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Back to Eden: A Cosmic ‘Perfect Storm’ of Reality & Conscious Awareness


Has the messianic era already begun, and how to make sure you don’t miss the bandwagon ~

On the idea of consciousness AFFECTING how we will experience huge upheavals coming.

aka: On the difference between there being a ‘separation event’ before great changes in the world vs. the other way around.

But … maybe they are the same thing, and what matters is, how we understand what is happening.

But why is this relationship between consciousness and reality happening now?

Has it always been this way or is something bizarre happening to the timeline?

Is this the ‘messianic era’ that has always been prophecied?

Has a change ALREADY occurred in reality that we only need to awaken to?

So it’s a combination of a change out there (that has already happened), and a change inside our own mind’s eye?

I believe mystics have always been able to tap into this, but it seems the world is now providing an opportunity for humanity to do this en masse?

In jewish eschatology 1990 was the beginning of a time category in Jewish law (metaphorical) called “noon on Friday” i.e. the sixth millenium, which began in 1240. From noon the sun begins to descend from its highest point, i.e. strongest point (height of concealment parallel to binary star apogee/darkest yuga), from there, towards the horizon, where at sunset a new day/era begins. Only that on friday throughout the hours of noon to sunset (1990 and on) there are incremental categories where you could say the next day (sabbath / the messianic era) has already begun. in 2011, the category of “half past noon” began, and in Jewish law (think metaphorically-open your mind’s eye) this is the hour after which it is actually forbidden to have a store open, i.e. the reality of the sabbath era ALREADY APPLIES – but look – it has to do with CONSCIOUSNESS, i.e. if you don’t act as if sabbath has begun, it hasn’t, so it has everything to do with our behavior and only a little to do with reality. But the law says, if you have your shop open on friday past half noon (2011), you have effectively broken the sabbath, so you could say objectively (legally) the sabbath has begun. The sabbath being the era where we are godlike, 100%.

So basically, if we do not act and embrace being godlike (pineal opening) after 2011, we are in effect on the wrong side of the fence, even though this has been forbidden for all of history, precisely so that now it would be done right.

{ And this was adam’s original error, that he did not wait until sunset to eat from the tree. }

We were ALWAYS destined to eat from the tree of knowledge. our creator(s) wanted us to have the capacity to cope with the stricture inherent in the full gamut of reality, like an infant’s digestive system that must mature. Hence history and maturity and the trials we face in our own psyche lives and national and global narrative.

But now, it is a mitzvah to bring in the sabbath early, and this is the era to do so. however, in the most paradoxical of ways, it is only the era to do so if you live in that era. that is the essence of the liminal time we live in – between half past noon (mincha gedola) and shkia (sunset) on friday (the sixth millenium – the height of Man before he returns to Eden).

basically you can’t enter the garden if you still have to clarify evil in the world or within. this isn’t a forbidden sign, it’s a barrier implicit in eden itself. the entrance is guarded by revolving swords; all thought forms are cut off automatically, inherently, if there is any chaff of evil remaining. ‘evil’ is a combination of the force in the world and the consciousness which gives it power. when we realize the purpose something serves, we can sweeten it at its root. when we realize everything, everything is conspiring for our greatest good, for our collective evolution, we may be of the material that the sword is impenetrable.

Ether – the 5th element – the 5th age – Dibbur – Revelation – Expression – Shavuot

A work in progress – share, react, respond, disseminate!


2014 Aries Ingress Horoscope: Global Revolution Going “Full Throttle”


Since the 5th Century onward there has been a consistent pattern of “X-Events”. “X-Events” can be defined as unexpected major events that have changed the course of history.  Historically “X-Events” have had potent long-term global significance that often occur during the second decade at the start each century. Many of these game-changing historical events have often occurred in the middle part of the decade and correlated to the rise and fall of empires, large-scale military invasions, revolts and social revolutions, political power-struggles of international significance,  unexpected outcomes in military campaigns, religious conflicts, along with the outbreak of major world wars, to name a few. Here is a listing of respective “X-Events” and their respective horoscopes with description:


Late Antiquity - Visigoths Sack Rome for the First Time since 390 BC.Late Antiquity – August 24, 410 In 410 the Visigoths Sack Rome for the first time in over nearly 800 years since 390 BC. This event signified the rapid collapse of the Western…

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For an overview of 2014, see: Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice: Nine Months from Exile to Redemption

For an overview of April’s alignments, see: Grand cardinal cross April 2014 * Activation of the Merkavah (if the inner eye is unblinded via the Likui/Eclipse Light) & ascension in light of superficial flaws (tzaraat)

For an overview of the unique alignments of 2014-2015, see: The Cosmic Clock – Part 2: The Eclipse Sequence of 2014-2015

For an overview of full moon and new moon dates for 2014 see: 2014 – New and Full moon Dates and Kabbalistic Significance


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Taking stock of the Eclipse’s Effects: Counting the Omer

The light of the eclipse will be integrated over the 49 days of the Omer count, but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to enjoy the effects and the gateways that are open right under our noses (or above them to be precise).

i’m now convinced that the way portals in the multiverse open, is the lower dimension frequency becomes so unbearable due to the disjuncture between the energies and potentialities coming in and the reality presenting itself that the being creates an energetic opening inside reality with the power of their own consciousness that they have been harnessing with practice and skips into one of the higher dimensions that opened, and that this happened since the eclipse


For the 49 days of the Omer Count as a way to integrate the light of the eclipse into our reality, see here.

Here is the daily Omer Prayer:

NOTE: This prayer is formatted for the night of Thursday April 17th. Please visit this link for the prayer accustomed to the daily count. The prayer is to be said at dark after three stars have appeared in the heavens. If it is missed at night it can be said the following day.


Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the counting of the Omer.


Today is three days of the Omer.

May the Merciful One restore unto us the service of the Bet Hamikdash to its place, speedily in our days; Amen, Selah.

For the Choirmaster; a song with instrumental music; a Psalm. May God be gracious to us and bless us; may He make His countenance shine upon us forever; that Your way be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations. The nations will extol You, O God; all the nations will extol You. The nations will rejoice and sing for joy, for You will judge the peoples justly and guide the nations on earth forever. The peoples will extol You, O God; all the peoples will extol You, for the earth will have yielded its produce and God, our God, will bless us. God will bless us; and all, from the farthest corners of the earth, shall fear Him.

We implore You, by the great power of Your right hand, release the captive. Accept the prayer of Your people; strengthen us, purify us, Awesome One. Mighty One, we beseech You, guard as the apple of the eye those who seek Your Oneness. Bless them, cleanse them; bestow upon them forever Your merciful righteousness. Powerful, Holy One, in Your abounding goodness, guide Your congregation. Only and Exalted One, turn to Your people who are mindful of Your holiness. Accept our supplication and hear our cry, You who knows secret thoughts. Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

Master of the universe, You have commanded us through Moses Your servant to count Sefirat Ha-Omer, in order to purify us from our evil and uncleanness. As You have written in Your Torah, “You shall count for yourselves from the day following the day of rest, from the day on which you bring the Omer as a wave-offering; [the counting] shall be for seven full weeks. Until the day following the seventh week shall you count fifty days,” so that the souls of Your people Israel may be cleansed from their defilement. Therefore, may it be Your will, Lord our God and God of our fathers, that in the merit of the Sefirat Ha-Omer which I counted today, the blemish that I have caused in the sefirah {Tiferes ShebeChesed} be rectified and I may be purified and sanctified with supernal holiness. May abundant bounty thereby be bestowed upon all the worlds. May it rectify our nefesh, ruach and neshamah from every baseness and defect, and may it purify and sanctify us with Your supernal holiness. Amen, selah.




Aug 21, 2017 Total **Solar** Eclipse at the Lion’s Heart Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul 5777



the star Regulus (the Heart of the Lion, the Lawgiver), its “lens,” serves as the regulator of Sirian energy to the earth


Asteroid (163) Erigone occults Regulus
March 20, 2014
~6:07 UT
(2:07 a.m. EDT)


Solstice 2014 – After a momentary occultation by Erigone, the opening of the faucet of the revelation of the hidden light of the Annointed One here on earth


Elul 5777 – The United States witnesses a total solar eclipse at Regulus; the dawn of a new era; Yovel


The astrology of a ‘separation event’ and ‘end times’

the Uranus-Pluto squares of our times (now) and the eclipse sequence of today are a repeat of the 60’s but this time playing out their shadow side, tying up the loose ends. What appeared idyllic then, is now being tested; what was pined for as peace and love then, is now showing its subconscious flare; the shaky peace found then, is now being used as fodder for war; the structures built then are being disassembled and now used as rocks to begin a fight. (literally, this is what is currently happening on the Temple Mount).

in christianity there is a schism of sorts between the belief in the rapture and the alternate view that there is no rapture before the tribulation; really this is an ASTRONOMICAL multiverse debate: are we living under (and in an inner state of) a pluto/uranus conjunction, in which the forces are at peace, either due to the naivete of the 1960s aura/era of conjunction or a post-apocalyptic re-synergy of their forces, or are we at the precipice of a gruesome confrontation between the two most powerful forces of our outer solar system (and thus, our psyche).

in our current reality, we can only hope that what is dismantled is for the sake of building, that we will have the eyes to see this, and that through being aware of the greater time frame of the cycle we can draw its ultimate purpose into our present and live now, out of time. THIS and only this is the real possibility of a ‘rapture’ or ‘separation event’ before tribulation, in other words, this is the only hope in stepping into the messianic era in our times, is becoming so aware of the darkness that it gives light inside of our own consciousness, and the square serves its purpose now, enabling us to fast-forward and harness the energy of the complete cycle in the here and now, and merit the unity that arrives after division, experience the ‘separation event’ which is actually none other than all, and i mean ALL, becoming ONE. ECHAD.


Uranus/Pluto conjunction October 9, 1965 / 13 Tishrei 5725 (Erev Sukkot)

Uranus at the Lion’s back paw; Pluto in the Lion’s tail

Sun at Virgo’s hand; Mercury at Spica



Wider view of sky; Uranus pinpointed



Further reading:

Uranus-Pluto cycles and the storms of history by Palden Jenkins

Uranus and Pluto 2012: Mid-’60s come of age, demand “report card” by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

special thanks to Dee Ziegler of Spiritual Transformation for her comments on the 26,000 year cycle and the grand cross

Astrological chart of Menachem Mendel Schneerson and Gimmel Tammuz, his moment of passing: The dark rift of a Rebbe and of the cosmos

Astrological chart of Menachem Mendel Schneerson and Gimmel Tammuz, his moment of passing: The dark rift of a Rebbe and of the cosmos.

Pluto Retrograde Erev Pesach through Rosh Hashana / First Eclipse of the Blood Moon Tetrad at Midnight of the Passover Seder



Pic Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

5 hours after the Mercury-Pluto square, the temporary “stuttering of Moses” for the sake of finding his deep booming prophetic voice to “Let My People Go”, the eclipse occurs at 12:45 am on April 15th (PST).

This is the first of the tetrad of eclipses falling on Passover and Sukkot of 2014 and 2015, a phenomenon that has only occurred 3 times in the past 500 years, and that coincided with huge changes in the Middle East around Israel; The themes of the eclipse will not be foreign as we have been practicing them since the spring equinox; they will however now be *released*

On one side of the sky is the sun, mercury and Uranus, anchoring the initiatory, spinning energy of Aries; on the other is the moon, Mars retrograde and the node, reigning in the former with karmic lessons, all our shadows, and our emotional and sensitive pressure points. ultimately however this stretching has hugely enlargened our vessel for receiving the hidden light of the eclipse, the culminated divine gift of our toil, the revelation-first on a spiritual level in our minds, providing resolution and calm waters, then, on a physical plane, creating a version infused with life paralleling the inner efforts we have made~~we have become Creators, right under our noses. As Within, so Without, with more and more awareness, harnessing of powers, intimate Knowing with our Creators, Guides & Highest Selves, All United in the One Unmoved Mover, the highest standard and power we know.

{On early April 16 a brief Mercury-Mars opposition will again test the extent of our words to contain the New, but fear not; the challenge-synthesis rate is ever rapidly decreasing. Offer a prayer when the going gets tough and watch the magic of the Pheonix peer through in your reality. Let your life speak to you the arrival of the golden age. or at least its magic through you, its harbinger.}




Monday, Erev Pesach, Pluto goes retrograde 5pm EST – peeling back the underworld – those who are used to seeing in the dark will SEE THE UNSEEN ~ APRIL 14 through SEPTEMBER 23 (Equinox)

Pluto goes under ~ Pluto retrograde goes UNDER/THROUGH the UNcovering ~ the ‘INNER EARTH’ is the ‘limit’

the HEARTH of all structures becomes the focal point


pheonix drawing her WINGS back to rise on fall EQUNOX

{erev pesach ~ fast of the firstborn}

Pluto retrograde ends on Rosh Hashana 5775. More on the significance of 5775 here:

…Rosh Hashana 5775 also marks 12:36 on the cosmic clock, the significance of which is explained here. 5775 is a year of revelation of some sort. It features three eclipses aligned with three major turning points in the year: Sukkot in the fall on the full moon of the solar Libra transit, the 1st of Nissan, which is parallel to 1 Aries, and Passover, the full moon of the solar Aries transit…. from: Cosmic Clock Pt 2

…The other is Rosh Hashana of the Jewish year 5775, or Sep 25-26, 2014. This day will represent 12:36 on the cosmic clock and could speed things up in a big way. Thirty-six is a number laden with symbolism in the Jewish tradition. It signifies the hidden thirty-six righteous individuals who sustain the existence of the world through their supreme righteousness. The word “eleh” אלה in Hebrew is numerically equivalent to 36. Eleh means “these” and is associated with the revelation and presentation of that which has been concealed in mystery or shielded from view. Furthermore every thirty-six minutes on the cosmic clock correspond to a quarter decade of history, and thus this time will mark one-tenth of our way from noon to the onset of the Sabbath…. from: Cosmic Clock Pt 1

* Grand cardinal cross April 2014 * Activation of the Merkavah (if the inner eye is unblinded via the Likui/Eclipse Light) & ascension in light of superficial flaws (tzaraat)

On 4-4, the new crescent moon was conjunct the royal star Aldebaran, also known as the Pineal Gland of the Sky. Essentially this opened up our Yechidah, the highest level of our soul, the level embedded and permanently anchored in the Highest levels of the Divine Essence. It is the singularity point, the place we know as Home. Home can be here on here on earth, is essentially the essence of all prophecy.

This navel point of the sky was also touched upon in the spring of 2012 on the new moon of Sivan on May 20, 2012. There was a unique alignment that was acknowledged by some Jewish bloggers as the sign. However, there were certain conditions missing that did not materialize in 2013, but are now materializing and have literally just begun.

The 4-4 gateway was the “Go” button based on the sacred essence of the number four. For some of us we have been seeing 4’s and 1’s for the past several weeks. Four is the number of the ancient matriarchs whose energy and spiritual legacy will become fully available during the grand cross as signified by the Saturn-Jupiter-Venus water trine. This also pulls the strings on God as Mother who cannot but turn to her crying infant, there is no deliberation, only certainty of Redemption. It is irrelevant if the mother is annoyed or angry, her Essence is compassion and her Essence is immediately expressed in physicality, like prayers answered with little or no delay.

Putting the violence aside, there to sensationalize, see how the new trailer for the film ‘Lucy’ hints again at the supernatural destiny for our psyche which has always contained this potential.

The 4-4 gateway we have already entered, and the grand cross between 4 power points, hint at the the four points of two intersecting pyramids crating an 8-point merkabah:


The Zohar teaches that the patriarchs Abraham Isaac and jacob were the Merkavah (using the language hen hen ~ they themselves). These spiritual giants ~ ascended masters ~ reached a level of such ethical spiritual and multidimensional subtlety of translucence that they themselves, i.e. their very own physical bodies, skin and flesh, became a carrying piece, a vehicle with the aspect of complete receptivity, for the divine presence. LO bashamyim hi, it is not in the sky, this chariot, it is here on earth, here in us.

But how are be to reach this lofty level, when we still clearly have such a way to go, tripping and stumbling daily in our perfection?

The answer lies in the nature of the level that we are intended to purify in this generation:

Consummate Perfection and Superficial Flaws

Our Sages ask: “What is Mashiach’s name?” and reply “The leper of the House of Rebbi.” This is very difficult to understand. Mashiach will initiate the Redemption, and is associated with the pinnacle of life and vitality. How can his name be linked with leprosy (tzaraas), which is identified with death and exile?

This difficulty can be resolved based on the statements of Likkutei Torah, which explain that a person affected by tzaraas will be:

A man of great stature, of consummate perfection….Although such a person’s conduct is desirable, and he has corrected everything,… it is still possible that on the flesh of his skin there will be lower levels on which evil has not been refined. This will result in physical signs on his flesh, in a way which transcends the natural order….

Since the filth on the periphery of his garments has not been refined, therefore [blemishes] appear on his skin…. Moreover, these blemishes reflect very high levels, as indicated by the fact that they are not considered impure until they have been designated as such by a priest.

The passage implies that there are sublime spiritual influences which, because of the lack of appropriate vessels (as evidenced by the “filth on the periphery”), can produce negative effects. For when powerful energy is released without being harnessed, it can cause injury. This is the reason for the tzaraas with which Mashiach is afflicted.

Mashiach’s Name by Eli Touger

Adapted from
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VII, p. 100ff;
Vol. XXII, p. 77ff; Parshas Tazria, 5751;
Sefer HaSichos 5751, p. 491ff

This is not a time to dwell on our imperfections; our imperfections are symptoms of an ailment whose remedy is dripping down like dew in our subtle being’s awareness. This dew will develop into a flood, as prophecied by all prophets across all cultures of our era of concealed separation for the sake of revelation and unprecedented glorification.

The eclipse between now and the grand cross reveals the hidden light also known as Nogah. Nogah is the Hebrew name for Venus, also known in mystery traditions as the Light-Bearer. Nogah contains a type of light which is light emitted from darkness, it’s light was concealed in the days before creation and reserved for the righteous so it would not be manipulated. Of course hiding something does not work and so this hidden light was hidden in plain sight ~ in P’nei El ~ the Pineal – the seat of Da’at.



The Hebrew word for eclipse is Likui which is a catch-all phrase for lack, the negative aspect of existence which is atid, destined to be illuminated like the moon is illuminated each month. The Talmud teaches that God has taken the concealment of this light upon himself and plans to atone for it “personally”, fully “paying back the dues” in a way that will make the concealment reasonable like a mother feels after childbirth.

The Likui is also the void discussed by rebbe Nachman which was the initial step or conditionality in the creation process. This is the primordial energy buzzing within all matter and essentially providing the possibility within the illusion to reveal truth.

When we activate the inner eye, Knowing that which arrives via special delivery through the soul’s channels, and use the times of darkness (eclipses) to appreciate the blinding of the normal light – the light that actually conceals, we will be ready in due time, by April 22nd, for our multiple-lifetime guaranteed flight vehicle, our Merkavah – which essentially means, we will be catapulted beyond our level like the Israelites who left Israel hastily at midnight to a level at which we are translucent of all or surface flaws and complete conductors for the state if grace which has been earned by participants in our genetic code who did the hard work and which we have earned as well through our travails that humbled us to fit into these eternal garments.

We are told that the future redemption will be different thanl eaving Egypt because as in the exodus this activation from the outside will become integrated and we too will hold the light switch. This process will germinate for none months – from now through the winter solstice. Your inner eye knows the signposts along the way and the necessity and unconditionally of this journey. It is out if time and manifesting in time, the paradox of Virgo – the interace of flesh and soul – the embodiment if the divine presence, the Third Temple.


Gladden us with its arrival and engage us with its preservation. Are new us like days of old; a new light shall shine in Zion; redeem us in the end like in the beginning that I may know God. This is the 11th sefira, that knows Godliness after submission & translucence:

May our heart hear the daily call and trust in the most high and un breakable force of Hope and salvation past present and future



See also:



Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice: Nine Months from Exile to Redemption



***** NOTE ***** This post is always updating…please check back for updates!!!



The following is based on the 120-day cycle of the Torah:

On 7 Sivan, Moses went up onto the mountain . . . On 17 Tammuz, the tablets were broken. On the 18th, he burned the [Golden] Calf and judged the transgressors. On the 19th, he went up for forty days and pleaded for mercy. On 1 Elul, he went up to receive the second tablets, and was there for forty days. On 10 Tishrei, G‑d restored His goodwill with the Jewish people gladly and wholeheartedly, saying to Moses, “I have forgiven, as you ask,” and gave him the Second Tablets.

~ Rashi zy”a


Ten Stages / Sefirot:


0. Keter ~ 1 Nissan ~ Rosh Chodesh Nissan

New biblical year begins with the sanctification of the new month at the new crescent moon


The waning crescent moon in the early hours of 4/4 was conjunct Aldebarran, the P’nei-El gland, the seat of the soul.


This is a highly symbolic placement


See more from Maribell the Cosmic Weather Girl

The new moon also coincided with a conjunction of the sun and Uranus (midnight 4/2)



1. Chochmah: Passover / blood moon

The lunar eclipse peaks at midnight on the West Coast USA at the peak of the Passover seder (chatzot / afikoman):

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 3.32.02 AM

For more on the blood moon eclipse see:

The Cosmic Clock – Part 2: The Eclipse Sequence of 2014-2015

The Beginning – April 15th Blood Moon – Pleiades


Lions and Tigers and Blood Moons, Oh My!: The Lunar Eclipse Tetrad of 2014-2015


2. Binah: Omer Count 7 weeks

** 7th day of Omer ~ 8th Day of Passover ~ Grand Cross **


The grand cross carries with it its own activation Key ~~ the rise of the feminine aspect of authority, tapping on ancient legacies, calling on Mother God’s love, like a mother turns to her crying child. This is like the wildcard of history, when the going gets really tough, its a job for mom; the severity opens up the highest gateway of compassion and the indwellingness of God’s love in our world and in Us

20140403-215704.jpgScreenshot above taken from Grand Cross: Quantum Potential VIDEO

Video by Simone M. Matthews — Full materials here at her website, Universal Life Tools


3. Da’at: Shavuot

* 1st 40 days begins *

June 5 ~ Sivan 7

** June 13 – Sivan 15 ~ Full moon Sagittarius **

Sivan 17 ~ June 15 ~ End of the Flood Waters ~ Dry Land ~ Grounding in True Self ~ Mystic Rectangle



4. Chesed: 17 Tammuz

Externally, the fast day of 17 Tammuz is a matter of punishment. But the inner aspect of the fast — which is the aspect of the fast that will be revealed when Moshiach comes — is a day of joy and happiness and a festive time. Which means that it is not an instance of punishment which brings about the geulah, but rather that the fast itself is at its inner core a matter of joy and happiness. This reveals that even the aspect of punishment associated with the day comes from the Almighty’s love for Jews, as expressed in the analogy of “a great and awesome king who himself in all his glory washes the filth from his only son due to his great love for him,” as stated in the posuk “When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion” (Yeshayahu 4:4).

Likutei Sichos 18:313 (free translation)

13 July 2014 ~ 15 Tammuz (Yartzeit ~ Day of Transition ~ of the Ohr HaChaim ha Kadosh)

July 13 2014 – Mars conjunct Spica


17 Tammuz 5774 ~ July 15, 2014

The fast of the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, known as Shivah Asar B’Tammuz, is the start of a three-week mourning period for the destruction of Jerusalem and the two Holy Temples.

The fast actually commemorates five tragic events that occurred on this date:

  1. Moses broke the tablets when he saw the Jewish people worshipping the Golden Calf.
  2. During the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, the Jews were forced to cease offering the daily sacrifices due to the lack of sheep.
  3. Apostomos burned the holy Torah.1
  4. An idol was placed in the Holy Temple.2
  5. The walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans, in 69 CE, after a lengthy siege. (Three weeks later, after the Jews put up a valiant struggle, the Romans destroyed the second Holy Temple on the 9th of Av.)
    The Jerusalem Talmud maintains that this is also the date when the Babylonians breached the walls of Jerusalem on their way to destroying the first Temple.

July 16, 2014 – Jupiter enters Leo – the Golden Age


 In 5775: Tammuz 17 is July 4th, 2015

In 1776: July 4th = Tammuz 17 5536


5. Gevurah: Tisha b’Av

August 5th is the 9th of Av or day of the destruction of the Temple on the Jewish calendar,
a perennial day of destruction and rebirth.


6. Tiferet: “Eit Ratzon” A Moment of Divine Will

August 12-15 (Av 16-19) Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter in Leo



7. Netzach: Rosh HaShana

 ** Rosh Hashana 5775 ~ 1 Tishrei ~ September 25, 2014 **

 * September 23 – Fall Equinox *


8. Hod: Yom Kippur

 * Yom Kippur 5775 ~ October 4th 2014 (10/4/14) *


9. Yesod: Sukkot

 ** Second Blood moon eclipse ~ First Night of Sukkot – October 8th **

Eclipse seen from the sukkah on west coast USA

Sun in Virgo 10/8; where moon was during first eclipse:



Moon in Virgo 4/15

Sky 4/15/2014 Midnight


10. Malkhut: Solstice / Chanukah

12/21 Solstice ~ Chanukah December 16-24

Olympic ring malfunction reads 88*



Wayne Hershel – As Above So Below / Menorah


* ** * *** ** * ** *

 In conclusion…

“The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun; the light of the sun shall be sevenfold the light of seven days.” (Isaiah 30:26)

In the future, the light of the moon will equal the light of the sun, and both will be sevenfold the light that was revealed during the inauguration of the First Temple. Accordingly, the moon will not need to receive its light from the sun, for it too will be a luminary.

Certainly [the verse refers to] the seven days of inauguration (Hannukah), for then the world will be completely rectified and the moon will return to its fullness without blemish [just as it was in the days of the First Temple].

And when will this be? At the time of which it is written, “He will destroy death forever” (Isaiah 25:8) [and life will be eternal]. “On that day G-d will be One and His Name One.” (Zachariah 14:9)



The people of Israel, says the Zohar, mark time with the moon because they emulate the moon. Like the moon, the nation dips and soars through history, his regressions and defeats but preludes to yet another rebirth, yet another renewal. The story of the moon is the story of a nation, and the story of every productive life: lack fuels initiative, setbacks stimulate growth, and one’s highest achievements are born out of moments of diminution and depreciation.

There are two perspectives from which the lunar cycle may be viewed: from the perspective of the moon’s illumination of the earth, or from the perspective of the moon’s relationship with the source of its light, the sun. Viewed from the first perspective, the moon undergoes changes and dimunitions, achieving its full luminary potential only after an arduous climb of fifteen days, and then waning to nothingness in the course of the latter half of the month. Viewed from the second perspective, the moon, of course, is never “diminished”: it remains the same size throughout its orbit, and the light of the sun bathes its surface at all times. Indeed, the very point at which the moon is completely dark (and thus “non-existent”) to the earthly observer is the apex of the moon’s relationship with the sun—the point at which the sun’s illumination of the moon is at its brightest and most intense.

~ The Sixteenth Increment



יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך השמיח לעולם ועד

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

עד מתי

ווי וואנט משיח נאוו

הראנו בבנינו ושמחנו בתיקונו אכי״ר