Back to Eden: A Cosmic ‘Perfect Storm’ of Reality & Conscious Awareness


Has the messianic era already begun, and how to make sure you don’t miss the bandwagon ~

On the idea of consciousness AFFECTING how we will experience huge upheavals coming.

aka: On the difference between there being a ‘separation event’ before great changes in the world vs. the other way around.

But … maybe they are the same thing, and what matters is, how we understand what is happening.

But why is this relationship between consciousness and reality happening now?

Has it always been this way or is something bizarre happening to the timeline?

Is this the ‘messianic era’ that has always been prophecied?

Has a change ALREADY occurred in reality that we only need to awaken to?

So it’s a combination of a change out there (that has already happened), and a change inside our own mind’s eye?

I believe mystics have always been able to tap into this, but it seems the world is now providing an opportunity for humanity to do this en masse?

In jewish eschatology 1990 was the beginning of a time category in Jewish law (metaphorical) called “noon on Friday” i.e. the sixth millenium, which began in 1240. From noon the sun begins to descend from its highest point, i.e. strongest point (height of concealment parallel to binary star apogee/darkest yuga), from there, towards the horizon, where at sunset a new day/era begins. Only that on friday throughout the hours of noon to sunset (1990 and on) there are incremental categories where you could say the next day (sabbath / the messianic era) has already begun. in 2011, the category of “half past noon” began, and in Jewish law (think metaphorically-open your mind’s eye) this is the hour after which it is actually forbidden to have a store open, i.e. the reality of the sabbath era ALREADY APPLIES – but look – it has to do with CONSCIOUSNESS, i.e. if you don’t act as if sabbath has begun, it hasn’t, so it has everything to do with our behavior and only a little to do with reality. But the law says, if you have your shop open on friday past half noon (2011), you have effectively broken the sabbath, so you could say objectively (legally) the sabbath has begun. The sabbath being the era where we are godlike, 100%.

So basically, if we do not act and embrace being godlike (pineal opening) after 2011, we are in effect on the wrong side of the fence, even though this has been forbidden for all of history, precisely so that now it would be done right.

{ And this was adam’s original error, that he did not wait until sunset to eat from the tree. }

We were ALWAYS destined to eat from the tree of knowledge. our creator(s) wanted us to have the capacity to cope with the stricture inherent in the full gamut of reality, like an infant’s digestive system that must mature. Hence history and maturity and the trials we face in our own psyche lives and national and global narrative.

But now, it is a mitzvah to bring in the sabbath early, and this is the era to do so. however, in the most paradoxical of ways, it is only the era to do so if you live in that era. that is the essence of the liminal time we live in – between half past noon (mincha gedola) and shkia (sunset) on friday (the sixth millenium – the height of Man before he returns to Eden).

basically you can’t enter the garden if you still have to clarify evil in the world or within. this isn’t a forbidden sign, it’s a barrier implicit in eden itself. the entrance is guarded by revolving swords; all thought forms are cut off automatically, inherently, if there is any chaff of evil remaining. ‘evil’ is a combination of the force in the world and the consciousness which gives it power. when we realize the purpose something serves, we can sweeten it at its root. when we realize everything, everything is conspiring for our greatest good, for our collective evolution, we may be of the material that the sword is impenetrable.

Ether – the 5th element – the 5th age – Dibbur – Revelation – Expression – Shavuot

A work in progress – share, react, respond, disseminate!


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  1. kabalista: “Britain, France deploy 8 fighter jets to Lithuania and Poland” {And this was adam’s original error, that he did not wait until sunset to eat from the tree.}

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