October 1-8: Prelude to the second Blood Moon Eclipse

October 8th Eclipse Chart (planetwatcher.com)

October 8th Eclipse Chart (planetwatcher.com)

Sept 29 11am PST Moon conjunct Mars @ 10 Sagittarius

Oct 1 5pm Moon conjunct Pluto @ 11 Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries & Sun in Libra. Quarter Moon.

10/4 Sun-Pluto square exact at 1am pst, just after Kol Nidre. Moon in Aquarius. Yom Kippur, 10th day since astronomical new moon. Priest would go into Holy of Holies and atone for Humanity. Shofar blown at dusk.

Also on Oct. 4th, Mercury goes RETROGRADE (morning). At night, Mars-Uranus trine is exact. This is part of the FIRE TRINE mentioned by Maribell the Cosmic Weather Girl. Awakening trine actviation. Mars is power, drive, passion. Uranus is Higher Consciousness. They are now in harmony in the new fire sign of Sagittarius and in a new dynamic with the powerhouse Uranus in Aries.

10/7, the day before the blood moon eclipse, there is a YOD or FINGER OF GOD pointing at CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER, at 14 PISCES, the sign of the HEALING WATERS. Just before the blood moon, the ever so close Venus-Sun pair quincunx Chiron from one end, shining light on painful realities. At the same time, Jupiter in Leo, the urge to become born again with no strings attached into the simplicity of bliss in the Golden Age, also is quincunx Chiron, struggling with the wounds that continue to bleed and hold it back. Yet these two quincunx serve to catapult the Wounded Healer to where it has longed to go all year, and much longer – possibly many lifetimes. This yod at Chiron is the preparation we need for the blood moon to permanently sever our ties to the destructive aspects of our wounds, and permanently alchemize all pain, all suffering, that was/is/will be, into the Balm of Wisdom, Detachment, Love, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Healing, Miracles, Blessing, Prayer, Truth and the type of ascent that needs the energy of dark to shine very, very powerful light. THIS is the gateway of the second eclipse, as was the April gateway used by those with their inner eye OPEN.

Also on October 7th, in the afternoon, Uranus and the Sun are opposed in the middle of the cardinal signs of ARIES and LIBRA. Uranus and its inherent and Aries-powered striving for freedom, authenticity, individuality, the unquenchable yearning to taste the originality of every movement, is at odds, fleetingly but poignantly, with the Sun’s bright rays of balance, harmony, understanding, appreciation, reason, law, friendship, brotherhood, relationship, give-and-take, society, institutional cooperation, building, norms and justice. This is likely to be a poignant world aspect as well. In our souls, it heralds the blood moon. It is likely that much of what we will leave behind is the snake-skin layer of the Libra function and leave in its trace authentic relationship. G-d created the world too the way it is, and all channels of interaction and balance of each soul and where they are, can be authentic, real, and true, when viewed through the eyes of enlightenment that are opening shortly and rapidly with each new solar flare and energy river.

On October 8th at 4am pst, the night before the holiday of Tabernacles, the moon conjunct Uranus and its flashes of higher consciousness now fused with intuition, stand perfectly aligned with the sun in the heart of Libra, and Truth can simply not be ignored any longer. All falsehoods shudder in awe of truth and are usurped too into its Loving Embrace, giving each part of reality its true place and value. Mercury in Scorpio gives words to things truly the way they are, and energy overwhelmes the mental plane, as well as the inner transcendental and supra-conscious channels. Jupiter looks on and prepares to take the mantle.

The moon also works into a delightful water trine with Mars and Jupiter. This eclipse brings vindicated boldness, true-to-the-heart, inspired, awakened, burning with desire, love, truth and willing to stare reality in the face, and lead, with the true laws of the heart in hand, and not the falsehoods that have served their place and are now ready to be shed and redeemed by the Living law, the Living breath of G-d hardwired, and now activated, in the Heart and soul of the believer.


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  1. BH!!!!! Brilliant! Going to read this AFTER I comment on YouTube re her blog bwaaaahaaaa! She won’t print my comments, so I’ll air it šŸ˜‰ Can u give her a fyi warning her of such? Her blog sucks and froze lololol!!!!

    Your expresses EXACTLY what I wanted to say! BH YOU GET IT, YOU ALWAYS DID!!! No fear, IS ON!!!

  2. Got some “views” on the vids lololol šŸ˜›

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