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Astronotebook 10/23 partial eclipse through the end of 2014: Compression periods of the final spiral before 2015

October 23-26: Partial solar eclipse, new lunar month Cheshvan, Venus-Sun Superior conjunction, Mercury direct, Mars in Capricorn

10/23 5am Sun enters Scorpio

2pm Venus enters Scorpio

3pm eclipse, new moon

11pm moon trine neptune

10/24 midnight to the 25th venus sun conjunction 1’47”

moon @ saturn 9am 10/25

10/25 noon mercury direct

10/26 mars in capricorn 3:42 am

Nov 10-22: Trials: Sun/Venus/Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo while Mars and Pluto square Uranus; Neptune turns direct (Insight)

11/10 mars conjunct pluto

11/12 venus conjunct saturn, moon at 0 Leo

11/12 mars square uranus

11/13 sun square jupiter

11/14 moon conjunct Jupiter, square sun, saturn venus in Scorpio; mars and pluto square uranus

Neptune direct 11/15

Venus in Sag 11/16

11/18 midnight (night of 17th) sun conjunct saturn (25 Scorpio)

(2013 Saturn was 15 Scorpio)

11/22 Sun in Sagittarius

December 4th/12th Kislev: Opening: Mars in Aquarius, Venus appears in evening sky, we are ready for the 6th Uranus Pluto square; Jupiter retrograde (recovering lost shards); Uranus retrograde (Insight is gained)

Mars in Aquarius 12/4

Venus appears as evening star

12/4 Kislev 12

12/14 Pluto square Uranus

12/14 Sun trine Jupiter

12/8 Jupiter rx

12/21 Uranus retrograde


Scorpio new moon: the truth from E-Ve-nus’ fall: resurrection


Something is happening, especially in the past 36 hours! The divine feminine is rising and yet some are still shielding with their pain, even though She contains all the balms and cures.

Astrologically it makes me want to dig.. We have VENUS inching towards the sun heading for the annual Superior conjunction on 10/25, in conjunction with the new moon, with the sun, moon and Venus in fresh degrees of the incisive Scorpio. This marks the end of Venus’ reign as morning star giving way to her reappearance as EVEning star (EVEnus). Interestingly this also coincides with Mercury’s return to direct motion. It seems thus that there are some gears switching between the masculine, feminine, passive, active, dominating, submitting, aggressive and conciliatory gears in the cosmos of the psyche and we may see some new configurations allowing for hitherto unknown combinations that have only existed in spirit such as the loving, commanding embrace of Binah, the higher mother, appearing as almost a military figure of inconceivable fortitude and strength coming to the defense of her cubs. The world soes not know the feminine, but that is because it is a secret to be revealed when the worls is ready (ready=in need). This is why this year in Hebrew, 5775, is represented by the letters Ha’TeShuAH, or the Salvation, but in the feminine form, the way that presents all that is but in a new light. The wisdom of the fallen creation, the only true way to get up. Yet the entrenched rigidity will insist on its binaries until it too finds itself in dire need of a higher light that reconciles the opposites at their very core, a white light perculating from the rift over the precipice, that gives all its place, not erases, in the original body of the King, the King who could only be Known through this process. This too was the reason for the 10 Plagues, so that the extent of the Miracle be Known. The Knowledge assuages the pain, and pain in the sea of knowledge dissolves into purpose.

October to December Gateways to manifesting “touching down” the Rising Pheonix after the blood moon intiation


chart for October 13. 2015: moon opposite mars, 6-point star; merkaba of blood moon blueprint arrives

Final gateways before we become resurrected messiahs/pure vessels after the blood moon:

10/23 partial solar eclipse

10/25 sun venus conjunction a gateway on the path of EVEnus rising to become the fallen, humble EVEning star (to be resurrected in August): mercury direct & recharged

10/31-11/1 Veil is thin, messages flood sub and supraconscious, soul gets new life

November is a unity practice run, fears dispelled, magic begins

12/15 6th uranus pluto square, freedom & catharsis again compromised and in turn firmly established structure for stepping forth ensues, like a bolstered earthquake proof building…

December solstice/chanuka wrapping up the first 2 blood moons, teshuva from love, heven on earth realm opens and makes itself known to the soul in its chamber

Chart for Dallas, TX features Yod or “Finger of God” pointing at degree of blood moon eclipse 10/8. Pray!

The astro chart for Dallas has a Yod or highly tense “finger of God” pointing at the degree of the 2nd blood moon eclipse. The full moon eclipse at 15 Libra is conjunct Uranus which yields instability, accidents, and unpredictability. Outbreak? Eek. Luckily Uranus is also the carrier of miraculous prayer and healing potential. Pray the righteous will have strength and the only thing that will spread like wildfire will be Knowledge.


Astrological chart for Dallas, TX, incorporated 2/2/1856

October 8th Eclipse Chart (

October 8th Eclipse Chart (