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Rosh Chodesh Elul 5775 / August 11-16 2015: Gamechanger

Aug 11-16 2015


Rosh Chodesh Elul 5775
Jupiter King of the Planets at Regulus the Heart of the Lion

Mars in Leo

Venus inferior conjunction, Venus to become Morning Star

New Moon in Leo

Mercury in the constellation of the Lion

Node moves into Virgo 11/12


Aquarius new moon to Spring Equinox: preparing for de-enslavement and awakening of hidden divine nature and supernatural abilities


Pay attention to the movies being released in this time frame on chosen human/hybrid heirs to earth, time travel, and resurrection…

Plus a powerful series of full moon before the solar eclipse and third blood moon that represent a “second exodus” ~

I will redeem you again as in the beginning

And you will know that I am God

Friday 1/23 Mortdecai released (name of jewish hero who rides on king’s horse after king’s aide’s plan is foiled)

1/24 biblical portion of the exodus of egypt begins

1/26 asteroid flyby (parallel to day 1 of chanukah counting back from blood moon eclipse midpoint)

[b]Night of 1/26-1/27 asteroid closest approach[/b] night of 12/15-16 night 1 of chanukah

After the 27th i could see things going very quickly..

28 last weds of january after 1/7 paris attack; 1/15 new charlie hebdo cover; 1/21 new moon

30 fri; project almanac released: “To fix your past, would you risk your future?” “Almanac: Welcome To Yesterday”
A brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger.

31 sat; jk simmons hosts snl; biblical portion of the splitting of the red sea is read

2/1 superbowl sunday in pheonix az katy perry halftime dark horse / perfect storm

2/4 weds; tu bishvat / full moon aquarius

[b]2/6 friday; 7th sun/son and jupiter ascending open in theatres

2/8 sunday; grammys

2/14 sat; valentines day; 3 hr saturday night live 40th anniversary special

2/18 mercury retrograde ends; 2nd aquarius new moon; 1st day of the last month of adar – energy of year is weakest, turnaround potential highest

2/20 hot tub time machine 2 released
“When Lou (Rob Corddry) finds himself in trouble, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. (Adam Scott). Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past… which is really the present, in the sequel from the same team that brought you the original cult hit.”

2/22 oscars

2/27 lazarus effect released
“Follows a group of medical students who discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.”

2/28 last day of feb; saturday

3/1 first day of month again is a sunday

3/3 tues (for those of us seeing 333)

3/4 Virgo full moon / Purim. This full moon features Mars, Venus and Uranus conjunct Ketu or the south node where the third blood moon eclipse will take place. This is a radical leaving behind of past karma and enslavement protocols.

3/10 mercury enters aquarius

3/14/15 pi day

3/17 israeli elections

3/20 eclipse/equinox

3/21 1 nissan 5775

On the eve of the new moon of Shevat/Aquarius: lunar aspects, buds on the trees and the chirp of the hummingbird

We are in the last days of the waning sliver moon before the new moon of Aquarius and the month of Shevat when the sap begins to run in the trees and the blossoms begin to bud on the trees. We are still some time away from the spring equinox but the buds offer an irrefutable sign of hope.

On the way to this new moon we have had some powerful stations: last night the moon was conjunct the galactic center, around the time the pope did mass in Manila with 6 million people. The galactic center is the energetic core of our universe around which multiple centers of our system revolve in long cycles. The moon is our sattelite, reflecting the light of our sun. When this reflected light is aligned with the center, our emotional selves and psyche are reborn in light of the evolutionary direction of the universe. What happens with our ego selves and the world at large is but a reflection of this inner fortitude.


Tonight, 1/18-1/19, the next important station on the way to the new moon approaches: at 3am pdt, the moon is conjunct pluto, and sheds its sliver and new moon in potential onto the very tight t-square with the node and uranus that has been in formation since the new year and been particularly tight since pluto was conjunct the node on Jan 14th. This is not an easy aspect but a radical restructuring aspect. The node carries our evolutionary trajectory, our mission. Uranus is the highest God nature inside of us and faith when this is clouded. Pluto is the catharsis we experience of thhe pheonix rising from the ashes. There is a Hindu goddess who rides the dragon of her own fear, who turns the image of herself lying broken on the floor into her chariot to conquer all darkness. This is the time of the final battle and overcoming, it will take all we are and more we ever knew ourselves to be – and this is why the moon passes the galactic center just before – drawing on our ever present connection through the black hole at the center of our being back to the big bang of blind faith from which emerges the unbreakable power of God’s promise of deliverance in all plight and place of suffering and lack. It is the week of the Exodus. First inside, then outside.

Also at the time of moon-Pluto conjunction, we have Jupiter/Venus aligned 19′ Leo/Aquarius, a highly messianic aspect and placement. If the idealism of the golden age can encompass the all-new harbinger of Venus, a great bridging will ensue that may even shock the dark side who has known these forces to be in opposition. In God’s kingdom each piece has a place and the shadow is no longer shunned.

The 21st marks 15 days since the full moon blood moon midpoint or one lunar cycle since the winter solstice. We begin to notice the buds and are about to proclaim the signs of the arrival of the hummingbird in our soul proclaiming the balm that cures all. If only we had eyes to see, that everything comes to us for the purpose of this birth, and may it be so.

Chodesh tov – a good month!

Vayishlach 5752: The Job After the Birurim Are Completed


Vayishlach 5752: The Job After the Birurim Are Completed

Full moon 1/5 to new moon 1/20: from Cancer to Aquarius, the last 2 weeks of winter prior to Tu Bishvat


Sunrise Jan 6 2015
Moon opposes Mercury and Venus just before sunrise

Night of Jan 6 2015
Moon is conjunct Praespe or M44 or the Beehive cluster which may have been featured in Plate 70 of Nostradamus’ lost book
It lies at 7’32” Leo currently

Moon and Jupiter conjunct at night 1/7
1/7 is also the beginning of nights for better Lovejoy viewing due to moon rising later – moon rises when Venus sets

Jan 8 moon rises when mars sets

1/12 moon in tight t-square with node, uranus, pluto
1/12-1/13 quarter moon

1/15-1/16 moon conjunct Saturn (not visible)

1/17-1/18 Moon at Galactic center, opposite Orion’s belt
Lovejoy at Pleiades

1/19 moon conjunct pluto, very tight t-square with node and uranus
Jupiter/Venus aligned 19′ Leo/Aquarius

Early morning 1/20 new moon aquarius

Sirius, Time travel, and the arrival of our future selves

What if the visitors from the future come through our own consciousness?

Or in any case, they can manifest when we reach a certain threshold of energetic vibration comprised of knowledge, imaginative/psychic freedom, emotional clarity (having processed and transmuted darkness)…?

[user ‘TheReturn‘]: Armanda Ramirez said that 3/4s of souls will return to earth and only those souls that are matured will make the transition.

Interesting, that sounds like the statement that 4/5ths of the Israelites did not want to leave Egypt despite the wonders and signs and redemptiom choreographed by the supreme forces of the universe..also 4/5ths of ourselves but the key is the higher 5th called the Yechida which is anchored in the infinite and has no real sense of separation, when that element is grounded here on earth the messianic age begins, it is both the cause and indicator.

It seems these two ideas can be merged – our transformation and “their” arrival – if we consider that when we reach a certain threshold of realization and experience (and its said he 50th gate (Shin) or jubilee – which actually exists several times on the spiraling staircase of awakening – is given by grace and can’t be grasped at, just received) – when we reach this threahold, the Avatar of “Mashiach” which is also Adam the first creation reincarnates in a person – and then maybe the time/space barrier is breached in 3d and this possibility is available at large. This avatar then becomes actiavted in our DNA and we are all able to access this memory – or this potential depending on where we are watching this happen. This is our past/future/eternal self and yet it intersects history at Isis/Sirius?

It was suggested in an online forum that the Boston time capsule to be opened 1/6 will have a message from the future or visitors from the future who were involved in 1776. In this sense the 1/5/15 divide could be one regarding meeting the future in some way. Also note the back to the future movie features both the year 2015 and the date 11/5/55. We keep on seeing 111, 444 and 555. When 111 and 444 are perfected, do we reach the bidirectional causeway of 555?

Also the history channel was airing an episode on 1/2 on Sirius in which it was raised that if we were visited by them it was an instance of time travel. And that actually this might be us from the future once we are capable of interdimensional travel visiting ourselves. Interesting since Sirius is featured in the full moon and midpoint alignment.

In any case it seems that with the back to the future 2015 rederence and the time capsule on 1/6 that there is some indication that the midpoint has to do with a collapsing or opening of a dimension that has to do with space/time. If we think of the blood moons as key points in history, could this be another instance or ‘extraterrestrial’ intervention to bring us to a certain awareness or global event by 2020?

Here’s the episode, the whole thing is about time travel, the part on Sirius and visitors from the future is after the halfway mark in the third quarter of the show, I think.

The genuine spiritual path inside religious traditions is meant to prepare us for this age but the structures in power end up creating an environment where when that which has been prophecied arrives many will fear instead of rejoice that the time has come. Personally I connect with the Jewish texts that help me understand what is coming in light of hints we received throughout the exile. I also find it exhilerating that they refer to something so unconventional and unexpected (a “dark horse”)

It sounds like there is some causeway back to the past and in to the future. Is 2015 critical on this track?

Does the Roswell stone or other crop circles contain a date of this return or rebirthing of ourselves? Is the 1/5/15 (Isis/Sirius/interdimensional travel) blood moon midpoint important in the celesial symmetry of 2010-2020?

It seems the inner kaleidoscope may be illuminated by the sun-moon-sirius alignment, with uranus and pluto aligned to contribute their own sparks.

Comet Lovejoy, full moon Cancer, Sirius and Rigel: January surprise

Sunday 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT moon reaches Sirius. That is also the hour of the full moon. The moon rises as the sun sets and is visible all night.


On its way the moon will be conjunct Rigel at sunset EDT on January 2nd, conjunct Mintaka in Orion’s Belt at 3am PDT tonight/early morning of January 3rd, and conjunct Betelgeuse at sunset EDT on January 3rd.

Meanwhile Comet Lovejoy’s path takes it on a path the planets don’t travel that crosses the ecliptic but passes through a region of the stars that held great importance in ancient times.

After passing near Sirius on New Year’s Eve, Lovejoy will pass near Rigel on January 5th when the moon is on the point on the ecliptic closest to Sirius. So if we look at Rigel and Sirius as stations in the sky it’s as if the full moon and Lovejoy are switching places between them in the nights of Dec. 31st through January 5th.


Chart for January:

Chart for December (includes Sirius):

Moonless dark skies resume after nightfall around January 7th — right when the comet should be entering its brightest time.

On January 19th, there will be a new moon and Lovejoy will pass by the Pleiades before crossing the ecliptic and heading towards Andromeda. The new crescent moon will make an appearance in the Ram in late January close to when the comet passes by that constellation.


2015 Full Moons, Fixed Stars and Planets: blood moons at Passover & Sukkot, 5775-5776


New years full moon @ Sirius

Full moon of tu bishvat @ Jupiter

Purim; Chiron-Pisces sun-Moon

4/4 full moon is blood red over Pacific ocean; partial over western usa

5/6/15 (note 6=15) Second Passover full moon Taurus-Scorpio

6/2/15 11′ Gemini (Aldebaran) – Sagittarius; Saturn direct 6/15

7/1 9′ Cancer-Capricorn; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo

7/31 7′ Aquarius-Leo; Jupiter square Saturn

**8/12 Jupiter in Virgo (at Regulus)**

**8/15 Venus sun conjunction; Venus becomes visible as morning star after this**

8/29 Sun/Jupiter Virgo – Moon/Chiron Pisces

**9/13 head of 5776 since Creation**

Night of 9/27 last blood moon Sun 4 Libra – Moon 4 Aries

This total lunar eclipse will be visible from most of North America, South America, Europe, west Asia and parts of Africa will be able to see the eclipse.
The eclipse will last for 3 hrs and 20 mins from beginning to end. The Moon will be totally eclipsed (totality) for about 1 hr and 12 mins.

More here

Total eclipse begins 7pm pst / 10pm est / 2am utc (moonrise at sunset)

10/27 3′ Scorpio-Taurus

11/23 1′ Sag-Gemini(Pleiades); Venus 16′ Libra; Mars 6′ Libra

12/24 Christmas Eve 3′ Capircorn-Cancer; Jupiter trine Mercury @ 22 Virgo-Capricorn

Full moon February Aquarius/Leo Yod at Jupiter Moon Tu Bishvat Budding of 2015 Chinese Year of Green Wooden Sheep

Looking ahead birdseye 2015…

The new moon 1/19-21 will be in Aquarius. The dark skies may brighten the tail comet Lovejoy near the Pleaides . . .

The next full moon after that will be in Leo, conjunct Jupiter, opposite the sun in Aquarius. There is also a Yod of finger of God pointing at the moon and Jupiter, created by Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. The wounded healer and Pheonix rising create in the crucible of life the fiery messianic child within.

The Feburary full moon 2/4 is also Tu Bishvat, the budding of the trees, when the sap begins to flow. All that has been decreed on Rosh Hashana (fall equinox) and reexamined in the light of the inner mystical knowledge at the winter solstice now comes to fruition. Also coincides with the start of the chinese new year of the green wooden sheep. May it be a fruitful beginning with blessings of revealed good at all levels!