May 24th: A Case Study for how to easily draw up an event chart



Q: Maybe you could also do a chart for around NOON on 5-24-2014 in Israel. The Pope will be there then…would love to see what the stars have to say about THAT! (Is this a computer program you use or do you have to pour over volumes of books to make these things? Don’t want to over-tax your skills!) Thanks again!!

A: I actually have a post with the pope’s full schedule since I find this whole visit very interesting. He will be in Jordan on the 24th and in Bethlehem the morning of the 25th and then Jerusalem in the afternoon of the 25th.

Here is a chart anyhow for the 24th at noon in Jerusalem. I’ll be happy to do another for 5/25 in Jerusalem at noon or 5pm.

Pulling up charts is really easy. You go to, then in the left-hand column click Free Horoscopes, then under that Chart Drawing, Ascendant, then it gives you a form to fill in with date, time and place. You can also use the site planetwatcher which pulls up the tropical astrology for any given time but is not location specific.

It gets trickier if you want to get an idea of where the planets are vis a vis the actual constellations in the night sky, which is a narrow stream of astrology called sidereal (the sites above use tropical astrology which uses the fixed divisions of the heavens based on where the constellations were 6,000 years ago). For sidereal astrology I use Stellarium and you have to have an idea ahead of time of what planetary body you want to check. I did see a video on another thread about a rare Venus/moon conjunction the morning of the papal visit which would be interesting to pull up in that program!

Note: Here is some further reading on the context of the Pope’s visit. 4 June (6 Sivan) is the anniversary of the passing of King David, whose burial site is the subject of some controversy leading up to the visit.



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