Regulus and the Planets 2014-2015


Mercury is the 1st planet out of the 4 to leave Leo for Virgo. And yet due to precession, the fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, the emblematic Leo energy star, is now at 0 degrees Virgo in the tropical system, so we will now see each of the 4 planets at their own pace move into conjunction with this star.

Mercury will do so at 9:43am tomorrow, bringing the Lion’s Heart into the mind.

The sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd. This year in particular, the 20-25th of each month carries the greatest intensity of the energy that has been building since the 1st. The sun at Regulus is a perennial transit marking the birth of the King.

Venus, still the morning star, reaches Virgo and thus Regulus on September 5th. The first week of September may mark a shift in the energy towards what is to be manifest in the next fall equinox cycle.

Jupiter experiences a lengthy retrograde, and will only reach the Heart of the Lion in August 2015. By then Mars will have cycled through the zodiac and will arrive at this most powerful point in the zodiac as well shortly after, on September 25, 2015.

The biblical year 5775 is a Shmittah year, meaning it is traditional to let the land lie fallow, to forgive debts, and on a deeper level, the world is rebuked and prepared for a new cycle.

The final blood moon is several days later, on September 28, 2015. It seems the planets, Regulus and the moon are telling us that the Lion will roar gloriously at the conclusion of this journey, but we are invited to do so each day little by little, to prepare for that time when we can walk in our true glory, when As Above So Below will be actualized and harmony will reign on heaven and earth.


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