mercury retrograde is pulsating through Aquarius as well simultaneously at its own dizzying speed, now at 27 degrees, so also aligned with the sun, moon and earth. More and more people and cells inside of us are being lasoo’d into the vortex.

The end of February, summer 2014 and the fall equinox

The sun has 3 more days in Aquarius, and on the 18th, the evening after the sun leaves, at 11:11pm, Mercury in Aquarius squares or square with Saturn in Scorpio.

February 25th, Jupiter and Uranus form a square at 4 degrees Cancer/Aries. This is an incremental step towards the grand cardinal cross or perfect square between Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, and Pluto, all at 13 degrees of cardinal signs, on April 22nd, 2014.

Mercury retrograde is going back through Aquarius and will begin going forward again on February 28th (the last day of February). The new moon is on March 1st, marking the start of Adar, the last month of the biblical year. The same day, Mars goes retrograde back through Libra. The next day, saturn goes retrograde through Scorpio, and Venus squares Mars. Lots of shifts.

Finally, Venus enters Aquarius on March 5th. Jupiter goes direct the day before, heralding its role in this axis come summer. Venus and Mercury inhabit Aquarius together until Mercury leaves on March 17th. Venus stays in Aquarius until April 5th, ten days before the first blood moon tetrad eclipse.

No more activity on the Aquarius-Leo axis until July 16, when Jupiter enters Leo. The 17th of Tammuz on July 15th begins the 3-week period of mourning on the Jewish calendar. The sun follows suit and enters Leo on July 22nd (royal baby, who according to some GLP threads is symbolic of the age of Aquarius, is 1). Mars then enters Scorpio on the 25th, squaring the sun and Jupiter.

On July 31st, Mercury follows suit and joins the sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is a force of beneficence and unlike now will also be in the mix when the planets reignite this axis this summer.

August 5th is the 9th of Av or day of the destruction of the Temple on the Jewish calendar, a perennial day of destruction and rebirth.

Then, Venus enters Leo on August 12th, bringing all four planets in alignment with the earth and the Aquarius-Leo axis. This lasts only three days, when mercury the fastest moving of the three, moves into Virgo on the 15th (six months from today).

August 17th we have a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 7 Leo. Big changes coming guys. Jupiter is a new force on the scene, and with a slow orbit this only happens every six years (solar/inner planet conjunction on none Leo/Aquarius axis).

The sun stays in Leo until August 22nd, a particularly powerful day as well with the moon in Leo along with Jupiter and Venus, just before the sun leaves.

Mars and Saturn meet in Scorpio three days later, on August 25th.

Venus stays in Leo until September 5th.

Jupiter stays in Leo for another year keeping the Aquarius-Leo axis ignited for 2015 (biblical year 5775).

The biblical year 5775 begins on Rosh hashanah, September 25th. The fall equinox is on September 23rd.

October 9th is the second of the blood moon eclipse tetrad, on the full moon. More on that here:

Meanwhile, Moon now in Virgo for the rest of the weekend. We may see the woman clothed with the sun this fall.

Aspects January – April:

Full and new moons 2014:


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  1. Astronomically, the festival of Sirius is linked to the date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, i.e., when Sirius rises at the same time as the Sun. This occurs around the 8th-9th of August, when the Sun is at about 15 degrees of Leo.

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