August 2014: The runway for the realm-bridging, embedded in our DNA, the necessary outgrowth of the fall

we’ve had a bit of a respite the past few days from sweeping changes, more like rearranging the chairs on the … but in 4 hours mercury enters Leo bringing the planet count there to 3 (goes up to 4 on aug. 12th), a further injunction into the Golden Era. then tonight Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, igniting tension for the fiery weekend ahead. friday, mars in scorpio squares jupiter in leo. saturday moon conjunct spica, sunday moon conjunct mars (square jupiter) and sun and pluto quincunx at 11 degrees. friday is also the day of the passing of the holy sage Ari of Luria, who had the ability to perform unifications on people, places and things instantaneously and determine the tikkun needed by a particular soul in a particular moment or incarnation through his higher mind. these abilities are thus more available to us to draw on, learn from, and use this wisdom to improve our lives and hasten the complete and total redemption, may it come speedily in our days. this influence begins thursday at sunset and lasts for 48 hours. this weekend is the weekend of “shabbat chazon” where we are shown a vision in our mind’s eye of the third temple, may it be built speedily in our days. the third temple is a metaphor for the completion and perfection of material and physical matter despite the separation incident, the ‘fall’. it is the demonstrative of 666 turning to 777, or the total redemption of the fall, may it happen speedily in our days, and if we are truly in its wake may our eyes but be opened to its tug fully and with full faith. sometimes it is imperative to wait and sometimes it is imperative to know. next week beginning monday at sunset is the 9th of av which commemorates the destruction of the first and second temples, the totality of suffering and loss on the human plane that gives way for the emergence of the third, eternal, realm-bridging tent of awareness that redeems all that was and is and will be forever. may it happen speedily in our days and may our mind’s eye and all our physical senses and rational faculties be pulled into the tug of the realization of what is happening right now under our noses in preparation for this era, the reason we chose to incarnate.


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