* Grand cardinal cross April 2014 * Activation of the Merkavah (if the inner eye is unblinded via the Likui/Eclipse Light) & ascension in light of superficial flaws (tzaraat)

On 4-4, the new crescent moon was conjunct the royal star Aldebaran, also known as the Pineal Gland of the Sky. Essentially this opened up our Yechidah, the highest level of our soul, the level embedded and permanently anchored in the Highest levels of the Divine Essence. It is the singularity point, the place we know as Home. Home can be here on here on earth, is essentially the essence of all prophecy.

This navel point of the sky was also touched upon in the spring of 2012 on the new moon of Sivan on May 20, 2012. There was a unique alignment that was acknowledged by some Jewish bloggers as the sign. However, there were certain conditions missing that did not materialize in 2013, but are now materializing and have literally just begun.

The 4-4 gateway was the “Go” button based on the sacred essence of the number four. For some of us we have been seeing 4’s and 1’s for the past several weeks. Four is the number of the ancient matriarchs whose energy and spiritual legacy will become fully available during the grand cross as signified by the Saturn-Jupiter-Venus water trine. This also pulls the strings on God as Mother who cannot but turn to her crying infant, there is no deliberation, only certainty of Redemption. It is irrelevant if the mother is annoyed or angry, her Essence is compassion and her Essence is immediately expressed in physicality, like prayers answered with little or no delay.

Putting the violence aside, there to sensationalize, see how the new trailer for the film ‘Lucy’ hints again at the supernatural destiny for our psyche which has always contained this potential.

The 4-4 gateway we have already entered, and the grand cross between 4 power points, hint at the the four points of two intersecting pyramids crating an 8-point merkabah:


The Zohar teaches that the patriarchs Abraham Isaac and jacob were the Merkavah (using the language hen hen ~ they themselves). These spiritual giants ~ ascended masters ~ reached a level of such ethical spiritual and multidimensional subtlety of translucence that they themselves, i.e. their very own physical bodies, skin and flesh, became a carrying piece, a vehicle with the aspect of complete receptivity, for the divine presence. LO bashamyim hi, it is not in the sky, this chariot, it is here on earth, here in us.

But how are be to reach this lofty level, when we still clearly have such a way to go, tripping and stumbling daily in our perfection?

The answer lies in the nature of the level that we are intended to purify in this generation:

Consummate Perfection and Superficial Flaws

Our Sages ask: “What is Mashiach’s name?” and reply “The leper of the House of Rebbi.” This is very difficult to understand. Mashiach will initiate the Redemption, and is associated with the pinnacle of life and vitality. How can his name be linked with leprosy (tzaraas), which is identified with death and exile?

This difficulty can be resolved based on the statements of Likkutei Torah, which explain that a person affected by tzaraas will be:

A man of great stature, of consummate perfection….Although such a person’s conduct is desirable, and he has corrected everything,… it is still possible that on the flesh of his skin there will be lower levels on which evil has not been refined. This will result in physical signs on his flesh, in a way which transcends the natural order….

Since the filth on the periphery of his garments has not been refined, therefore [blemishes] appear on his skin…. Moreover, these blemishes reflect very high levels, as indicated by the fact that they are not considered impure until they have been designated as such by a priest.

The passage implies that there are sublime spiritual influences which, because of the lack of appropriate vessels (as evidenced by the “filth on the periphery”), can produce negative effects. For when powerful energy is released without being harnessed, it can cause injury. This is the reason for the tzaraas with which Mashiach is afflicted.

Mashiach’s Name by Eli Touger

Adapted from
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VII, p. 100ff;
Vol. XXII, p. 77ff; Parshas Tazria, 5751;
Sefer HaSichos 5751, p. 491ff

This is not a time to dwell on our imperfections; our imperfections are symptoms of an ailment whose remedy is dripping down like dew in our subtle being’s awareness. This dew will develop into a flood, as prophecied by all prophets across all cultures of our era of concealed separation for the sake of revelation and unprecedented glorification.

The eclipse between now and the grand cross reveals the hidden light also known as Nogah. Nogah is the Hebrew name for Venus, also known in mystery traditions as the Light-Bearer. Nogah contains a type of light which is light emitted from darkness, it’s light was concealed in the days before creation and reserved for the righteous so it would not be manipulated. Of course hiding something does not work and so this hidden light was hidden in plain sight ~ in P’nei El ~ the Pineal – the seat of Da’at.



The Hebrew word for eclipse is Likui which is a catch-all phrase for lack, the negative aspect of existence which is atid, destined to be illuminated like the moon is illuminated each month. The Talmud teaches that God has taken the concealment of this light upon himself and plans to atone for it “personally”, fully “paying back the dues” in a way that will make the concealment reasonable like a mother feels after childbirth.

The Likui is also the void discussed by rebbe Nachman which was the initial step or conditionality in the creation process. This is the primordial energy buzzing within all matter and essentially providing the possibility within the illusion to reveal truth.

When we activate the inner eye, Knowing that which arrives via special delivery through the soul’s channels, and use the times of darkness (eclipses) to appreciate the blinding of the normal light – the light that actually conceals, we will be ready in due time, by April 22nd, for our multiple-lifetime guaranteed flight vehicle, our Merkavah – which essentially means, we will be catapulted beyond our level like the Israelites who left Israel hastily at midnight to a level at which we are translucent of all or surface flaws and complete conductors for the state if grace which has been earned by participants in our genetic code who did the hard work and which we have earned as well through our travails that humbled us to fit into these eternal garments.

We are told that the future redemption will be different thanl eaving Egypt because as in the exodus this activation from the outside will become integrated and we too will hold the light switch. This process will germinate for none months – from now through the winter solstice. Your inner eye knows the signposts along the way and the necessity and unconditionally of this journey. It is out if time and manifesting in time, the paradox of Virgo – the interace of flesh and soul – the embodiment if the divine presence, the Third Temple.


Gladden us with its arrival and engage us with its preservation. Are new us like days of old; a new light shall shine in Zion; redeem us in the end like in the beginning that I may know God. This is the 11th sefira, that knows Godliness after submission & translucence:

May our heart hear the daily call and trust in the most high and un breakable force of Hope and salvation past present and future



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  1. B”H!

    “Gladden us with its arrival and engage us with its preservation. Are new us like days of old; a new light shall shine in Zion; redeem us in the end like in the beginning that I may know God. This is the 11th sefira, that knows Godliness after submission & translucence:

    May our heart hear the daily call and trust in the most high and unbreakable force of Hope and salvation past present and future” <=== BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. http://wonder-tree.com/astrology1.htm

    info by Osher lin- The Wonder-tree method spiritual consultant http://wonder-tree.com/ – translated by me:

    ARIES ~ in Hebrew ~ TALEH

    numerological number ~ 1
    element ~ fire
    quality ~ dominant
    spiritual family ~ electric
    Cosmic code ~ Genesis
    ruling planet ~ MARS
    Sefira on the tree of Life ~ Chesed (Lovingkindness~Expansion)
    Dimension ~ Wisdom
    Body ~ Head
    Karmic connection ~ Scorpio
    Complementary sign ~ Libra
    Letter ~ Hey
    Tarot card ~ Emperor
    Vibration ~ 1
    Kabbalistic code ~ Seed
    Path on Tree of Life ~ from Keter to Chochmah (Direct Light / Right Pillar)
    Astrological house ~ Personality

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