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The Venusian year & the blood moon midpoint

Back at the superior conjunction of Venus just after the partial solar eclipse that followed the blood moon, I wrote about Venus’ fall as evening star as a metaphor for the fall of Eve (or any emblem of the fall/death) paving the way for eternal resurrection and the first ray of light when she becomes the doe of the dawn.

Looking now at the dates for Venus’ next inferior conjunction when she becomes morning star I am realizing what the 5/8/13 cycle is all does not fit neatly with the solar year as we know it, it has its own beat, sometimes in January, sometimes in August. Should we be looking at Venusian years? I guess we are, a bit. Remember in 2014 Ariel Sharon passed on the day of the inferior conjunction with Venus. Many say he symbolized an era and now at the spring equinox they sttand at a crossroads with new elections.

Looks like Venus will be at inferior conjunction 8/5/15 (check out those numbers).

And where does it occur? 22 Leo, where Jupiter is now and will be during the 8-pointed star and Sirius full moon.

After the inferior conjunction Venus emerges from the sun’s glare as the morning star, when that things kick into gear. Yet another piece of the puzzle coming together around the end of 5775 and the beginning of 5776. Jupiter and Mars will be at Regulus in late September days before the final blood moon. Until then Venus is ahead of the sun in the zodiac, but trailing the sun in the sky, appearing after sunset. The link above shows greatest brightness in July.

I’m feeling like 1/5/15 is a fold point that will become evident in retrospect. I see building and positioning picking up towards the 3rd & 4th blood moon. What will likely shift at 1/5 is an alignment of our inner kaleidoscope so that we will be enabled to perceive what happens thereafter.

Thanks to Peppels Enterlightment Televisie for the amazing graphic; artist unknown


*~~Upcoming Celestial Symmetry ~~** (January full moon Cancer at Sirius, Blood moon tetrad eclipse midpoint, end of winter solstice fortnight}

*~~Upcoming Celestial Symmetry ~~**

Full moon in Cancer midnight between 1/4 – 1/5
Moon at Sirius parallel to 14′ Cancer on the ecliptic opposite Sun at 14′ Capircorn and square node at 14′ Libra.
Full moon on 1/5/15 (ISIS) utc; Isis is connected to Sirius
1/5/15 is the midpoint of both the perfect symmetry of the eclipse sequence 2011-2019 and the blood moons.
Eclipses prior to the blood moons in the sequence:

12/21-1/5 Donghzi solar term
’12 days of Christmas’ end 1/5

“There may be a total of twelve major centers or heavens in our cosmos from the atmic to the center of Creation itself. If planetary inner suns are the fourth, universal centers or principles, and solar system suns are the 5th, then the galactic center must be the sixth or seventh. I believe it to be the seventh. The sixth must be a super sun such as Sirius or Alcyone around which our solar system(and other solar systems) revolve. This super sun, in turn, revolves around the galactic center.”

1/1 Mars opp Jupiter
1/3 Sun conjunct Pluto

12/28 Sunday morning 1/2 moon

In the midst of the celebration, the king stood up and spoke to his son, “Since I am an astrologer, I can see from the stars that in the future you are going to lose the monarchy, and when that happens, I want you to be very careful not to fall into depression. Rather, you must force yourself to remain happy. And if you do succeed in remaining happy, then I will also be happy. In fact, even if you become depressed, I will still be happy. I will be happy that you are no longer king. For if you can not remain happy despite losing the kingship, that will be a sign that you were not worthy of being king. But if you do manage to remain happy, then I will be very happy indeed.”…
~ Seven Beggars – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Who are “the wicked” in Daniel 12:10? Who are “those who understand”?

Daniel 12: 9 He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

“Purified” – the matters of Daniel’s prohecy will become elucidated and given light by scholars and thinkers meaning they will desire to clarify the matter and to give light to know the truth

“Many will “yetzarfu” which means both “will be clarified” and “they will recombine” as in make numerological and alphabetical calculations based on Daniel’s prophecy !

And so the interpretation is: ‘many will believe their calculation came out refined and pure with no mistake”

“And the wicked will be wicked” – and by this, the wicked will do evil by saying here, you see Messiah has not come by the time put forth in those calculations, nor will he come

“None of the wicked will understand” – that the reality is due to the mistake of the calculation,

But the enlightened will understand – they will know to attribute His not coming to the mistaken understanding of Daniel’s prophecy, and they will not despair from awaiting the Redemption.

– Metzudat David on Daniel 12:10 (rough translation)קטגוריה:דניאל_יב
קטגוריה:דניאל יב – ויקיטקסט

Grand cross / Full moon Cancer aligned with Sirius January 4th/5th

This keeps on coming to me in pieces. Sunday night Jan 4th there is a full moon in Cancer opposite the sun in Capricorn. We all know about the Uranus – Pluto square – well this is the same time the Sun is conjunct Pluto bringing the full moon dynamic to bear on this spiraling square between the two transcendant outer planetary bodies.

Moreover the full moon will occur precisely when the full moon is conjunct Sirius! The astrologer Olga Morales has pointed out that the astrological significance of Christmas among other things is the sun’s alignment with Sirius – well on Jan 4th it is exact, and no less at the full moon, with the sun, moon and Sirius aligned!



To top it all off on that day the node is at 14 Libra bringing the sun, moon, Uranus, Pluto and the node into a perfect square, with the sun moon and node all at perfect 14 degrees aligned with Sirius. The t-square is not an easy shape and so the karma is still clearing.. But it is that type of final karma that happens on the brink of discovery, on the brink of new ground, the epitome of this incarnation, of all incarnations, of all of cosmic history – it is linked to our reunion with our binary star system via the blue light Sirius, the wayshower Rigel, Jupiter in Leo, opposite Mars in Aquarius – the two reunited at the kingly star the heart of the Lion on trumpets of the true shemita year in the fall in conjunction with the final blood moon, the papal USA visit, the great convergence, and January 2015 begins it all.

This year the eight nights of Chanukah spilled in to Christmas eve indicating that Mashiach is our destiny.

20141225-125858.jpg (Cover of February 1967 San Francisco Oracle)

Fifteen days from Solstice to 1/5/15 Blood Moon Midpoint (Dongzhi solar term)

January 5th 2015 is the midpoint of the eclipse sequence beginning in 2011.

There are fifteen (15) days from the winter solstice to the blood moon eclipse midpoint on 1/5/15. This period is also known as the Donghzi solar term in the Chinese calendar system.

Also note 1/5/15 = 1515 = ISIS (the Goddess) corresponding to the the star Sirius.

“There may be a total of twelve major centers or heavens in our cosmos from the atmic to the center of Creation itself. If planetary inner suns are the fourth, universal centers or principles, and solar system suns are the 5th, then the galactic center must be the sixth or seventh. I believe it to be the seventh. The sixth must be a super sun such as Sirius or Alcyone around which our solar system(and other solar systems) revolve. This super sun, in turn, revolves around the galactic center.”

There is a grand cardinal cross forming now through mid-January, tying together Sirius, the Uranus-Pluto squares, the newly born solstice sun, and the north node.

Uranus and Pluto reached their 5th square on December 14, 2014. The squares between Pluto and Uranus began in June 2012 and the 7th and final square will occur on the spring equinox of 2015. The Uranus-Pluto square forms one side of this grand cross.

Furthermore, on January 3rd, the sun will be conjunct Pluto such that the newly reborn solstice sun initiating a new solar cycle–from a mystical point of view seeing the emergence from the galactic center/dark rift as the seeding of a new cycle–this new sun will now be conjunct this powerful Uranus-Pluto suspension that has been restructuring our psyche with its powerful forces. We are essentially being wired to emerge from the ashes of our own previous selves with a higher divine blueprint, which has always been our true self.

Uranus corresponds to the sefira of Keter or the Crown, and the color violet or translucence. Kabbalah teaches that there are 3 “heads” of Keter, one of which is the skull which I feel is being “cracked open” by the Uranus-Pluto squares 2012-2015.

“In the rectified world of Atzilut, the sefirah of keter develops into two distinct partzufim, referred to as Atik Yomin and Arich Anpin. There is a further division of the keter of Atzilut into “three heads,” identified either as: “the Unknowable Head”; “the Head of Nothingness”; “the Head of Infinity,” or as; “the Unknowable Head”; “the Skull”; “the Concealed Brain.”’ (From

If we combine this with the information above about Sirius being the possible 6th center around which we revolve in 26,000-year cycles, this grand cross may be an indicator that the blood moon midpoint marks a key milestone or watershed moment in our journey back to our twin sun, which in us as felt as a mental implosion and awakening of the inner skull.
More about the grand cross can be found here. Note that it spans from the solstice through mid-January when the north node is in a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, indicating a key moment in the evolutionary or karmic aspect of this journey.



Solstice/New Moon Tevet/Uranus Direct on the 6th night of Chanukah

This year the winter solstice occurs within hours of the new moon at 0’05” Capricorn. On the same day Uranus which has been retrograde since July 21st turns direct at 12’34” Aries paving way for the final Uranus-Pluto square in March 2015. Uranus represents the Godspark within, the part of the soul that is anchored in God and that which is limitless. It is the bridge between religion and the occult and all binaries. It has been pulled back like a boomerang and is about to be unleashed. The final pluto uranus square will seal the process. It is time for gods to walk on earth again, it is time for the hidden light of God hidden in the recesses of the human heart to awaken. For such a time as this.


Timeline of celestial events (remember that we co-create)

Times are PDT

7:46pm 12/20 Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries – harmonious, mutual reception (Mars rules Aries, Uranus rules Aquarius). 5th night of Chanukah (5=5th age)

2:20am Venus in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces – harmonious – wounded Healer grace

4:30am Moon at 22’22” Sagittarius trine Jupiter @ 22’22” Leo – fire trine between Jupiter; the moon just before its rendezvous with the sun on the new boon solstice

after this aspect the moon is void of course until the solstice new moon

12/21 12:25pm Moon at Galactic Center

12/21 2:45pm Uranus station – huge pulling of the reins in preparation for forward motion on the major timepiece of the Aquarian era

“game changing pinnacle of long building tensions”

3:02pm >> WiNtEr SoLStiCE << Sun @ 0′ Capricorn

5:34pm New Moon of Tevet / Capricorn. 6th night of Chanukah. (6=Garden of Eden) Chart:…/solsticenew-moon-te…/

12/23 8:33am Saturn enters Sagittarius