October to December Gateways to manifesting “touching down” the Rising Pheonix after the blood moon intiation


chart for October 13. 2015: moon opposite mars, 6-point star; merkaba of blood moon blueprint arrives

Final gateways before we become resurrected messiahs/pure vessels after the blood moon:

10/23 partial solar eclipse

10/25 sun venus conjunction a gateway on the path of EVEnus rising to become the fallen, humble EVEning star (to be resurrected in August): mercury direct & recharged

10/31-11/1 Veil is thin, messages flood sub and supraconscious, soul gets new life

November is a unity practice run, fears dispelled, magic begins

12/15 6th uranus pluto square, freedom & catharsis again compromised and in turn firmly established structure for stepping forth ensues, like a bolstered earthquake proof building…

December solstice/chanuka wrapping up the first 2 blood moons, teshuva from love, heven on earth realm opens and makes itself known to the soul in its chamber


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  1. nonenomorenone

    Beautiful!!!! Get ready for that portal #2, yesterday was #1. šŸ˜‰

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