Increasing the Experience of Oneness (Gnosis) through the Incorporation of Paradox and Expansion of Dimensions ~ Mezuzah

the merkabah is the state of perfect knowledge about which it is said
‘Whenever one has knowledge (da’at), it is as though the Temple was built in his days’

there are tools that bridge between the state of total acceptance and willingness to go through anything the universe brings upon us, and our ability to direct this energy; one of these tools is prayer which begins with gratitude and thus acceptance of what is, becoming one with the all of existence, and bringing down more collective good (healing/miracles) on the way down; the other is performing physical acts that bridge the material and spiritual spheres more quickly and readily than normal, which create mini-portals for accelerated miracles; these include acts of kindness, ethical wholeness, structuring our material environment in alignment with oneness… for issues around a house there is an ancient tradition of putting up a small scroll of text declaring the ultimate oneness of G-d and our commitment to live in alignment with this, and placing this upon the doorways of our home as a metaphor for inscribing this text on all the doorways of our body (eyes/ears/nose/mouth) so that no sensory information can take us away from this ultimate point of gnosis and moreover that our experience of physical reality actually increases our gnosis of the oneness through incorporating paradox and more and more dimensions


And you shall write [the words that I command you today] on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. -Deuteronomy 6:9, 11:19


Photo Dan Raber, Loudon TN

Cyrus Gordon (1995) proposes that the Los Lunas Decalogue is in fact a Samaritan mezuzah. The familiar Jewish mezuzah is a tiny scroll placed in a small container mounted by the entrance to a house. The ancient Samaritan mezuzah, on the other hand, was commonly a large stone slab placed by the gateway to a property or synagogue, and bearing an abridged version of the Decalogue. Gordon proposes that the most likely age of the Los Lunas inscription is the Byzantine period. ~ las lunnas stone

For more information about mezuzot or to purchase valid scrolls for a mezuzah online, visit the Jewish FAQ or S.T.A.M. website.

More from Jewish FAQ:

The mitzvah to place mezuzot on the doorposts of our houses is derived from Deut. 6:4-9, a passage commonly known as the Shema (Heb: Hear, from the first word of the passage). In that passage, G-d commands us to keep His words constantly in our minds and in our hearts by (among other things) writing them on the doorposts of our house. The words of the Shema are written on a tiny scroll of parchment, along with the words of a companion passage, Deut. 11:13-21. On the back of the scroll, a name of G-d is written. The scroll is then rolled up and placed in the case, so that the first letter of the Name (the letter Shin) is visible (or, more commonly, the letter Shin is written on the outside of the case).


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  1. We will experience Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014. The day before the sun will be opposing Saturn, which will trigger the water trine of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. This is nice energy. Then on Mother’s day the moon will again trigger the cardinal cross. At the Wesak full moon festival on May 14th some people will graduate to a higher frequency. This happens every year as people progress to different levels. It’s like going to school, one step at a time. ~ Mahala Gayle

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