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August 2014: The runway for the realm-bridging, embedded in our DNA, the necessary outgrowth of the fall

we’ve had a bit of a respite the past few days from sweeping changes, more like rearranging the chairs on the … but in 4 hours mercury enters Leo bringing the planet count there to 3 (goes up to 4 on aug. 12th), a further injunction into the Golden Era. then tonight Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, igniting tension for the fiery weekend ahead. friday, mars in scorpio squares jupiter in leo. saturday moon conjunct spica, sunday moon conjunct mars (square jupiter) and sun and pluto quincunx at 11 degrees. friday is also the day of the passing of the holy sage Ari of Luria, who had the ability to perform unifications on people, places and things instantaneously and determine the tikkun needed by a particular soul in a particular moment or incarnation through his higher mind. these abilities are thus more available to us to draw on, learn from, and use this wisdom to improve our lives and hasten the complete and total redemption, may it come speedily in our days. this influence begins thursday at sunset and lasts for 48 hours. this weekend is the weekend of “shabbat chazon” where we are shown a vision in our mind’s eye of the third temple, may it be built speedily in our days. the third temple is a metaphor for the completion and perfection of material and physical matter despite the separation incident, the ‘fall’. it is the demonstrative of 666 turning to 777, or the total redemption of the fall, may it happen speedily in our days, and if we are truly in its wake may our eyes but be opened to its tug fully and with full faith. sometimes it is imperative to wait and sometimes it is imperative to know. next week beginning monday at sunset is the 9th of av which commemorates the destruction of the first and second temples, the totality of suffering and loss on the human plane that gives way for the emergence of the third, eternal, realm-bridging tent of awareness that redeems all that was and is and will be forever. may it happen speedily in our days and may our mind’s eye and all our physical senses and rational faculties be pulled into the tug of the realization of what is happening right now under our noses in preparation for this era, the reason we chose to incarnate.


Supermoon July/Tammuz: Flight of the Pheonix, Ressurrection of the Wheat, and Consolation of the Barren

The Full Moon Grand Cross Revisited




Unbelievable! The full moon will be taking place on the grand cross axis, re-activating it! Pluto and Jupiter have since drifted away from their posts, but the sun and moon opposite each other fill in, creating a Uranus-moon-sun-Mars square! Unreal! All 16-23 degrees. This should be the last time though all prep for July’s BANG right around the corner!

Could this full moon be impregnated by the energy of pluto, caught in the Capricorn-Cancer axis of this full moon, Pluto being the bird that has died, through the crucifixion of the grand cross, the energy we have been working so hard to refine & transmute, giving way to the Pheonix?

New crop circle reported July 8th


This theme of death/rebirth is also sadly playing out in the world at large and features in Sunday’s arrival of Mars at Spica, the kernel of wheat, wheat involves a similar process, the kernel must die but its death will produce new kernels – the death and birth is happening in us – we are the zombies!

But it looks like Friday-Saturday-Sunday is the turning point, between dead and waking, Mars crosses Spica, this crop circle, and the full moon at Pluto, resurrecting the grand cross, and then we move on…

Play by Play Weekend Ride

At 4:21pm Friday, moon and Pluto are conjunct–so we have the nearly full moon, about to rise, infusing with the plutonian Pheonix energy… the moon continues to move through Capricorn, passing Pluto at 12 Cap, and heading towards its station 12 hours later at 20 Cap where it receives the sun’s full illumination from 20 Cancer, this surely feels like the epitomy of all the action on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, previously sparked by Jupiter and Pluto, now with the full moon and near-rise Sun themselves, the king and queen of the sky.

At 10am Saturday the moon reaches 23’50″ Capricorn, which is a direct square to the fixed star Spica at 23’50″ Libra. in sidereal, Spica is the sheave of wheat of the Virgo. thus we have the full moon, carrying the Plutonian Pheonix ashes, squaring Virgo’s sheathe ready to with its kernel for new life.

It takes about 24 hours until Mars reaches Spica, landing on the kernel, sparking the regeneration. at that point the moon is in aquarius, already toiling the soil, filling the buckets, … of a new day. on july 16th, jupiter enters leo, the complementary sign of Aquarius, and the golden age has commenced, as if by stealth, since much is still underground with the dying kernel, for there is much to mourn–but nonetheless, above ground, if only in the recesses of consciousness, foreshadowing a full consolation, flashes, for now, of a garden, sprouting, bringing all the kernel’s essence to Life.

A look ahead

Late july and early august are replete with aspects to encourage this beginning.. 7/22 Sun enters Leo; 7/24 Jupiter & Sun are conjunct at 1 Leo; 7/26 Sun, Moon and Jupiter @ 1,2,3 Leo >> All in divine order unfolds… and that evening, a new month, the month of Av, the consoler

Consolation proceeds until its fullness at the full moon, and 8/12-8/15 Venus and Mercury join in as well with more aspects to Leo’s season.

This is not to say war in the middle east, market crashes, and earthquakes/flares will not be off the charts.. but there are processes simultaneously occurring, akin to ‘birthpangs’… may it be an easy birth, and a healthy baby, that will bring the joy and consolation of truth

An Intention for Saturday: 24 hours of the Supermoon


Full moon tugging the grand square past its april coordinates (13 of the cardinal signs) into the 16-23 degree territory of these signs, much fun for those of us with ascendants and planets in this area. duck and cover, or step into the fire, either way, this particular chapter lasts another 24 hours or so as mars lands at spica, completing the alchemy of wheat, the kernel is shed and the new fruit brings consolation to the woman, from barren and weeping to fertile and jubilant because she hears the whispers of the everlasting promise ~~~

On the tensions of the Square

Cancer and Capricorn can make a lovely covenant.. They are the Gate of Man and the Gate of God in esoteric astrology! We come out of the womb (Cancer) and aspire to touch the lofty transcendent reaches of Capricorn’s peaks.. So uniting them, in an individual, and in a relationship, is challenging, but fruitful. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook said, if you find within yourself, or in a relationship for that matter, elements which others regard as oppositional or paradoxical, it is God giving YOU the opportunity to bridge them and make ONE out of them, everything is ONE at its source…


July 10-August 12: Four packed weeks of Inception, Reification, Reckoning, and the First Rays of the Golden Era (in Heart, Wood, and Mineral ~ Everlasting)


9-10 July “a star will step forth from Jacob” <the G-d spark in each individual>
tonight – 12th of tammuz – holiday of ‘Liberation’ – inception

11-12 July next lunar milestone comes friday when moon is conjunct pluto in the late afternoon;
late friday night/early saturday morning, full moon capricorn/caner ~ an Illumination, a Reification, an allowing of something, rare but enough on its own, as an omen,
for the soul, a timeless omen

13 July late saturday night/early sunday morning; fixed star Spica conjunct Mars, the Virgo is Armed, a moment of truth, reckoning, on many levels

18 July early morning 7/18 quarter waning moon conjunct Uranus; quincunx Saturn; would not want to have karma undealt with then…

22 July 722 sun enters leo; 724 sun/jupiter conjunct – a new golden era rays are felt – and will increase – first in the heart, and then, with wood, stones, new structures – old wellsprings & comet depositories

26 July 7/26 moon sun jupiter @ 1-2-3 Leo

27-28 July a new month – the Comforter

10 August grown full at the full moon – 17 Aquarius/Leo

12 August 8/12 Venus in Leo ~ A transit is complete (for a frame of reference see here and here)

Tiferet: “Eit Ratzon” A Moment of Divine Will

August 12-15 (Av 16-19) Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter in Leo


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