Pluto Retrograde Erev Pesach through Rosh Hashana / First Eclipse of the Blood Moon Tetrad at Midnight of the Passover Seder



Pic Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

5 hours after the Mercury-Pluto square, the temporary “stuttering of Moses” for the sake of finding his deep booming prophetic voice to “Let My People Go”, the eclipse occurs at 12:45 am on April 15th (PST).

This is the first of the tetrad of eclipses falling on Passover and Sukkot of 2014 and 2015, a phenomenon that has only occurred 3 times in the past 500 years, and that coincided with huge changes in the Middle East around Israel; The themes of the eclipse will not be foreign as we have been practicing them since the spring equinox; they will however now be *released*

On one side of the sky is the sun, mercury and Uranus, anchoring the initiatory, spinning energy of Aries; on the other is the moon, Mars retrograde and the node, reigning in the former with karmic lessons, all our shadows, and our emotional and sensitive pressure points. ultimately however this stretching has hugely enlargened our vessel for receiving the hidden light of the eclipse, the culminated divine gift of our toil, the revelation-first on a spiritual level in our minds, providing resolution and calm waters, then, on a physical plane, creating a version infused with life paralleling the inner efforts we have made~~we have become Creators, right under our noses. As Within, so Without, with more and more awareness, harnessing of powers, intimate Knowing with our Creators, Guides & Highest Selves, All United in the One Unmoved Mover, the highest standard and power we know.

{On early April 16 a brief Mercury-Mars opposition will again test the extent of our words to contain the New, but fear not; the challenge-synthesis rate is ever rapidly decreasing. Offer a prayer when the going gets tough and watch the magic of the Pheonix peer through in your reality. Let your life speak to you the arrival of the golden age. or at least its magic through you, its harbinger.}




Monday, Erev Pesach, Pluto goes retrograde 5pm EST – peeling back the underworld – those who are used to seeing in the dark will SEE THE UNSEEN ~ APRIL 14 through SEPTEMBER 23 (Equinox)

Pluto goes under ~ Pluto retrograde goes UNDER/THROUGH the UNcovering ~ the ‘INNER EARTH’ is the ‘limit’

the HEARTH of all structures becomes the focal point


pheonix drawing her WINGS back to rise on fall EQUNOX

{erev pesach ~ fast of the firstborn}

Pluto retrograde ends on Rosh Hashana 5775. More on the significance of 5775 here:

…Rosh Hashana 5775 also marks 12:36 on the cosmic clock, the significance of which is explained here. 5775 is a year of revelation of some sort. It features three eclipses aligned with three major turning points in the year: Sukkot in the fall on the full moon of the solar Libra transit, the 1st of Nissan, which is parallel to 1 Aries, and Passover, the full moon of the solar Aries transit…. from: Cosmic Clock Pt 2

…The other is Rosh Hashana of the Jewish year 5775, or Sep 25-26, 2014. This day will represent 12:36 on the cosmic clock and could speed things up in a big way. Thirty-six is a number laden with symbolism in the Jewish tradition. It signifies the hidden thirty-six righteous individuals who sustain the existence of the world through their supreme righteousness. The word “eleh” אלה in Hebrew is numerically equivalent to 36. Eleh means “these” and is associated with the revelation and presentation of that which has been concealed in mystery or shielded from view. Furthermore every thirty-six minutes on the cosmic clock correspond to a quarter decade of history, and thus this time will mark one-tenth of our way from noon to the onset of the Sabbath…. from: Cosmic Clock Pt 1


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