And so it begins: The full moon of August/Tu B’Av & the Influx of Light from 4 Planets in Leo AUG 7-15 / AV 11-19

Look at this chart! Monday night August 11th, the 15th of Av, the holiest day of the Jewish year (on an inner level). Full moon snug between Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, radiating Healing. Venus & Jupiter paired near Mercury & the Sun, all in Leo, the origination and destiny/eventuality of Aquarius in the celestial sphere.

Saturn and Mars still look on with authority & power from Scorpio, and yes more secrets stand to be revealed, but at this point, the light is sufficient to tip the scales and embark on this path, wholeheartedly.




Thursday night August 7th / early morning August 8th: the full moon and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn at 11 degrees. The moon is emboldened and impregnated with the Pheonix energy of Pluto before reaching exact opposition with the sun on Sunday.


Friday morning August 8th: Mercury and the sun are conjunct in Leo at 16 degrees. This is the superior conjunction of Mercury and the sun, when the sun stand directly between earth and Mercury, the three forming an exact line. Afterwards Mercury appears as the evening star. According to Michael R. Mayer, this stage of Mercury’s cycle is akin to the full moon. So in a sense we have a Double Full Moon on a galactic scale.


On Saturday morning August 9th the sun and Saturn form an exact square. This square is important because the signs Leo and Scorpio are activated. Their tensions are brought to the forefront – in order to be released. Leo is all about coming out into the light and boldly stepping onto the path with no original shame. Scorpio is also bold, but its boldness lies in its secrecy and insidiousness. Saturn in Scorpio also carries associations of power and authority and the rule of something constrictive. Ironically however the ego mechanism and its potential downfalls lies in Leo. So we have perhaps a last attempt at holding the light back, but it only serves to purge the remaining strands of ego out of the light that is about to be revealed, clearing the divine pathway of Leo. This pathway may have not been cleared until now and began its clearing process already over the mourning of August 4th-5th.


Full moon exact astronomically at the 11 o’clock hour of Sunday morning. The full moon will thus be visible in its fullness Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday is the Jewish holiday of Tu B’av, the holiest day of the year on an inner level. It represents the full reconciliation and comfort after all the destruction that has taken place in the last month, which represents history for the last 3326 years. The metaphor for this comfort is the maidens dress up in white and choose a partner of their choice, the tribes intermix and all the gateways are open.


Tu b’Av continues until Monday night (I have noticed in recent times holidays are most potent the night after, as if the energy has shifted to highlight the end of events, mirroring our standing at the very edge of history).


On Monday night, early Tuesday morning at 12:23 am, Venus enters Leo. The chart above presents this progression. Venus’ transit into Leo opens a window of 72 hours in which four planets are stationed in these celestial coordinates of unimaginable intergalactic historical significance. Thus the full moon marks the gateway into this doorway, and what lies on the other side is simply not known. There has not been a moment in 2014 like this one, until now. Note that due to the choices made by people in this realm this change may manifest on an inner level, and that is why I am writing this message, so that we take note and are highly attentive to the effect of this Leo ingress on our inner being. It could be a moment where the movers and shakers try to four-wheel-drive the world into the “golden age” of their choosing by force or shock & awe chaos. More likely however these planets are so intimately attuned to our DNA time-bomb ticking down to the moment when the shift must occur, when the influx of light is so great that all of our faculties follow suit and rise to the challenge of making our senses, our mind, our physical surroundings, everything in 3d, be a dwelling place, for the presence that is about to return, and resurrect everything, every lost hope, for the Purpose that was, is, will be, for the Purpose encoded in all sacred texts, for the purpose that now, only the soul knows, that Knowing that only when she is reunited with her Beloved can she at last exhale and give up the hopeless desires she has pursued, and know that all are none but extensions of the ONE. This knowledge is about to become material, too.


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  1. New crop circle features sun and waxing gibbous moon 4 days before Leo/Aquarius full moon!

  2. nonenomorenone

    Brilliant xo

  3. magicianhealer

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  4. Except when I look at Stellarium, Venus is NOT in Leo on Tuesday. I don’t understand. It’s unmistakeably in Cancer. So is Jupiter. Where do you get this information? Because I think I need help…

    • Hi Anna,

      You are raising an important issue here. When astrology crystallized as a science, the coordinates in the sky that housed the constellation Leo was marked Leo. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the fixed stars of the sky move ever so slightly – 1 degree every 72 years – or a full circle every 26,000 years – such that the constellations have now drifted about 22 degrees from their original ‘positions’. There are two ways of studying astrology taking this movement into consideration. One is sidereal astrology which studies the constellations themselves regardless of their drift. When we look at a program like Stellarium, we are seeing where the planets are vis-a-vis the constellations in their current positions. Due to precession, the planets I have said are in Leo are actually on the backdrop of the constellation of the crab! This is due to precession – this area of the sky was previously home to Leo. So in terms of the never-changing divisions of the heavens, they are in Leo (tropical astrology). But in terms of the constellation the planets appear in the night sky, they are in the Crab (sidereal astrology). Tropical astrology, puts a peg in the sky where Aries was when astrology was established as a science and calls this never-budging area of the sky ‘Aries’ and so on. This is the system of astrology used by sites such as,, and all Western astrologers. Hindu and western sidereal astrologers determine planetary positions by constellations despite the slight drift of these divisions. If you are interested in this system, you can follow the positions here, in addition to Stellarium:

      From my study I believe both have value. You can read another explanation of the different types of astrology here: In keeping with this diversity of approaches, another interesting landmark will be when these planets appear against the backdrop of the constellation Leo. It will be worth checking when the sun, Mercury and Venus will be at the heart of the Lion, Regulus. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a year or so for Jupiter to arrive there!

      Thanks for the question and please share your own thoughts. I believe that as we approach the new era these systems will recombine and fuse into one holistic source of truth.

      Ayala ❤

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