May 16-June 5: The End of the Tree: Hod, Yesod, Malchut (Astrological Kabbalistic correspondences); Also: June/July Preview


May 16 // Tiferet of Hod // Truth in Surrender // Balance in Nothingness

May 17 // Shabbat // Parashat Bechukotai // Jeremiah 16-17

May 18 Lag Baomer – 33 day of Omer – Day of Passing of R’ Shimon bar Yochai, author of the kabbalistic text The Zohar – the day of Hod of Hod – the turning point in the Omer from Mourning to Joy

May 19 Mars goes direct 6:32pm PST @ 9 Libra 2′ tropical (Yesod-Bonding/Root Power of Hod-Surrender/Nothingness)

May 20 Sun/Pleiades conjunction // Sun enters Gemini 8pm PST (Malchut-End/Manifestation of Hod)


New era/chapter begins

Last Quarter Moon
May 21
12:59 UT / 6am PST

May 21 – May 27 ~ Week of YESOD

Meteor Shower night of May 23-24 (Tiferet of Yesod)

Pope Francis visits Israel

FULL ITINERARY OF PAPAL VISIT [middle east times are 10 hours ahead of PST; 7 hours ahead of EST]
Saturday, May 24, 2014

8:15Departure from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Amman

Sunday, May 25, 2014
08:30 – Departure by helicopter from the Queen Alia airport in Amman to Bethlehem
10:00 – Meeting with Palestinian Authority– Address of the Holy Father
11:00 – Holy Mass in Manger Square in Bethlehem. Homily of His Holiness
16:00 – Departure by helicopter from the heliport of Bethlehem for Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv
16:30 – Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. Address of the Holy Father
17:15 – Transfer by helicopter to Jerusalem
19.00 – Ecumenical Meeting on the 50th anniversary of the meeting between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. Address of the Holy Father
20:15 – Dinner with the Patriarchs and Bishops and the Papal entourage at the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Monday, May 26, 2014 (Yesod of Yesod)
8:15 – Visit to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the building of the Grand Council in the Temple Mount. Address of the Holy Father
17:20 – MASS the Ordinaries of the Holy Land and papal entourage in the room of the Cenacle in Jerusalem. Homily of His Holiness
20:15 – Departure from Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv for the Ciampino airport in Rome
23:00 local time – Arrival at Ciampino airport in Rome
May 28 – June 3 – Closing Loose Ends (Malchut)
May 28 New Moon Sivan (Gemini) 11:40am PST Yom Yerushalayim
5/28 442 pm Sun square Neptune 7deg33′ tropical Gemini/Pisces
5/28 Venus enters Tau 6:45pm pst
Mercury enters cancer 2:19am (Gevura of Malchut – fem/potency of fem/manifest) – water breaks?

5/28 moonset 8:27pm 0.1% illuminated

5/29 moonset 9:19pm (San Francisco) 1.4% illuminated

5/30 moonset 10:06pm 4.7% illuminated

June 2/3 Day 49 Sun-Pluto Moon Yod 12/13 Gem-Cap Leo – ..Revolution window?
First Quarter Moon June 5 20:39 UT / 1:39pm PST
June 7 Mercury Retrograde @ 3 Cancer
Venus/Mars quincunx @ 11 Tau/Libra
June 8 Sun/Saturn quincunx @ 17 Gemini/Scorpio
** These are two unstable and potently charged aspects occurring at the onset of Mercury retrograde **
{{ Feels like ‘rocket launch’ or ‘engine turned on’ }}
..and then.. June 9 Neptune Retrograde @ 7 Pisces 

Similar to the natal retrograde Neptune, the transiting retrograde causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This is possibly a result of augmented intuitive or inner vision that bestows a different and more insightful perspective on matters. ~ Lynn Koiner

Further “Ripple” points in June:
* 6/14 Mars DIRECT Square Pluto @ 12 Libra/Capricorn
* 6/23 Venus opp Saturn @ 17 Tau/Sco
* 6/19 Sun/Mercury conjunction (Mercury Rx) – 3 Cancer
Tidal Wave: June 20 Chiron Retrograde
Sun in Cancer June 20/21
Key Heart/Mind Sync: Venus in Gemini 6/23
Sat, 28 June 2014 = 30th of Sivan, 5774
ל׳ בְּסִיוָן תשע״ד
** July 4th Sun square Pluto @ 12 Cancer/Capricorn ** 
For more June/July aspects see 3 & 4 here

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  1. Quatrain II.41

    The great star for seven days will burn,
    The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
    The big mastiff all night will howl,
    When the great pontiff changes countries.


    The great star will burn for seven days
    and the cloud will make the sun appear double.
    The large mastiff will howl all night
    when the great pontiff changes his abode.

    Line 1 & 2: The great star is a comet, and the cloud the coma. The comet will burn so brightly in the sky it appears that we have two suns. (Alternative translation :’The great star for September days will burn’).
    Since it is visible at the same time as the sun (a daylight comet such as the Great Daylight Comet of 1910) we can conclude it approaches from the sun’s sector of the sky. It’s brightness indicates a close approach.

    Line 3: Nostradamian scholars usually identify the mastiff as representing Britain – so we have a period of national distress in Britain.

    Line 4: Events necessitate the Papacy’s relocation from Italy.

  2. R’ Shlomo Ze’viller

    Rav Shlomo from Ze’vil. His eyes radiate holiness and fear of heaven passed away approximately 60 years ago during the Seffiras Ha’omer, on the day of Yesod she’be’Yesod (in the kabbalistic texts, Yesod represents the Bris).

    Rav Shlomo had open Ru’ach Hakodesh and extremely holy vision. He worked his whole life on the aspect of holiness and purity amongst Yidden and with his own hands–and at his own expense–he built many Mikva’os in Eretz Yisrael. It was also known that he would achieve many miracles and salvations for Klal Yisrael through his immersions in the Mikvah. Many stories are told of him immersing when people needed help, and then, when coming out of the water, he would announce that this person will be Ok or the woman will have a healthy child, or whatever the case may have been…

    The previous Belzer Rebbe, R’Ahron Rokeach, who also had open Ruach Hakodesh, Called R’ Shlomo the “Tzadik Yesod Olam” even during his lifetime (before he passed away on Yesod She’be’Yesod). It seems clear that R’ Shlomo had a soul that was connected to the aspect of “Yesod” – which represents “Shmiras Habris”.

  3. on Shavuot (sunset on June 3- nightfall on June 5) things become very REAL, revealed, manifest… we reap what we have sewn since the eclipse, what has been dormant, becomes materialized

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