Grand cross / Full moon Cancer aligned with Sirius January 4th/5th

This keeps on coming to me in pieces. Sunday night Jan 4th there is a full moon in Cancer opposite the sun in Capricorn. We all know about the Uranus – Pluto square – well this is the same time the Sun is conjunct Pluto bringing the full moon dynamic to bear on this spiraling square between the two transcendant outer planetary bodies.

Moreover the full moon will occur precisely when the full moon is conjunct Sirius! The astrologer Olga Morales has pointed out that the astrological significance of Christmas among other things is the sun’s alignment with Sirius – well on Jan 4th it is exact, and no less at the full moon, with the sun, moon and Sirius aligned!



To top it all off on that day the node is at 14 Libra bringing the sun, moon, Uranus, Pluto and the node into a perfect square, with the sun moon and node all at perfect 14 degrees aligned with Sirius. The t-square is not an easy shape and so the karma is still clearing.. But it is that type of final karma that happens on the brink of discovery, on the brink of new ground, the epitome of this incarnation, of all incarnations, of all of cosmic history – it is linked to our reunion with our binary star system via the blue light Sirius, the wayshower Rigel, Jupiter in Leo, opposite Mars in Aquarius – the two reunited at the kingly star the heart of the Lion on trumpets of the true shemita year in the fall in conjunction with the final blood moon, the papal USA visit, the great convergence, and January 2015 begins it all.

This year the eight nights of Chanukah spilled in to Christmas eve indicating that Mashiach is our destiny.

20141225-125858.jpg (Cover of February 1967 San Francisco Oracle)


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