Astronotebook 10/23 partial eclipse through the end of 2014: Compression periods of the final spiral before 2015

October 23-26: Partial solar eclipse, new lunar month Cheshvan, Venus-Sun Superior conjunction, Mercury direct, Mars in Capricorn

10/23 5am Sun enters Scorpio

2pm Venus enters Scorpio

3pm eclipse, new moon

11pm moon trine neptune

10/24 midnight to the 25th venus sun conjunction 1’47”

moon @ saturn 9am 10/25

10/25 noon mercury direct

10/26 mars in capricorn 3:42 am

Nov 10-22: Trials: Sun/Venus/Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo while Mars and Pluto square Uranus; Neptune turns direct (Insight)

11/10 mars conjunct pluto

11/12 venus conjunct saturn, moon at 0 Leo

11/12 mars square uranus

11/13 sun square jupiter

11/14 moon conjunct Jupiter, square sun, saturn venus in Scorpio; mars and pluto square uranus

Neptune direct 11/15

Venus in Sag 11/16

11/18 midnight (night of 17th) sun conjunct saturn (25 Scorpio)

(2013 Saturn was 15 Scorpio)

11/22 Sun in Sagittarius

December 4th/12th Kislev: Opening: Mars in Aquarius, Venus appears in evening sky, we are ready for the 6th Uranus Pluto square; Jupiter retrograde (recovering lost shards); Uranus retrograde (Insight is gained)

Mars in Aquarius 12/4

Venus appears as evening star

12/4 Kislev 12

12/14 Pluto square Uranus

12/14 Sun trine Jupiter

12/8 Jupiter rx

12/21 Uranus retrograde


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  1. Okay eclipse is at 3p our time or cali time or UT?

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