Sun conjunct Pleiades at 00′ Gemini: How to use the tropical and sidereal zodiac in harmony and recover the art of sacred timekeeping in the modern day

Here’s a chart for 11pm tomorrow 5/20 in NY when the sun enters Gemini, which is also when the sun is conjunct the Pleiades which are now at 00′ Gemini.


Comment: The interesting Sidereal Zodiac per NASA.
Sort of like a wheel in a wheel concerning the Western Tropical Zodiac.
It reminds me of the Georgian Calendar and the Hebrew calendar
(from WinterStone on GLP)


I consider the sidereal zodiac a helpful tool in a larger toolbox. The problem with sidereal how I see it is that there is no fixed point of reference since everything is moving due to precession. So I find it helpful to use the tropical zodiac for keeping track of the sun and other bodies traversing certain imaginary lines that never move in the celestial sphere and then also keeping track of the movements of the sun and other planets vis a vis the constellations and fixed stars. This is why the Pleiades conjunction with the sun is so important, more so than the sun entering “Gemini”, which is really just where Gemini the constellation was when the Chaldeans invented the zodiac as we know and use it, which has since moved about 22 degrees (1 degree every 72 years).

The sun in sidereal Taurus is a very rich time, this is where aldebaran is, the all seeing eye of the bull, and the Pleiades, which the sun is conjunct tomorrow, and the bull as you know as a whole as a symbol and one of the animals of the chariot. Notwithstanding my comment above the basis of astrology has always been looking at the heavenly bodies and how they appear vis a vis the other stars in the sky! I am just suggesting that we also find a point to tether it all to, and I think we will find that point when we discover the mystery of precession and our sun’s own binary star, i.e. What we are rotating in relation to, and also the polar shift and alignment of our earth’s axis.

Also one last point is that the Mayans were concerned with the Pleiades and in some way this is the true new year.


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  1. We’ve reentered the age of Aquarius in our very recent history, which marks a near completion of the precession of the Equinoxes.

    Last time we were in the Age of Aquarius there were still neanderthals on the earth. There was some kind of mass extinction then, around the last ice age.

    Every 6500 years since then there has been smaller extinction events. At least one of them was a great flood. These occurred in the Age of Aquarius, Age of Scorpio, Age of Leo and Age of Taurus. These are the 4 cardinal signs of the zodiac Ezekiel saw in his vision, the wheel turning within the wheel depicting how we might view the precession of the equinoxes if the zodiac were viewed as a rotating film strip rotating with the earth’s natural orbit. These 4 signs also being important symbolism in the Book of Revelation. They aren’t strictly Christian signs, they have been known by many people, of many races, of many times.

    We live in the times folks. But none of us know the day or hour. We are trying to predict celestial events from our man made concepts of time.

    (Anonymous post from an online forum)

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