9/9 full moon chiron gateway: shattered vessels emit light. Fall equinox/pheonix rising


thursday morning 9/4: moon conjunct pluto: combines the illuminating light of the moon with the power, dark side, pull towards unity within and experience it as a flashlight in yourself, regaining your power

monday morning 9/8: moon nestles between neptune and chiron: chiron is the wounded healer, activating, receiving divine messages through her cracks with greater frequency since chiron has swam in pisces hand in hand with neptune. This full moon is birthed in between the two, and comes with the wounded healer in her bosom. With complete love and desire for wholeness, the Goddess knows and winks with her knowledge of before and after Time. She plays the game even though she circles to and fro vis a vis Saturn monthly, laughing in the face of time. Here today, there tomorrow, always changing and appearing when you thirst but did not know for what. She is coming “back” (she giggles) in all her glory, first, illuminated in white light a last time, befpre she emits her own light, come october.

wednesday afternoon 9/10 moon conjunct uranus: after nine must come ten; moon renews arian/uranian desire/function and subconscious & conscious work together

9/13 mars enters Sagittarius, opposite moon: two months since mars conjunct spica (spica is “birthed”), mars moves into sagittarius, the Archer, less intense and cathartic than scorpio, but also more ambitious and far-reaching.

9/17 moon square uranus, opposite pluto: 22 Elul, 1 week to equinox, new year. Accounting/Ascending to higher levels of God’s plan and compassion, is at hand (the ladder)

Full astro-notebook September (Elul):

thursday morning, moon conjunct pluto
monday morning, moon nestles between neptune and chiron
monday night, full moon conjunct chiron, exact opposition to sun (9/9 gateway)
two yods in the sky
wednesday afternoon 9/10 moon conjunct uranus
9/13 mars enters Sagittarius, opposite moon
9/17 moon square uranus, opposite pluto
9/19 moon conjunct jupiter, as yod points and “births” jupiter
9/21 mars-neptune-moon t-square. chiron-jupiter quincunx exact.
9/22 last day before the equinox/new year.
9/23 equinox
9/22 PLUTO DIRECT (pheonix rising)
9/23 new moon 11pm pst. venus in virgo.
fall equinox is the ticking of the clock; a fresh trajectory is formed that is sculpted and delivered through the winter equinox gateway.

Update See also:

September 3, 2014, Sandra Walter:
A powerful energetic wave arrived early last evening. This new light produces the heart of Source sensation, In this vast stillness, support for multidimensional alignment – beyond multidimensional awareness – is provided for this revelation gateway. Pure light frequencies attune our perception once again, and attempt to upgrade the physical vessel to accommodate alignment up to 12D.


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