New crescent viewed in USA Thursday night & in Jerusalem Friday night Shabbos Kodesh

Note: of course we are awaiting the council of 70 Sages based in the city of Peace in the Promised Land for there to be a way to follow the sighting of the new moon according to all stringencies of written and oral law ❤ this post entails a "practice run" for those who love Hashem's creation and Torah so that we must begin to observe and share now, already

New moon sighted in Jerusalem!

"The new moon was sighted on Sep 26, 2014 from Tel Aviv by Rebekah Bibb and Lavinia Voelker at 6:44pm. They took this photo at 6:45 pm." – via facebook


The new moon was also sighted 12 hours earlier in California and virginia!

Credit: Crescent Watch

According to Muslim tradition the new moon can be sighted anywhere on earth and thus begins the new month.

The brand new waxing crescent of the 7th lunar month was observed Thursday night in California, Virginia and other US locations.

Others relying on tradition before the destruction of the Temple say Rosh Hashana begins at the sighting of the new crescent moon in Jerusalem on Friday night thru Sunday at sunset when the last shofar will be sounded B”H.

As we can see the need for a Sanhedrin, a centrality of Sages and a worldwide communication mechanism (the internet) as well as Unity among Yisrael, may our full redemption hasten speedily in our days, Hashem!

With prayers for a clear sky his weekend, happy new moon and fall equinox 5775 / 2014!


Sky diagram via Sky & Telescope

Friday, September 26

As early as 8 or 9 p.m. now look for Fomalhaut, the lonely 1st-magnitude Autumn Star, twinkling on its way up from the southeast horizon. It will be highest due south around 11 or midnight (depending on your location).

Saturday, September 27

Low in the southwest in twilight, Mars and Antares are passing 3° apart this evening and Sunday evening, as shown below. Meanwhile, off to their right, the waxing crescent Moon floats a couple degrees to the lower right of Saturn (for North America).

— via Sky & Telescope


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