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For an overview of 2014, see: Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice: Nine Months from Exile to Redemption

For an overview of April’s alignments, see: Grand cardinal cross April 2014 * Activation of the Merkavah (if the inner eye is unblinded via the Likui/Eclipse Light) & ascension in light of superficial flaws (tzaraat)

For an overview of the unique alignments of 2014-2015, see: The Cosmic Clock – Part 2: The Eclipse Sequence of 2014-2015

For an overview of full moon and new moon dates for 2014 see: 2014 – New and Full moon Dates and Kabbalistic Significance


Welcome to Kabbalah Astrology!

Above are some posts that will help you get a bird’s eye view on the alignments and significance of our times. (If you’ve been following this blog or have been here before, feel free to skip and check the latest blog post below!)

If you want to be notified each time I post updates, feel free to follow the blog. You can also friend me on facebook, where I post frequently about astrology, Kabbalah, the calendar and lots more!

For personal consultations, see my Specials. You can see sample readings here, and you contact me or donate for a reading here. {Due to personal reasons I am not currently available for personal readings but you can write me to be put on a waiting list or make special requests.}

Also, be sure to check out the Resources section, with some great online materials for your own journey in Kabbalah and the calendar of creation through your chart. Also, see the Q&A section for a brief description of the methodology of Kabbalah Astrology.


~ Ayala


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