The Venusian year & the blood moon midpoint

Back at the superior conjunction of Venus just after the partial solar eclipse that followed the blood moon, I wrote about Venus’ fall as evening star as a metaphor for the fall of Eve (or any emblem of the fall/death) paving the way for eternal resurrection and the first ray of light when she becomes the doe of the dawn.

Looking now at the dates for Venus’ next inferior conjunction when she becomes morning star I am realizing what the 5/8/13 cycle is all does not fit neatly with the solar year as we know it, it has its own beat, sometimes in January, sometimes in August. Should we be looking at Venusian years? I guess we are, a bit. Remember in 2014 Ariel Sharon passed on the day of the inferior conjunction with Venus. Many say he symbolized an era and now at the spring equinox they sttand at a crossroads with new elections.

Looks like Venus will be at inferior conjunction 8/5/15 (check out those numbers).

And where does it occur? 22 Leo, where Jupiter is now and will be during the 8-pointed star and Sirius full moon.

After the inferior conjunction Venus emerges from the sun’s glare as the morning star, when that things kick into gear. Yet another piece of the puzzle coming together around the end of 5775 and the beginning of 5776. Jupiter and Mars will be at Regulus in late September days before the final blood moon. Until then Venus is ahead of the sun in the zodiac, but trailing the sun in the sky, appearing after sunset. The link above shows greatest brightness in July.

I’m feeling like 1/5/15 is a fold point that will become evident in retrospect. I see building and positioning picking up towards the 3rd & 4th blood moon. What will likely shift at 1/5 is an alignment of our inner kaleidoscope so that we will be enabled to perceive what happens thereafter.

Thanks to Peppels Enterlightment Televisie for the amazing graphic; artist unknown


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