Moon at Aldebaran, Venus/Jupiter conjunction August 18th. 6 weeks to Rosh Hashana


On the morning of the 18th the moon will be conjunct Aldebaran, just after Venus and Jupiter rise in conjunction before the sun. 




The coincidence of these aspects hearkens back to the new moon of early April and we may see an energetic shift akin to the chapter that began then.


This conjunction follows the crop circle from 8/16 featuring 24 diamonds around a circle divided into four within which we find the all-seeing Eye from which all emanates.



This Rosh Hashana we are 24 years from 1991 when the world shifted into a new phase, the Redemption program. There is a half-year left to this phase, culminating at the midpoint of the eclipse sequence in March 2015.


After the Venus Jupiter conjunction we shift into the 777 program, accelerated week by week progress towards the fall equinox and new moon of Trumpets.


Week 1: August 18-25. Tuesday is a high-energy day.

Week 2: August 25-September 1: New moon of Elul. Represents Moses’ ascent to the mountain to receive instruction for the second tablets.We are on borrowed time.

Week 3: September 1-September 8: September 6th is a significant day in some prophetic schema. Gateway.

September 8-15: September 9th is the third and final full moon in the sequence and the last full moon until the 2nd blood moon.

September 15-22: Equinox

September 22-29: Rosh Hashana, Trumpets, New moon. the year 5775 (HaTeshua “the rescue”) begins. Half a year to solar eclipse and eclipse midpoint, end of 24.5 Daniel cycle.


According to tradition, the judgment is delivered on Rosh Hashana. Sealed on Yom Kippur. Submitted to the angels on Hoshana Rabba (7 days after the 2nd blood moon).

Blessings until Yom Kippur: Gmar Tov

Blessing on Hoshana Rabba: Pitka Tava


According to Hasidic tradition, the window is extended until the 8th day of Hannukah, the winter solstice.



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  1. Friday: sun moves into Virgo, moon meets Jupiter & Venus in Leo. Pluto and Chrion/Neptune form a yod pointing at the moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo. It seems now the new birth of Leo is birthed within us and will appear at the new crescent moon. This birth is propelled by the Wounded Healer archetype and the Pheonix rising. In other words, something eternal is born.

  2. wow, The blogs like a school for a astrologer, Thanks Admin, may i will visit everyday, its really defendant blogs.

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